Teres Minor

Other Names

  • Rotatory Cuff
  • Back


  • Teres Minor

Also see Teres Major.





  • Scapula (Lateral)
    • Lateral Border
      • Posterior on upper and middle part


  • Humerus
    • Greater Tubercle (Posterior)
      • Inferior Facet

Related Muscles

Works with the Infraspinatus. See other rotator cuff muscles:

Teres Minor


Teres Minor exerts only an average of 17.5% and 15.4% shoulder external rotation force as compared to Infraspinatus in both 0° and 90° abducted shoulder positions, respectively (Hughes RE & An KN 1996).

Teres Minor activity is remarkably high during prone horizontal abduction at 100° abduction with shoulder external rotation, exhibiting similar activity as infraspinatus (Blackburn TA, et al. 1990; Malanga GA, et al 1996).

Shoulder abduction angle does not affect external rotation torque of Teres Minor. It has relatively constant external rotation moment arm (approximately 2.1 cm) any degree of shoulder abduction (Otis JC, et al. 1994).

Teres Minor can produce only very small scapular plane adduction during maximal contraction (Hughes RE, An KN 1996) with adductor moment arm of approximately 0.2 cm at 45° of shoulder internal rotation and approximately 0.1 cm at 45° of shoulder external rotation.

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