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I LOVE your website. It has been my GoTo for years!

Judy Carney

First of all I want to say that I love your website. It has been my weight training Bible for many years. Great info and freely available, what more can one ask for?

Tom Verstappen

Love the site!

Lasse Mattila

...your site is very useful and I refer to it in the Personal Health class I teach at Ithaca College.

Nikki Bonanni, Lecturer,  Health Promotion & Physical Education, Ithaca College (Ithaca, NY)

Great work on this masterpiece of information on the world of muscle and movement! 

James Gagnon

...absolutely love your website!!

Trudie Harrington

I LOVE your website and have been using it as my "bible" for weight training for about ten years.

Thomas Larsen

Great site. Keep it up. I am taking my personal trainers certification and have found it to be one of the best reference tools I can use. 

$50 Donation from Mike Cockcroft. Thanks Mike!

I am an adjunct instructor at one of the community colleges in San Diego. I am teaching an introduction weight lifting and muscular fitness class this semester. I was checking some good information on the internet and I noticed that you guys have some useful information. 

Metin Meral (San Diego, CA)

I have been lifting weights for nearly 20 years and have been using exrx as a reference point.  Your web site is a very useful and valuable tool for people like me and I really appreciate that it is free to view.

David Pettit

This is an awesome website and I have followed and used it for years. 

$20 Donation from Bethany Boyette. Thanks Bethany!

Love your site and use it to find exercises that target specific muscles.

Bob Loesch

I've really enjoyed the quality of the content on your website to help me understand and design my beginner workout.  I've enrolled in some level 3 diploma courses (home learning programmes designed for fitness instructors ). But, honestly, found your website the most useful thus far.

Robert Holland (Enfield, UK)

I would to say this is the best educational website

John J Gorena

The best site for bodybuilding, thanks a lot.

Donation from Alessio Napodano. Thanks Alessio!

In the fall of 1962 I began to lift weights... I'm still doing weights and skiing even at 72. Reading your site brings back all those years before modern gym machines and is a great help to me. So I'm sending you a little check... Thank you for your work and good luck in these tough times.

$100 Donation from Joe Ansel (Petaluma, CA). Thanks Joe!

I really like your website.

Hıfzı Rezaip

Thank you so much for the comprehensive exercise directory and kinesiology resources.

Ed Jacobson

I'm a student physical therapist. I love your site and wanted to support it by buying the offline download. The site has been so useful to me, so I appreciate the work put in to maintaining it! For the last few years in physical therapy school I have especially appreciated the systematic organization of the exercise libraries. It has been super helpful for me to quickly find out what muscles are being primarily targeted, basic vs auxiliary, synergists etc. with various exercises as I plan out treatments in the clinic.

Anne Haldane

Thanks for providing us with this great resource! I hope all of you remain safe, healthy, and productive during this trying time. 

$10 Donation from Mike Pere. Thanks Mike!

I recently started using your site, and i'm really impressed. I've started donating to your site. I see that you keep lists of donations. if you mention mine, could you make sure to anonymize me? Thanks for these valuable resources!

$3 Monthly Donation from Anonymous. Thanks!

Our physical therapy department uses your calculators and they like them very much. Thanks for providing these valuable calculators and hope you have a prosperous new year.

Steve Barkley, CGH Medical Center (Sterling, IL)

I am owner personal fitness studio and personal trainer also, and your site is so important for me, my clients, job... I am traying to to do my job on best way, and that is imposible without this site and ACSM, NCSA.... recommendations.
Miloš Obrenović

You have a wonderful website! I love how simple the design is; I think it's direct, effective, and nostalgic.


...thank you for a very useful site.

Braham Snyder

I have been visiting your site for years and I find it a very useful source of information.

Kostas Papadopoulos (Cyprus)

Thank you so much for the invaluable information you provide, i wish i could afford to donate more

Donation from Dimitris Mansour. Thanks Dimitris!

I find your site very helpful and I really enjoy it, thanks.

Dan DeBenedetto

As a personal trainer, I've found ExRx.net to be an incredibly valuable resource.

Larah Kornfeind (Phoenixville, PA)

I'm a big fan of your website.

Dr Sumit Parikh, MD (Cleveland, OH)

I wish to thank you for the Health Age Calculator.

$25 Donation from Hisham Alomran. Thanks Hisham!

...congratulations and thank you for an amazing website. It is very informative and useful.

Prabhakar “KP” Karri

I'm a fan of exrx.net. I really enjoyed reading some of your articles.

Will Tottle

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