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Nice site! ...thank you for the information you have provided on your website. I hope to be gaining muscle, losing fat and getting stronger by using the information from your site.

Eddie Horne (Hickory, North Carolina)

I just wanted to thank you for a really amazingly informative site. It's simple, fast loading, and easy to read and understand. You should get a webby for this, even if it isn't the most visualy spectacular thing...Its been super helpful.


After twenty years in the fitness industry national director for coaching bodybuilding and fitness here in new zealand and currently upskilling at ucol here in new zealand i was blown away excited and veryyyyyyyyy impressed with the detail of your site it blew my mind to have information such as yours to cross reference what i am doing also will try to send on this site to our members here in new zealand thats approx 3000 as it will be endorsed at national level for research purposes

Mark Pitt, Director of Coaching, Bodybuilding and Fitness (New Zealand)

You've put together one HELL of a web site. To those of us too cheap. . . er. . . poor to enlist the support of a personal trainer, this is the site to be! One hope for the future. . . since our population is aging (in my opinion way too fast!), could you put together a section "reserved" for those of us over 50 with ailments common to the onset of the "late middle age" years (ie: bad knees, a "pot belly" that just won't go away, heart problems, bad backs, etc.). I am absolutely certain that I for one, would relish it. In any event...you've put together one heck of a web site...my thanks to you!

Jim Dewar

This is the most comprehensive site I've ever managed to locate on the web. I'm a certified fitness instructor who is studying for further certification as a personal trainer, and this site has allowed me to fill in some of the "many" gaps in the instruction manuals provided by the certification organization. (Not to mention, allowing me to actually see what they are referring to in many of the processes). You should be extremely proud of your effort.

Beth Krysak

Your site is an amazing source of fitness info and has really helped me a lot!

Vitaly Livshits

Just wanted to say thanks for a great resource. Your site has improved my understanding of strength training and increased my workout effectiveness.

Brent Dickie, Anchor Data (Norfolk, Nabraska)

I love the web site. I love your philosophy even more and have been at it for about 1.5 months. I'm seeing steady progress. I'm a scientist too so I appreciate your scientific approach.

Todd Kennedy

Your site is excellent. The best one on the net so far.

Denis Puhar

Your site is very impressive! I was happy to find the food exchanges section; it answered several questions. Also of interest were the Dietary Guidelines and Exercise Adherence Techniques.


You possess a great amount of information on your site, well done. However, the speed in which the exercises are shown seems quite fast. Can this be slowed down?

Jeffrey Gnipp

I think your site is the most complete I have found on the Web. It seems to be most authoritative, giving academic / professional references where required. This is most refreshing as it illustrates that this field is constantly changing, with new knowledge surfacing everyday. I have directed my trainer to this site.... Keep up the great work.

M. Apolloni (Port Elgin, Ontario, Canada)

I am a 58 year old living in Tasmania Australia, a relativly isolated area and find your site most helpful. Thankyou.

Brian (Tasmania, Australia)

...you have a very informative and extensive site,...Thanks and keep up the great work.


There are no superlatives adequate to describe the supremacy of your site. A fantastic and comprehensive resource. Loved your detailed and very accurate response to the "dangerous exercises". Tell us more about you?


Your site is an amazing source of fitness info and has really helped me a lot!

Vitaly Livshits

Because I honestly believe that your site is one of the best I referred...

Terence Paynter

...let me thank you for your great website.

Mirko Bruess (Hamburg, Germany)

...I wanted to thank you for putting together such a phenomenal site. I was more impressed by your response to the person referencing the stiff-legged deadlifts, than by the volume of information.

Paul Hassett (Denver, CO)

...a truly excellent, informative site.


As a High School football coach, conditioning, strength and nutrition training of our young athletes is important to our staff. While researching other sites I came upon yours and all I can say is that you have one of the most informative that I have seen. Keep up the great work!!!!!!

Coach Seabee

Awesome website! Thanks for making ExRx available to everyone. It is truly a marvelous site! I would like to see more info on weight gaining for us ectomorphs out there. The info on weight loss is invaluable so I look forward to further development of the site that will also include something for the skinnier types.

Chris Spinks

Thank you for this WONDERFUL website...

Chuck Olson, Registered Massage Therapist

...I know you're not the internet's sports physician but I don't think I could get excellent help except from you, look at the experience you have gained and the information on your site! Thank you very very much!!!!

Andrew (Winnipeg, Canada)

As an advanced bodyworker who does alot of work with women who have pelvic floor dysfunction, I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND adding a section that more fully explores and explains ALL pelvic muscles, for both women AND men!! Thank you for this WONDERFUL website and I truly hope you will consider my recommendation.

Chuck Olson, Registered Massage Therapist

Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your site. It is very good, moreover excellent. Great resource.

Shawn P. O'Mailia, HFI, CSCS, AWC Health & Fitness Specialist, AWC/DON (Maxwell AFB)

GREAT SITE! Very helpful and imformative and i plan to use it often...once again GREAT site!!

Mike Davidovich

My name is Eduardo (27 yo.). I had been exercising since eighteen years old. I have seen so many books sites etc... And this is by far the best site I have ever seen . Congratulations!

Eduardo Velasco, GEP, Contractor (Albany, NY )

Thanks for the response--I have been having a terrible time finding this book and I really, really want it--so I am very pleased with your customer service and will order from you again!

Kellie Dressler

This web site is a great source for the serious competitive athlete who wants to excel in both the physical and mental side of his or her sport.

Maurice Barros, Racquetball Professional, Overland Park Athletic Club

Great site.

Ronney H. Sewell, Sr.

I got connected to your website via the supertraining egroup. ...I think the site is a wonderful resource.

Kimberly Zaph, MS, CSCS, H/FI

My name is Al Gerard and I invented and patented the Trap Bar. Your site with the shrugs and deadlifts being performed with the Trap Bar are great! If I can be of any service to you, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Al Gerard, Inventor of the Trap Bar

...the site is a must link for anyone who takes weight training seriously.

David Riggs

Just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate having your site as a reference. Most bodybuilding articles and books refer rather loosely to muscle groups, and it's great to be able to come here and find which exercise works which muscle, exactly, or where my soleus is. ;-)

Jeff Roberts

I really appreciate your website with exercises and muscle diagrams. Best wishes for future success!

David Springer

...I have to say I am really impressed with the depth of information and instruction you have available on your site. Plus, since I'm an information junkie, I loved reading all the glossary information about the mechanics and the muscle groupings and then to top it off, a little video short that reminds you of proper form, etc. My secondary question is how do you maintain all this data? There has got to be a ton of pages!

Sharon Turner

Your site is one of the best, most informative, clearly designed and just plain good sites around. Thanks so much, from a person who used to be in great shape 15 years ago, and just got some free weights and a Total Gym. Although I can usually figure out what to do from the cable exercises, I would love to see your detail pages add more kinds of home gyms.

Amy Rothstein

I was recently introduced to your site by an associate who has used your service, and enjoyed the vast resources it provides. I am CSCS certified and work with many high school athletes, and have found the content and tools to be tremendously helpful. Particularly, the sections on sports nutrition, anatomy, and the detailed descriptions on various exercises.

Brock J. Meadows, CSCS

I am a 58 year male and started lifting about one year ago. Just found your page recently. It is very helpful. I reference it daily.

Ron Reum

I had heard of your site and came to prepare to start working out and could not believe how complete it is. If you cant get in shape with this much data, then your just not trying. Loved it, great content, easy to follow and great visuals. A friend is going to help me work out and i am going to have him use your site to help me create a plan.

Paul, PlanetKC

I love the ExRx ExRx.net Store !! Oh my God, I'm going to do a lot of shopping here.

Karen Peters

I find your site to be by far the most comprehensive and educational weight training site that I have found thus far.

Lawrence Kasimow

I have been into bodybuilding for about a year know, and I have visited practically every site on the net up to this date. Let me first say, that your SITE is by far one of the BEST sites out there. It has great explanations and wonderful diagrams.

Vic Jay

A great site. I have been searching for a site such as yours for some time. Why don't you put it on a CD-ROM? You could make a fortune.

Peter Stevens (Toronto)

I love your site and use it often. However, I do not always like have to login and wait to review information. How about a CD or even better a book (looseleaf) and a updating service you could subscribe. Even though I am in the computer industry I exercise to get away from setting in front of the screen all day. It is still a great site.

B. Welsh

I just had to thank you for the time and effort you have put into your website. It is truly the best. I have been using it for my athletes to refer to for clarification on different exercises, anatomy and nutrition. Keep up the good work and I look forward to your updates.

Bruce Marshall CAT(C), Head Athletic Therapist, Carleton University (Ottawa, Canada)

I just wanted to compliment you on your ExRx web site. I am a trainer in Salt Lake City who has been trying to find something that has this amount of information in one location for a long time. I just wanted to say thanks for putting so much work into this. By the way, the animations are perfect!

Brett McIff

A couple of months ago I got into weight training. I've read a lot of material on the subject but nothing as good as this. Your website is a tremendous resource. Thank you for the work you've put in so far and please, please, please keep it up.

Adnan Klancevic

I've recently found your site through a search engine on lycos. Your site offers online exercise enthusiasts, like myself, hundreds of tips and training hints. The most dynamic feature on your website is its animations that show users how to properly do each exercise, something that is not found on most websites I might add.

Damon Butler

Thank you for providing such useful information.

Luke Palese

Great Website!! Thank you very very much for your effort.

Prasad Kongara

Congratulations on a first-class web site. You have the best info on crafting a weight training routine that I have yet seen. Thanks for saving me weeks of work!

Cliff Dirgo

Your site is EXCELLENT! Specially the exercise clips.

Dennis Munoz

I discovered this site like 6 Months ago, it has been helpful to guide me through the ideal exercises for each part of the body. I can feel in my self a lot of progress done. I train in a little gym with just enough equipment to do all the routines showed here. I'm sure that in conjunction with your excellent Web Site I'm receiving the best of the best in training. Thank you. P.D. Great Job !

Erick Saldaña A. (Queretaro, Qro, Mexico)

I'm writing to congratulate and thank you for this wonderful site. I've been working as an instructor for about a year but recently I moved to a new gym and had some problems with the new staff. They had no experience at all and I needed to give them some tips. This site was just what I needed!

Marcelly Ferrari (Portugal)

I have been referred to your site by a student of ours. We run exercise teachers training courses in South Africa and are always looking for creative and valuable resources for our students. Your site is going to go on the top of the list. Well done.

Linda Halliday, Managing Director, Exercise Teachers Academy, Sports Science Institute of South Africa (Cape Town, South Africa)

First of all I must congratulate you on a job well done. The site is the best I have ever seen and you will be glad to know that I have made sure that my friends and trainer and a host of other people surf only to your site for any sort of info on exercises and health and fitness related activities.

Michael Dane

I agree with the testimonials that your site is great. Your unbiased approach lets the user make up his own mind. I work with a squad of tenpin bowlers and have been searching for info on pelvic/core and hip stability and control.

Patrick Stephensen, Gym Manager, NTU Sports Association (Australia)

I stumbled across your website in hopes of answering a question I have related to weight training. I didn't find exactly what I needed but really enjoyed reading the information you all provided. It was very knowledgeable and more in depth than other similar websites I've found.

Amy Harding (Dallas, TX)

Excellent information. I am studying to become a personal trainer, and I found your website very informative; the best I have seen yet.

Elsa Collins (El Paso, TX)

I'm not a doctor, chiropractor or exercise expert, just a regular Joe who has let his health dwindle too long. But I can recognize a quality site when I see one, and You Have an Excellent site! I haven't seriously lifted weights since the mid 80's, and have lived a fairly sedentary life ever since (also got married in the mid 80's). Today I'm 100 lbs. over weight and way out of shape. One month ago I began to eat healthy, knowing I needed to do more than just eat right, I started surfing for exercise information. I feel very fortunate to have found your web site. Every question I had and more have been answered, not to mention the motivational boost I got from being informed and developing a safe and efficient exercise program. After just two weeks of the 4 day split workouts combined with 20 minutes on the treadmill, my appetite has decreased almost as much as my energy has increased! I've given your web address to over 20 people (so far). Thanks for being there!

Mark Byrd

For the exrx site. It is magnificent. Although I can show my wife pictures on how to do things. With your site she can look at animated gifs and great information to go with it, on synergy, weight gain and loss. As already stated magnificent.

Mike Carter (Adelaide, South Australia)

Just wanted to let you know that your site is incredible. I am doing an paper for English evaluating three web site on a certain aspect of American culture. I chose exercise and fitness, and I came across your site. I am truly impressed at how comprehensive EXRX is. Once again, great job.

Aimee Wall

I have been body building for a short period of time and had a dream there would be a site like yours. This is the best website I have ever seen, that includes all of them!!! Thank you for providing such a great site, I will be telling everyone about it and will be back time and time again.

Ian Harvey (Adelaide, South Australia)

Thanks. I have been looking a lot on the web lately for anatomical references to the different muscle groups and such. I speak as someone who has a strong interest in weight-training and bodybuilding, but when I was at your site I was looking more for artisitc/anatomical reasons for a project I am working on where I need very clear and precise reference of the different muscle groups and their function and the movement(s) they make etc. Despite my having some knowledege of this stuff through my weight-training over the last few years there were loads of massive gaps in my knowldege about the muscles and anatomy in general, so I found your resource extremely helpful, in fact probably the best I have seen (I've been to a LOT of sites the last few weeks!) My only 'criticism' if any would be should have a dedicated guest book, that way visitors to your site could leave a comment straight away. Hardly a real criticism though!

Joel (United Kingdom)

Fitness is just an all-consuming hobby of mine. :-) I send people over to your Exercise and Muscle Directory all the time! That is the greatest thing to have when I'm trying to explain an exercise via e-mail. I haven't seen anything else as comprehensive anywhere online.

Renee Cloe, Fitness Jumpsite (Kansas City, Kansas)

You are great! Thank you for your page. You improved my whole life for 5%. I could be more satisfied only if you arrange me a date with Catrine Deneuve. I hope you'll continue.

Kazimir Majorinc, dipl. ing. mathematics, prof. collaborator (University of Zagreb, Croatia)

You guys have an awesome website! I'm going throught the Body For Life program and have finally found what I'm looking for! There are muscles that I'd like to isolate working out on, and have never found a site that can give me the exercises I need... until now. Thanks! Keep up the great website!

Rob Catlin (Woodbury, MN)

Just a quick note to tell you I have just discovered your site at planetkc, and think you've done a fantastic job! Well done! And you did it on a Mac! Even better!!!


Thank you so much for putting together a site like this. My routine this morning was so much better because this site existed. Keep up the great work and never take it down.

Sarah Kaye Martin (Littleton, CO)

Thanks a million. What a site! It has been a great resource in helping me study for the CSCS exam. You make learning fun and exciting. Keep up the great work.

David Machovec (Georgia)

I love your website. I am a chiropractic student and I have been learning to help our patients by doing dietary analysis'. Your site is one that I refer to regularly. It is straight forward and very understandable for everyone. I have given the address to many of my fellow students. Keep up the great work. Thank you so much!!

Karen Howell

I have never written anyone about how I enjoyed their site before, but after viewing this one I felt that I had to offer a compliment. This is one of, if not the best, sites for practical and honest information concerning bodybuilding, nutrition, and exercise I've seen yet on the internet. Keep up the great work. I heartily encourage you to make your site more well-known.

Alex, B.S. Exercise Science

Excellent site and very well done. After a long sabbatical from climbing I've found you site quite useful for my training. Your information seems to be the best and most accessible I've found. Thank you for this resource!

Richard Schwaninger

I went through your web site and was in awe. I can't imagine there are many other sites like ExRx and this comprehensive. This is special, and I can't help but think there is so much you can do with it. You've put together some outstanding information I will use in my own exercise programs and I will certainly share with professionals in the exercise field.

Bob Kolich, Professor Business & Technology JCCC (Johnson County, Kansas)

Thank you very much for creating such a wonderful site. As a fitness trainer, your site is very helpful in developing my clients workouts and helping them reach their goals. Your efforts are appreciated.

Tony Torres

Great web site, thank you; I have just started to go back to the gym after 8 months out, although I am a qualified instructor (spare time) I still needed a few pointers. On searching the Web I came across your web site ExRx. Fantastic is the first thing that comes to mind, what a great help it has been so far, and I have only looked at the workout section. Thank you for the site and keep it up, as I am yet to find another site that matches, or comes close to yours.

Jonathan Crothers (Hampshire, England)

I found your site the other week, it's excellent, and I want to start doing some weight training.

Jason Buckley (Australia)

I was searching the web, looking for quality anatomy/kinesiology information when I came across your site. I was impressed with the information and illustrations available. As I searched your site to see what other information was available, I became even more impressed...

Ken Moreano, NSCA-CPT, eXernet Corporation

One of us discovered your ExRx page with excellent moving images of many of the moves and lifts. Obviously, such dynamic pictures are far better for proper understanding of the form of each exercise. You did an excellent job when making them!

Petr Krakora (Czech Republic)

I am very impressed with your site! Excellent source of information.

Sheri Butler

I'm currently studying Fitness Education at a College (TAFE) in South Australia. I have viewed your Exercise & Muscle Directory and found the information to be of value to my study.

Ray Beshara (Australia)

Great website. I use it for my clients. I have them look up things and give them homework.

Jeff Sygman, B.S. Exercise Science

Brilliant, brilliant site. This is all I've been looking for! No, really this is a comprehensive site without all the self-indulging crap that "go with the territory". You're sketches about the muscles and the exercise clips are exactly what I've been looking for, for a while now. Very well done.

Adam Heunis, "Attie" (South Africa)

I am a Consultant Sports Scientist in the UK, working with Professional sports clubs such as Coventry City Football Club, Derby Storm Basketball Club and with Athletes that include Iwan Thomas, Steve Backley and Denise Lewis. I have been browsing the net for some time in search of quality fitness sites, so this is just a quick note to introduce myself and to congratulate you on the best site I have found. It's in-depth and totally comprehensive to the average-advanced fitness professional, you must have spent long hours working on it. Great Job.

Simon Brundish, MSc (United Kingdom)

Just thought I'd ask if you ever thought of putting this site onto a downloadable version as I think it is a great site and books are ok but to be able to see an exercise and the muscles that are involved at the touch of a button is great without having to flick back through the book to find them. I'm only interested from a bodybuilding point of view. I'm not doing a course or anything but this sort of thing does interest me. Thanks and if not downloadable, great site anyway.

Davy (United Kingdom)

I am currently writing a book on basics of weight training with an emphasis on the kinesiology and physiology of the muscle and how it relates to a variety of exercises. I was impressed at the comprehensive collection of information your site provides. I stumbled on it through a search for more images and details. If at all possible I would like to reference this site and include the link page. The looped animation of each exercise is excellent. Most of the high school kids I work with will have a much better understanding if they can see it and refer back to it. I can demonstrate most of the lifts but when I go home it is easier to refer back to such a resource.

Michael Hennessey

I just wanted to say, great job on the web site! As an exercise physiologist, I can appreciate the time and effort you have put into it. Keep up the good work!

Tim, PhysOfEx

You did a very good job building such good website for fitness training. Thank you. Keep going!

Vincent Liu

ExRx is a great web resource! Thanks, from a former Kansan.

Seth Swobada

We like your site quite a bit and are interested in advertising on it.

Paul Entin, Associate Publisher, FitnessLink

Keep up the great work on your web site. You might want to consider making it a little more inviting for people that need a lot of eye catching "pretty" stuff.

Keith Corder, M.S. Exercise Physiology

I took a look at your web site and was very impressed to say the least. The mechanics and animation of the site are impressive. The navigation was quite simple and the information to the point. I most definitely will refer people to the site for information.

Rev. Frederick T. Gilham, Ph.D.

I just discovered your website and am very impressed. Your site is an excellent resource. Keep up the good work!

Millard J. Baker, Founder / Editor-in-Chief, Mesomorphosis.com

Just wanna drop you a note to say thanks for the pages. I find it very useful http://www.planetkc.com/exrx/Lists/WorkoutMenu to know which is which. Keep up the good work!

sao (New Jersey, USA)

I really enjoy your site on the web. I teach physical education at a high school in Florida.

T. Wright

Great job putting together a comprehensive site full of all the ingredients needed to educate the strength/fitness professional and help everyone design and implement strength programs. I have been in the field of strength and conditioning for 13 years and am pleased to see someone presenting the basics (in detail) without bias for any one training system. Well done. Excellent detail in all areas ..structural kinesiology, nutrition, exercises, classifications, etc. There are thousands PhD's and more theorists and researchers out there to draw information from; but the game of figuring out what's true science vs what's practical, prudent, effective, and efficient leaves much to be desired. You're efforts and approach is appreciated. A great teaching tool for students and professionals alike.

Al Jean, Head Strength & Conditioning Coach (Coastal Carolina University)

Your weight training website is really great. I like that the anatomy charts are linked to the animated clips, and will be sure to refer it to my students.
I really do like your Exchange List form, since I haven't seen anything like it on the web. Probably you should reference somewhere where you got the protein, fat, carb gram values (was it ADA?). Also reference the recommended range of % calories.

Kathy K. Grunewald, Ph.D., Professor of Foods & Nutrition (Kansas State University)

You @#$%&! Stud! Your Website is the coolest @#$%&! exercise website on the net. That is the absolute Truth! What an awesome resource!!!! ...Again the website is a gold mine for kinesiologists, anatomy students, people looking for a workout, personal trainers, etc. Very good JOB!!!!

John Wayne Scott, B.S. Exercise Science, Westport Road Personal Training (Kansas City, KS)

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