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What a great site! Thanks you for making this available. I have not found anything comparable to your site. It is very well-organized, informative and presents information in an unbiased and useful manner. What a gift.

Steve Brick (Madison, WI)

Your website is simply amazing! Great content, simple and easy to navigate and filled with an extensive amount of extremely useful information. Thanks!


As a fairly experienced weightlifter, I want to express my delight in finding your site. For quite some time I had been searching for a trustworthy, comprehensive list of exercises on the web to add variety to my training regimen. I have to say your site is everything I was looking for and then some. Not only are the exercises very clearly organized into muscle group categories, but the short "videos" demonstrating the motion are very helpful. I have referred a number of friends and family members who are just getting started training to your site as well, and their sentiments echo mine exactly. The fact that all of the information you provide on the site is available free of charge for those interested in improving themselves is a great service. Just wanted to say thanks and keep up the good work!

Chris D'Adamo (Baltimore, MD)

Thank you very much for the valuable information at exrx.net. I've been looking for weeks to scrounge up information to plan out a new weight training routine, and what I was unable to accomplish in those weeks I found in an hour on your site. Keep up the excellent work.

David Saff

I have recently begun an exercise program at a gym for the first time. Your website will be very helpful, and is exactly what I was looking for. I'm very impressed, and thank you for presenting this information so well.

Greg (USA)

I am writing to you to say "Well Done". I came across your website over a week ago and was both relieved and happy to read content which had educational research backing up the findings. I have been in this human movement game for over 10 yrs now and am appalled to witness the garbage printed in fitness magazines and other forms of fitness media. It was fantastic to come across your site which does not contradict nor misinform those who are seeking the information they need in their pursuit for total health and well being. I am currently trying out one of your workouts outlined on the site. I will let you know how it goes. Keep up the great work James, this is smashing stuff.

Mark (Australia)

I found your site by accident while doing an internet search for fitness tests. I was extremely pleased the number and types of fitness tests for myself and how they adjusted for my age (no spring chicken). Plus, the excellent guidelines and warnings are helping me become fit again.

Jeffrey Brown, MAJ, DESC Middle East

I am very impressed with your website.

Elling Omenson (Austin, TX)

Your site is excellent.

Rob Smith (UK)

Just thought I would let you know that I think the site that you have is one of the best and most comprehensive sites on this topic on the Internet that I have seen. As a massage therapist and Physical Education graduate in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, I am constantly trying to find information and sites that I can pass along to my clients to help them recover from injuries or for injury prevention. Many sites offer partial information, however, I am yet to find as detailed and organized a site as this one is. Congratulations to you and your staff and keep up the good work. You can expect to see many of my clients visiting your site in the future to help them in their pursuit of health and wellness.

Ryan Galloway, BPE, Certified Massage Therapist (Canada)

Just a quick note to say thanks for the great site, some awesome info, with me being a beginner to the gym scene...you folks are teaching me a lot.

Sacha Lamaletie, Systems Support Analyst, British Sky Broadcasting

What a fantastic site!!! I'm training to be a yoga teacher and trying to get decent information about muscles and their action for my course has been a nightmare. Thank you.

Louise Mallam (Milton Keynes, UK)

What a great work you have done! CONGRATULATIONS FOR YOUR SITE!

Joao Carlos (Brazil)

...THANKS SO MUCH for exrx. What a great site! I'm new to weight training, and learning a ton. Thanks for so much info in one place!

Keith Winston

I've purchased the CD of your site. I recommend you to any of my friends who are involved in any kind of physical conditioning (and since I am an amateur baseball player, I have many such). Needless to say I am very favorably impressed with your facility. In depth and breadth it stands out as one shining example of what can be done with a web site. Few, if any, other sites (of any kind) have so successfully leveraged the capabilities of the 'web' to place at the fingertips of the reader the information they want in such an intuitive, multi-dimensional and 'user friendly' way. I just love your site, not only for its value to me as an informational source, but as an inspirational realization of what many of us in the Information Processing field realize are the very real and dramatic benefits potential in the medium. "Bravo" to all involved and especial "kudos" to whomever was involved in the design and implementation of this clean, elegant and valuable production!

Patrick N. Smith, Sr. Consulting Database Systems Analyst, Ensynch Inc. (Phoenix, AZ)

Oh me oh my, your site is FANTASTIC. I have finally committed to my weight loss and healthy body goals and have made weight training a part of that as well. Your site is an indispensable resource, and I know that I haven't even scratched the surface of what lies inside. I was going to point out that the animated clips of proper execution are extremely helpful, then I realized that ALL the information you provide is extremely helpful! I've only been on your site about twenty minutes, and I already called a friend to tell her about it, and I will refer many others to it as well. I realize your goal of trying to keep the site free, but I would have no
qualms about pitching in a few bucks to keep the site alive should you run into trouble with your current ISP. I also appreciate that there is no advertising! Thank you thank you thank you!

Jo Campbell, Tuff girl in a puff girl's body - but not for long! (Bellevue, WA)

This is by far the most comprehensive, well rounded fitness/ bodybuilding/ info sites I have ever seen! I recommend this site to everyone I talk to. Keep up the fantastic job, and thank you!!

Timothy Kearney, Cape Fear Nautilus Fitness Center (Wilmington, NC)

I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how much I like your website. It's very comprehensive and detailed. I look forward to improving my workouts with the extra bits of knowledge that you're providing.

Marc Schafers

Hey i just wanted to say that your site is really, really great. It helps me find what muscle it is I want to work on and teaches me how to exercise it!! Keep up the good work!

Chris Kalani

I've modified my exercise program based on many of your suggestions. This is a wonderfully designed site loaded with information. Thank you very much.

Randy S. Wails

I am a newly certified ACSM Exercise Specialist and am so impressed with your excellent ExRx web-site.

Rose-Marie Dolinar (Deep River, Ontario, Canada)

...is staggeringly good. I did a search in Google, tried loads of other sites and nothing even comes close to this one. Trust me, I'm a professional web designer and have designed a few big brand sites......Already told my friends, though I had to warn them it was so popular they might not get on in the evenings. Hope you get your hosting sorted out, someone's got to want to pay for such a great resource with so much traffic.

Edwin Bradford

We had to switch hosts for the third time in 7 months. I have learned the hard way that unlimited traffic advertised by some web hosts doesn't mean much. Thank you for your patients and patronage.

James Griffing, ExRx Webmaster & Author

Thank God!!!!!!!!! U r back!!!!!!! Had me worried there for a while this weekend...... Being an instructor ...I often go to yr pages to use as reference......for myself and for others to go in and look at muscles and exercises..... Your site has proven very helpful in being able to describe an exercise and also be able to refer to specific muscles in an exercise. I live in Stockholm Sweden but grew up in the States. I am sooooooooooooooo glad U R there!!!!

Åse Columbus (Stockholm, Sweden)

Since we received permission to use your link on our website the feedback from our customers has been fantastic. I personally find that your site is one of the most informative sites I have come across and of late I have been using it daily to advise customers and clients on training techniques and Nutrition. My thanks go to you James and know that we recommend your site at every opportunity to our wide circle of friends - trainers and customers.

Wendy Apaapa, Marketing Executive for Supplements4u (New Zealand)

I wanted to send along my compliments to your well done web site. I stumbled on it by accident while looking to refresh my memory of some training techniques for my own fitness. I'm a 1993 exercise science grad from UMKC who has moved on to a different career with the American Academy of Family Physicians in Leawood, KS shortly after graduation. Although I'm not active in the field, I really appreciate when I see people who really bring "professional" to exercise science and wellness. So many of us move on to other things due to limited opportunities or pay. Way to hang in there and create such a user friendly resource. I'm also glad to learn of your close affinity to a family physician. I've passed along your link to the Wellness subcommittee chair in our office. Take care!

Jay Fetter, Student Interest Manager, American Academy of Family Physicians (Overland Park, KS)

Outstanding website. I will visit often. More info than I can consume in just one day. I will tell others about your site.

Tim Gaddis, IFPA certified trainer (Marietta, GA)

...I am using some of your terrific stuff from your site for educational purposes for my health education and weight training classes...I will be using the photos and exercises for example as a reference tool for my weight training class. I personally lift and have gained 18 pounds in the past year alone from upper body weight training and increasing my caloric intake...is your site paid for or do you accept donations?

Mike Hootner, Associate Head Men's Basketball Coach, Assistant Men's Tennis Coach, Health Education and Physical Education Instructor (San Diego Mesa College, San Diego, CA)

Thank you for a superb website --the best I've found addressing weight training.

Stuart Colcleugh

What a site! This is just what I've been looking for. Being a nurse and almost 50 you'd think I'd know better, but I let myself go and was in the running for top couch potato. What made matters worse is that I am also diabetic. (IDDM) With my docs permission (I thought I'd better add that!) I've started a weight training program. I was having difficulty finding exercises to do on my new cable/lever machine. (I switched because I was worried about getting hurt with the standard free weights) Your site has come to the rescue. In the three weeks since I've started lifting I feel better and have noticed some shape changes starting. My Blood Sugars are also much better with my being able to almost eliminate the sliding scale shots I used to take. Your site has now given me some great ideas on exercises and the proper use of those exercises. I will be continuing to look in and I will also tell my friends about this site! Wonderful Job

MSG USA (Ret) Robert D. Dumar Sr., R.N., B.S.N.

I just want you to know how excited I am about your website. I stumbled upon it when looking for ski exercises as I approach my ski season. I incorporate weight training with my workout for skiing and also triathlon's and I always look for variations and updated information on training. Your site is so incredibly helpful. I have a friend that wants to know more about weight training and she can refer to you site when she needs assistance about the machines. You are truly a blessing for anyone who wants to train but cannot have a training for 4+ months. Much success!!


...thank you for your wonderful site. For the first time, I'm working out and knowing exactly what I'm doing and what to expect.

A Al

Thanks for a great site! I have you had you on my links page for quite some time. My customers love it.

Shane Delaney, President, Iron Dog Fitness Inc. (Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada)

I want to thank you for such a functional (and free site). I am working with my 60 year old uncle and I was going to use the NSCA materials - but I found your site to be much more user friendly and convenient. I am going to get him started on free weights and with good instruction I think he will enjoy it and stick with it. I am a sales rep with StairMaster (11years) in Florida. I have a BS in Ex phys from Wis. -Madison and MS from UAB - but most of my emphasis has been on CV rehab and aerobic training. Please let me know if you recommend any other materials for strength training beginning seniors. I know Wayne Wescott and am familiar with his materials. Anything else you recommend or do you have any instructional videos? Thanks again for such an impressive and generous site. Please let me know if I can ever be of any assistance to you in return.

Jerry Napp, MS, BS, StairMaster (Florida)

I have been doing cardiovascular exercise at the Peters Rec Complex for a few years (I'm a staff member at K-State) and just added weight training about a year and a half ago. Lately I've been having some hip problems which I suspected might be do to overtraining, and upon doing a web search found your site. It has all the information I need (and more) to re-do my workout schedule. I really appreciate having access to so much useful information. The funny thing is I just noticed that you have both either been or are K-State students. Keep up the good work!

Nancy Thompson (Manhattan, Kansas)

Hey, fabulous site! You've really done and excellent job; I'll be pleased to send people over! Dave Drapers review of ExRx:Here's a link to keep handy, like, forever. Next time you don't know how to do an exercise or can't figure out what muscle you're working, drop on by ExRx for a painless answer.

Laree & Dave Draper, Mr. America, Mr. Universe, Mr. World, Author "Brother Iron, Sister Steel"

Glad to see your site back up. During early November, I learned about your site while attending a USATF coaches clinic. I have used it extensively and am extremely appreciative of your hard work.

Chris Burns

Our web host took ExRx.net down Monday (10 Dec 01) siting our high bandwidth usage (17 GB of traffic a month; 3000-5000+ individual visitors per day) despite our agreement for unlimited bandwidth. They wanted 5 times as much as what we were paying so I found a new host.

James Griffing, ExRx Webmaster & Author

What happened to your website? It's been down for days now. What a great resource it was. I hope this is temporary?
Thanks for the quick response. That's too bad I did not catch you a few days earlier. I happen to own a web hosting company, we could have perhaps taken care of your needs. Anyway, your bandwidth usage does not surprise me if everyone finds your site as useful as I have (BTW: that's A LOT of usage, we have servers with dozens of sites on them that don't us that much combined).. My coach/trainer is crazy about it as well.... The "ExRx Exercise & Muscle Directory" is priceless... Well, good luck to ya!!

Brian V Bonini (Norfolk, VA)

I only recently discovered your site www.exrx.net and feel it is one of the best exercise science sites on the net. I have found it very useful while studying for and working on my Personal Trainer Certification. I hope it will be back up and running soon, as it is a wealth of knowledge and information. Thank you for making this site available.
It is unfortunate when hosting companies take advantage of their clients when they make poor agreements. In helping to put up several small community group sites I ran into problems with a host, so I appreciate your situation. Good look with your new host, I hope they are more reliable and accountable. Thank you for letting me know how to access your site in the interim.

Maria L. Ortega Murphy

I was just wondering if the site moved? I had trouble going to the www.exrx.net site yesterday (12/10) and today (12/11). I had it bookmarked :-) Great site... it really helps me because i'm a beginner. Thank you very much for sharing such great information !!!!


This site has given me hope. A sedentary 39 year old feeling mortality for the first time, I've started walking, and have begun lifting weights (cautiously) with the help of information on your site. I am amazed at how quickly, even at this ripe old age, the muscles are moving back to tone and how my energy level has begun to increase. This is what the internet should be! The GIF animations are absolutely fantastic, and when added to the descriptions leave little question about the form of the exercises. Since I have only dumbbells at the moment, it's tremendous to find such a comprehensive list of the things I can do with them. Keep up the good work, and thank you for a great website.

Brian Link (St. Paul, Minnesota)

...good luck with the website! It has helped me out a lot with my studies and my work.

Jimi Senior (Farnbourough, Hamshire, United Kingdom)

It was great to meet you this weekend in Toronto. Eric (Dr. Serrano) and I had a good time at the conference. I want to take the opportunity to compliment you on an awesome site! Your resources are nearly endless and provide great tools for visitors. I would like to provide content to your site in the form of articles if it is ok with you.

Scott H. Mendelson, infinityfitness.com (Columbus, Ohio)

...your site deserves tons of traffic. It's a great site! I send folks there every chance I get.

Mistress Krista, Stumptuous.com (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

This site is too good to be for free. But, I'll tell all my buddies who train and coach in the mean time. Keep up the great site.

Dr1933 (Santa Barbara, California)

Great site. You have more information on this on this site than all I have visited. Good job!

Pete Goepfert

First and foremost your site is incredible....I can not tell you enough how informative your site is. I direct clients to your site all the time as well as trainers to keep your site as a resource.

Glenn Greer, President of Lean On Me Fitness, inc.

Congratulations on your superb website. The quality and quantity of information is truly remarkable. Thank you for exhibiting one of my books and we would be pleased to link it to our YMCA website. Thanks again for your excellent work.

Dr. Wayne Westcott, Ph.D., Fitness Research Director, South Shore YMCA

Great job; looks like a great site... I am also doing a symposium in November that you might be interested in. Eric Serrano is one of 34
presenters coming... If you want to come as a guest of mine to the symposium, let me know. It would be great to meet you. Take care.

Dr. Ken Kinakin, DC, CSCS, Founder of Society of Weight-Training Injury Specialists - SWIS (Mississauga, Ontario)

...I just want to say 'great site'. Coming from an exercise physiology background too, i really appreciated the detail and referencing.

Elaine Brown, Personal Traininer (Edinburgh, UK)

This is it! I have seen no other site that has such comprehensive, scientifically referenced material. I visit this site often. I appreciate that you created it philanthropically. It is the only site to which I would ever consider subscribing were that neccessary. Thank you.

Lynn M. Crevier, Student of Ergonomics (University of Massachusetts)

I would just like to congratulate you on a truly great site. The completeness of the information on muscles/excercises and the and in understanding which muscles they work. I also enjoyed the many tips and articles contained on the site. Also, I loved the fact that the site does not use needless burdensome graphics and design elements, instead offering a clean interface.

Yuriy Yashkir (Ontario, Canada)

I stumbled across your web site while trying to find information about strengthening my shoulder. I was amazed by the content of the site! The information is wonderfully cross-referenced so that at a click of a link, I was able to get to all of the information. Thank you for putting your time and effort into creating this site. It was so impressive that I have shared it with many of my friends who take physical fitness very serious. They, too, were impressed by the information that was available. Thank you for such a good resource.

Jennifer Hass, GE Medical Systems, Software Engineer - Global X-Ray Engineering (Waukesha, WI)

I came across this late one night whilst preparing for a Rugby coaching session. It has certainly given me a great deal of insight into preparing future coaching and presentation sessions.

Ed Bewick (York, England)

I am putting together a fitness journal that I will be marketing and I would like to list your web site address as a "must see" so people can learn more about fitness and exercise.... This also gives me a chance to tell you how much I enjoy your web site.

Kelli Dubois

Brief note to say that your site is absolutely phantastic - thanks for making so much information available to readers worldwide!

Stephen Bonnlander (Ireland)

What a great website!!! I was impresed with all of the information available. I haven't had the opportunity to look at everything, but I've already smashed all the pickle jars in our house and will not eat another again. Thanks....I look forward to spending more time with your site, but my kids want back on the computer.

Steve Johnson, DDS, PA

Very impressed with your web site. I hope you do not mind us linking us to yours.

Nelson Vergel, Medibolics.com

I just came across your site and its now one of my favourite health & fitness related sites on the web. Thank-you for sharing such a fantastic wealth of information, the sites a great resource without the mumbo jumbo preached by a lot of other web sites. Keep up the great work, its appreciated !

Shaz (London, UK)

I just want to say how amazed and excited I am about finding your website. I've played around with sites like Asimba.com and the like and never found really solid, simple, useful information. I'm just getting started with trying to work out a simple, doable plan to work into my life. The most useful so far? The exercise adherence techniques. SO necessary in this stage of the game. Just wanted to say thanks!

Lundie Pinner (Naperville, IL)

Just discovered your site. Thanks. What a wonderful resource for so many of us. I enjoyed the exchange between you and Tony Shield. ...I'm a massage therapist developing treatment protocols for fibromyalgia and scoliosis. I am very interested in golgi tendon organs and other inhibitory receptors facilitating relaxation and stretching movements. ...Thanks and, again, I genuinely appreciate ExRx. It is a wonderful resource, personally and professionally.

Thom Daniel, LMT, The Myotherapy Clinic (Hope, Arkansas)

This is the best! No garbage just solid helpful information for everyone. Keep up the good work. I am very happy I found this site! ...I am serioulsy impressed with your attentiveness to your web site's vistors.

Joseph Winn

This is the most, most...unbelievable amount of information...glad I found you...tks!!! I'd pay money to access this site!!!

David Morrow

This site is very informative and useful. It's a great resource for professionals, as well as an excellent place for any person looking for accurate information on fitness. Thanks.

Chris Watters, B.Sc. Human Nutrition, NSCA-CPT

I have to tell you that I loved your web site. It is by far the finest fitness web site on the internet.


Awesome Site.

Bret Bringham, Manager, Tulsa Health Club (Tulsa, Oklahoma)

Its a fantastic site, my number one reference for any excersise or stretch, and my anatomy textbook. :)

John Gummer

Great site. Great resource. Can't say enough good stuff about it.


I've been using your site for a couple years I guess and really love it. I especially like the small video that you show for each exercise. I wondered if you ever thought of doing the the same when you describe various articulations...e.g. transverse flexion of the deltoid looks like...

Ed Rybak

Thank you for your website.....I appreciate the time and effort that you have put in to it. It is a wealth of knowledge and I have benefited greatly by it.

Mark David (New York, New York)

Thank you for your website. I've searched the internet for all the info you provided in one website. I recently started a new fitness program and have lost 25 pounds. Your website keeps providing helpful info to keep me motivated. Thanks.


Enjoy your web site......like the references and infomation you provide. Very professional...I rank it at the top.

R. John McKay (Fort Worth, TX)

I just wanted to say that this is the BEST fitness site on the net and keep up the good work.

Dean Teixeira, WA Service Team Co-Ordinator

Thank for the great educational and informative web site. It is no doubt the best on the net! Keep up the great work!

Kevin Glodava, B.S. Exercise Science, A.C.S.M. (Boston, MA)

I just wanted to compliment you on the website. It's one of the few that I've found that gives good, sound advice on fitness and nutrition. I'll be sending lots of people your way! Keep it up!

Kim Knudson, M Ed, CHES; University of Missouri, Wellness Resource Center (Columbia, MO)

ExRx.net is simply the very best in this world when I compare using your site to every media (site, books, video, etc.) that I have used for fitness purposes. Over the past few years, I have spent a lot of time doing exercises (average 8 hrs per week), reading (researching) fitness material (average 5 hours per week). I really found that ExRx.net is the best. Your building of this site represent a significant contribution to the fitness world. Well done! I'll try to introduce all my friends to your web. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

Richard Yung (Hong Kong)

Your site is impressive: I've enthusiastically recommended it to my fellow students of Tae Kwon Do, particularly the exercise kinesiology and muscle mapping. I found it after a search- using "hip flexors and exercises."

Geraldine T. Broadbent (Bucks County, PA)

Just came across your site - and wanted to say "you have done a great job, this is by far one of the most comprehensive sites on the Web". Good luck with everything.

Michael Wood, BS, CSCS; Director, Sports Performance Group

First, I want to say that I have yet to find a better weight lifting site on the net than yours. I'm an underrweight high school student trying to add mass, and your site has helped me to a great extent. The exercise and muscle directory is a huge help in creating a workout.


Thanks for the web site. It is very helpful to show people how to do exercises.

C. Jeff Finlayson

Just to say to you guys that this site really is first rate, you've saved me so much time & effort! I'll definitely recommend this to my colleagues!

James Clack (UK)

Been checking your site. After 2 heart attacks I've had to alter my lifestyle quite a bit. No smoking, less drinking, and fairly moderate exercise (mostly golf and treadmill), along with diet. I've dropped 60 lbs since Dec - 55 since Jan 15 (date of the last HA). Down to about 240. Going for 190 to 200 by the 1st of next year. Your site has a lot of handy tools I've made some use of. Keep up the good work.

Bruce Bissell

After spending several useless hours on Web searches to find out more about the human body's muscles (with diagrams) and to learn more about which muscles get worked out by which pieces of equipment in a gym, I was just about to give up when I stumbled onto your site. WOW, this a great site! I have used it quite abit already. Probably logged at least a good 10 hours on it already. I'm just starting out on a Weight Resistance Training program with a personal trainer at a local gym and this website has been and will continue to be a very good resource indeed. I'm already sharing it with people... Thanks so much. Let me know where to mail a check to help defray the costs of running the site if needed.

Jan Stevenson (Santa Clara, CA)

First, let me say that I absolutely love your website. I stumbled across it from a link somewhere and have since forwarded the URL to over a hundred friends, coworkers, and training partners.

Jon Deane

Good Lord! I've been looking for resources on weight training for some time to aid my weight loss and fitness improvement program. Your site is fantastic and you are to be commended for it. Thank you.

Tom Sanborn (Elk Grove, CA)

Finding good datas about bodybuilding in France is not an easy thing. There are a lot of confusions among the trainees. I have benn working out for almsot 4 years and I have learned a lot just by consulting yout pages. They
are a well of precious information and I also did appreciate all your calculators. Even if I don't agree with some routines or exercises you propose, I am going to regularly check out your site. Personnally I advocate in favor of HIT and Heavy Duty trainings. Anyway, you did a great job... especially the nutrition chapter ! Long life...

Gabriel Zakovic (Paris, France)

One of my clients told me they had discovered this site on the net, and me to check it out for them. I gave them a free 1/2 hour session for their next training day! Great site, and it makes my job easier by giving me a visual reference for my clients to access when they are doing their self-care and workouts. Keep it up!

Andrew Lewarne, Registered Massage Therapist (Toronto)

I just want to say that your website is amazing. I've finally begun to tone again and I've created a workout regime just from browsing the website and locating the different areas of my body I need to focus on-- thank you so much! The animated exercises are so helpful! Websites like yours are what make the Internet so great! Thanks,

Tami (New York, NY)

James... I'm not sure if you will remember me, but we were at KSU at the same time back in the early 90's. I unfortunately did not receive my Masters. I was looking through your website for wellness information. My company is just starting wellness programming and given my background in sport and exercise psychology, I was the perfect choice to head up the campaign. I am so impressed with the website that I am going to make it a link from my company's Intranet. That way all 1000 employees at my company can have access to the wonderful information that you have available. I have to say this is perhaps the best wellness site I have run into. The infomation is factual and backed up by research evidence. As you probably well know, good wellness information is hard to find. Glad to see that you are doing so well. Thanks.

Stacy Harris, Trainer, ADAC Plastics (Muskegon, MI)

I know it goes without saying (considering how many others have said it) but yours is a great and useful site. I stumbled upon it by accident and couldn't break away. There is a vast amount of useful and easy to understand information. Please don't ever let this site disappear. I would be more than willing (and I'm sure the others would too) to pay to keep it open. I only wish I had known of it sooner. Thanks a million and keep it up.

Ken Merritt,, Personal Trainer (Colorado Springs, CO)

I found this site not only easy to use but the most informative and complete site I've yet to stumble onto. Must have been my lucky day! Thanks.

Deb C. (St. George, Utah)

I am currently studying for a Diploma in Fitness Training. I would just like to tell you how beneficial your website is. I am amazed with the quality and the sheer volume of information the you provide. Absolutely brilliant.

Joanne, Student (New Zealand)

Outstanding site, unbiased information that you support with references, I didn't think it would exist in this day and age... Congrats, your content is pure GOLD!

R.Murphy ( Halifax, NS, Canada)

GREAT WEBSITE !! My first visit, I think I'll call this home. Thanks for all the great info.

David Holt

Thanks for your astonishingly swift reply and I do appreciate this book being shipped at lightening speed. I don't know if planetkc is your website or not, but I would certainly like to congratulate you if it is. I was wondering how the site was financed when I placed my order. If there are others who have put this site together, I would also like to email my congratulations to them on a most comprehensive, useful & well thought out internet education tool.
I have been a remedial bodyworker for 20 years (in private practice & alongside general practice doctors in a medical clinic) and after 5 years of resistance training finally bit the bullet @ 50 and decided to study as a personal trainer to further assist my clients....I look forward to receiving your book and getting my over 50 clients positive & energetic again. Needless to say, I'll be giving them your email address to order this book for themselves. Warm regards & congratulations on an excellent website.

Suzanna Hammond (New South Wales , Australia)

You've done it! Heck, I've done it!! I've finally found a site worth visiting over and over. Keep up the good work. I want to keep this secret to myself, but I can't help it. I send my clients and colleagues to your site all the time! Bravo!

John Buffington, Personal Trainer (Denver, Colorado)

It is great to finally see exactly which muscles are used for each exercise and where they are on the body. Great site design and good to see there is some new content being added to a site that already has what no other site has.

Lucas Duggan (Australia)

I was looking for help in the free weights and I was shy to ask any strangers for help at the club. I would watch and learn but wasnt quite sure what was being worked on. Your site has answered most my questions. One thing I did not find was yoga. I just started yoga and feel great and I am going to work it into my goals. Thanks for the site. I have alreadey passed it on to others.

Perry Aker

Checked out your site this morning and even posted a response in the forum ; it is just fantastic man. Your knowledge, expertise, and dedication to 'The Pursuit of Knowledge' is a value to the fitness industry.

Bill Leavitt

Great website.

Matt DiGennaro, CSCS

I am extremely impressed with your website. The detail to the exercises and the completeness of the whole package as a guide that can be cross referenced so quickly is outstanding. I can truly use the information contained on these pages to train myself as well as the soldiers in my command. Thank you for your outstanding efforts. It also helps that most of you are "Wildcats!"

James Mahurin, SGT, US Army, Infantry

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