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What a FANTASTIC website!! I was searching for informative, accurate, workout-related information. I just spent time putting together my best workout to date based on the excellent information I found here. What a goldmine is all I can say.

Brad Saretsky, BSc, Systems Analyst - Web Administration

What a great and informative site!

David Ponsonby, Former Nautilus Researcher

Your web site is awesome. I got on the web a few minutes ago to search for a site to help me learn more about "body workouts." Did I tell you a FEW minutes ago? That's right, your web site is all I needed to see. I know that the information you have provided will help me begin my task in learning how to maintain my body. I have even sent this to myself at work, just so I can forward this to my coworkers.

MP RIOS, US Marine of 20 years

What an awsome site! You have put so much into it! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I will be back again and again. I have already passed your web
site on and will tell everyone I know about it.

Michelle Roberts (Fredericton, New Brunswick)

As you predicted the package arrived at the end of the month. The quality of the goods is excellent. Many thanks to your web site, its the site I am always recommending to sports coaches here in UK - Keep up the brill work, as us poms say. Thanx again

John Waugh (London, England)

...By the way, I should have begun by telling you how much I enjoy and how much I have learned from exrx. So---THANKS!!!

Brendan Sexton

You have a wonderfully laid out site with excellent information that is indeisbensible for training delevopment. Thank you!

Jim Becnel

Incredible Site: I must say that as a professional athlete who tries to stay as informed possible, this site is simply unmatched in the quality and scope of content. A personal trainer is incredible, but no one knows your body like yourself and this site has such a vast array of knowledge from instruction, to myth, to helping one understand what is going physiologically during training, it has helped me modify and adjust to reach an optimal level of preparation and performance. Thanks.

Austin Coose, Baseball Pitcher for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays (Tampa, Florida)

...many thanks for such a great site. You've got some really great stuff, it's simple and focused... The real value of this site to me, overlooked by most fitness software, seems to be its ability to help me create and vary workouts, rather than 'analyze' and chart data. While I'm sure analytics are useful, it seems like developing good workouts and avoiding 'ruts' is job 1 for many of us.

Jim Barrick

Thank you again for your recommendations, just for the record, I already have the anatomy book you recommend, it is excellent and I am making use of it. I am currently working on my Ed.D at the University of Toronto, and just love getting into comparative reading and deeper research on any subject. I am working on researching the "professions", such as the medical, legal etc. The concept of wellness and the medical profession is one of my major interest, seeing that they seem to have done such a poor job at integrating wellness into their "Cell" or "General Medical Models". Your sources of literature and support materials are helping me, seeing that most of my library was full of older 70's and 80's body building books. I have already recommended your web site to a number of my staff and friends. I will continue to do so one at a time; one needs to put these things in context if they are to work, and a good site like yours needs to have a personal introducing. I find the concept of resistance training so important to overall health that it has to be incorporated into our life style, but I know you are very aware of this, I just wanted to let you know that is my thought. My 77 year old mother is now weight training- so to speak. There is room for all of us to employ it. Once again thank you much.

Renzo Dalla Via, CRSP, OHSA, B.Env.,MBA, MA. Doctoral Candidate

I have placed another order yesterday with you. I wanted to say that your web site is great. I just found it last week but think it is one of the best for us recreational weight lifters. It is likely one of the best for more advanced people as well, I just am not in any position yet to know.

Renzo Dalla Via (Canada)

You have a great site there at exrx.net....I teach high school phys ed in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.

Scott Scholey

I love the site... I recommend it to everyone!

Dan Cushman (Hayward, California)

Your site is completely fascinating, I'm a bit of a health freak and this site is like a dream come true!

Abi Gater

I just wanted to write and say a BIG THANKS for having this site! I consider myself to be a beginning intermediate (if ther is such a thing!) in weight training, and you site has helped me to insure that all my exercises are in done in proper form. This is the only site that i have ever seen with the exercise shown in motion and it is a huge help. Also your great selection of different exercises for each muscle group lets me vary my routine. It even has some of those nasty ones (i.e. the ones that really burn!) that you hate to do but know it works the best.
Anyway thank you very much for this site you have done a terrific job.


I came across exrx.net while surfing yesterday and was impressed with your cleanly designed site and online store with such a wide selection of products.

Seth Levy

Wow!. What can I say that hasn't already been added by the others? your site totally blew me away. I've been weight training for 2 years now, but I still didn't know for sure if my approach was the best one according to my goals. When you first start out and look for advice, you get a lot of myths and hearsay from other people. This saved me a lot of money from hiring a personal trainer and I can't thank you enough.

Omar Amaya

I came across your site and found that it was excelent as a reference source. Especially I like the very specific exercises that you have for a particular muscle - this is not something I have found elsewhere and is really useful to me as a Therapeutic Massage student. Its also a great help to my A&P studies and learning origins, insertions and actions. I will make sure to point my fellow students to it!

Chris Beardsmore, APNT Student (Malmesbury, England)

You website is the best i've seen for exercise and health info.

M. Watts (New York, New York)

Wow! What a great site. I totally stumbled onto it and didn't even realize it was a website created by a Kansan! (A K-Stater no less, but I'll forgive ya ;-) ). Anyway, I love the website, it's SO complete. I didn't realize until a couple weeks later that it also had a great diet and nutrition section--another wow! It's one of the best I have seen--of course a Kansan did it! Go Kansas!

Jason Ranard (Kansas University Student, Lawrence Kansas)

I wrote to you last year when I was doing a fitness course, I have to write again and thank you for a great site that has helped me to obtain my certification as a Fitness instructor and a Personal Trainer. Your site provided me with that little extra that made all the difference. Thanks.

Bill Cottrell (Soldiers Point, Australia)

I found this web site by mistake, and Im so glad I did. I think it is an invaluable reference tool. I have forwarded it to several of my friends. Thanks again and keep up the great work!!

Ed Fox (Trenton, NJ)

Just to let you know that the content you provide on your site is excellent, it must of taken some time to compile.. It has given me the inspiration I need and clearly shows the experienced and the novice how to approach their training.

Steve Wildash (UK)

I've been using your site for a long time. I can't say enough about how helpful it is. Great info in a well planned format... who could ask for
more?? Thanks for the work. It's a fine site.

Rob McDaniel

This is a great website! I was surfing the web for information on starting an exercise program. Your site seems to have all the information anyone could ask for. The best way I can acknowledge your effort is to buy the CD....which I'll do.

W.R. Wagner

I would like to let you know how excited I was to discover your website! I am a fitness enthusiast and love finding new sites for motivational purposes and more general fitness info. Thank you thank you thank you :)

Krystle (Australia)

Unbelievable! Your site really gives me unexpected guidance, after reading health magazines you realize everything is so commercial and with more ads than editorial they divert your ideas completely. Your site is very scientifically proven to be strategy that can work. I was very happy to have stumbled on this site (through messageboard on www.musclemag.com).

Dimitri Likissas, Webmaster, thedailyherald.com (St. Maarten, Caribbean)

I would like to express my sincere enthusiasm and gratitude toward your dedication and commitment to the education of scientifically sound health and fitness education. Your website is undeniably the best web reference for non-biased exercise information on the net, period. As a fitness consultant, I am thankful that there are other educators who are concerned with aiding the public with accurate information based on science, not hype. I have found myself returning to your web site on almost a daily basis to help educate my clients and myself. Please continue the good work! Please do not change your website! The website and the knowledge is invaluable, but it is nice that I can access the information free of charge. ExRx is a wonderful gift, and I will gladly recommend your site to my clients that seek in-depth exercise information. Respectfully,

Jon Michael Talamas, President, Revolution Health and Fitness (Atlanta, Georgia)

This is the BEST site. Period. I am an average joe who works in Toronto, Canada. Exercise is a hobby to me. I do weight training and Cardio(mostly jogging) every other day. One time I was trying to find some info on the web on how to stretch out my bi-cep and forearm muscles, I could not find anywhere on the web, except on your site. Your site is informative and comprehensive. You have done a great job. I wish you all the success. Yours truely,

Charles Cheng (Toronto, Canada)

I feel guilty for not writing this earlier, this is the best exercise site you can find anywhere on the net!!! MANY thanks for providing all these info on the web!!! Please keep it up.

I gotta tell ya, I've been hunting on the net for decent exercise sites for a year. By far your site is top honors. I look forward to using the site and supporting the site espically in new year! Thanxs a million.


I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you very much for your web site. The ingenuity and creativity is an eye opening and mind blowing experience. The information you have provided cannot be compared with other web sites, that I have come across. You are truly dedicated into educating the rookies of bodybuilding to the professionals. It is was awesome to see the exercises in motion !!! Thanks once again, and keep up the good work.


Your website is unbelievably valuable. I am a 62 year old man who is trying to overcome "Syndrome X". Your site's advice and clear instructions give me the information I need. Your detailed style gives one the feeling that you know what you are doing and your information can be trusted. Thanks for your effort.

Julian Epstein

What a great website!! And I love the downloadable exercise log.

Paul H. Bell, Controller, Midwest Industrial Tools, Inc. (Omaha, NE)

I am a new comer to the body building society who happened to stubble upon your website. Since the very first day I found it, I have been using it to better understand the field of fitness and muscle development. ... I would like to take this time to thank you for the insight your website has given me...

Joseph Aquino, BASc. Hon.

I would like to thank you for making such a great website. I have recently started weightlifting and didn't know very much about it ,but with your website i found everything i wanted to know and more. I wish more website were as informative and free. Thank You!!

Jan D. Cadams

...I am a Astronaut Strength / Conditioning and Rehab Specialist in Houston, Texas. I am writing because I really think that your website is one of the best that I have come across, and one other reason. We are currently up grading our Astronaut Fitness Manual and I would like to use some of the pictures in your website. ...Its main purpose will be education for the astronauts....

Corey Twine, Wyle Laboratories (Contracted by NASA)

...this is the most incredible web site I've ever seen. Thanks.

Rebecca Gremore (San Diego, CA)

I've only recently found your web site and have only scratched the surface of it, but already it has been an invaluable resource. The descriptions of exercises and the program templates alone made my day. I'm really glad I found such a well though out, common sense sight for fitness. Thanks,

Louis Malfi, Business Systems Programmer, Information Technology. H Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Genome Research Center (Woodbury, NY)

Greetings, I discovered the site about a week ago. Now I weight train with the computer in the basement!!! My quality of life has improved due to stretching knowledge. The Lying Crossover Stretch made an adjustment which provided immediate relief in my lower back. I realized I was over-training! I would perform 3-4 sets around muscle groups with very little stretching around the target muscles. I now use the Full Body Workouts: Legs, Torso, Arms (4 options) and work ten muscles groups with the correct stretching and it seems like I just came back from the chiropractor! I really enjoy the warm-up set along with the target weight set. The challenge of finding the 8 rep weight then progressing to 12 rep is fun. Also I am not fatigued after the work-out. This allows for a 15 minute aerobic session after the work-out. A little intelligent work-out is more than lots of unintelligent work-out! I am very grateful.

John F

This is the best Excercise/Fitness resource I've ever seen. I love the fact you paid more attention to useful information rather than useless pictures and advertisements found on most websites. Thanks

Lupe Martinez (Houston, TX)

I cannot think of a superlative that's good enough to describe your website. I've found here answers to every single question that I ever had, plus a few questions that I haven't even thought of yet. Keep up the good work and many thanks for a fantastic website! You're the best!

Alon Siton (Israel)

Thanks for the prompt service and good website.

Dave Brazeal, USN (ExRx.net ExRx.net Store Customer)

Hi, i was refered to your site for some strength training exercises, and i have found your detailed information of infinite value. Your technical approach to this subject is highly comendable...


Thanks for making this valuable resource available on the Internet. The information on this site is excellent. From now on this site (and the CD-ROM) will be my definitive source for exercise and fitness information.

Maa Nuiriankh

Phenomenal: I just would like to personally thank you for your timely wisdom, guidance and advice. There are so many commercial sites on the internet with nothing to offer. I find your site extremely informative and invaluable. I have not gone through the entire site yet but already I have benefited so much from the approach and attitude of the authors writing. Keep up the good work! I will def pass this site on...

Cephus Jones

I have read through your website...very informative, thank you for all of the information. ..I want to thank you again for the tremendous wealth of
information available on your site. ...I appreicate the honest answers and discussion of all the "methods and techniques" found elsewhere on
the internet.

Chris Kubricky

Astoundingly well made site. I can't believe it. This is not only a marketing tool, one can easily see that there's a human goal here. I've never seen anything so well done. Thanks

Leo Lavoie

I must say that you have a great site.

Peter van Gent (Netherlands)

First, thank you for an extraordinary web site and an invaluable resource!! As a former marathon runner -- fighting my way back from a 3-year layoff -- I thought I knew everything there was to know. How wrong I was!!! I am using your running program -- and your weight training program -- with excellent results!

Ed Contini (Scotts Valley, CA)

i would like to start off by saying u have the most informative fitness site ive encountered thus far. the wealth of information has been a boon to an amateur such as myself.

Anthony Huu Nguyen

This is by far the most informative fitness site on the web. It is put together so well navigation couldn't be any easier. This puts my personal trainer manual to shame. Just can't seem to say enough about it, but I'm telling everyone I know.


As a trainer, a web designer and a surfer I thank you for a great site. I will pass this site on.

Christopher W. Palmer, Excalibur - Precision Air Walking Exercise Gliders (Luzerne, Pennsylvania)

As a student here in Australia currently studying fitness I have found your database to be extremely informative, and I have hit my parent for the
money so I can buy the CD-ROM.

Tim Peisley (Australia)

Just wanted to say your site is the best exercise site I have found on the net, and thanks for putting it up, I have learned a lot!


Congrat's on being the first web site that really gives an impressive range and depth of exercise and fitness information without forcing us to buy something pointless. Nice one.

Dodger Arnett (New Zealand)

I just had to write and tell you how pleased I was to stumble across your website. I have, for a while now, been searching for an informative and educative sight and looked at a few other "magazine" sites and was most disappointed. Your site far exceeds those. I am an amateur bodybuilder and needed to find new exercises. I was glad to see your site has plenty of those and best of all the pictures to show correct form too. Brilliant> Exrx is a one-stop site for all interested in Fitness, whether student or exerciser. I shall sing its praises from the rooftops. Keep up the good work. Yours gratefully

Dawn Grant

This website is by far one of the most useful I have found! Good Job!


I have been to exrx.net and I have to say it is the most useful weight training site I have ever been to. I find your exerise templates especially useful, THANKS!

Kelvin Poon (Canada)

First off I'd like to thank you for creating exrx.net and giving us all a great free reference to use.... The subject of exercise science fascinates me very much, and I hope to learn as much as I can about it.... Your site has sparked an interest in me that I've needed for a long time, and I may now know what I wish to study in college. Thank you for that...thanks again for the great website.

Phil Brinker

I was looking for some exercises to strengthen my trapezius muscles because I've got horrible neck problems including pinched and irritated nerves. I had no idea that there were lower, middle and upper fibers. That in itself is terrific help, but to find specific exercises for each one is a giant bonus. What a great website you have. I've never seen the muscles laid out so well and so many exercises for each muscle. Splendid!

Steve (Salt Lake City)

After reviewing the information on your web site: I am most impressed with the programs & charts you are offering here. Although I wish there was a download, I will definitely be back to order your CD-ROM and I so look forward to studying the information & using the materials for developing my own personalized and on-going weight maintenance & exercise program. I will definitely recommend this site to other professionals in this field. Excellent Web Site!

Jamie Sebenius

P.S. I am sending you a second "revised" e-mail. After I sent this e-mail the first time I read the other responses to your web site. I have to agree fully that this site is one of few with so much useful and informative info. And yes! Your web site brings on a fever of excitement to the fitness & nutrition enthusiast who suffers good luck in crossing paths with it!.... My original search criteria on google was: "types of exercise, calories expended" Your site was the first one listed... and so deserved a spot!

I have been using the ExRx website to guide myself through weight training exercise routines. The layout, the information and the video clips are so helpful. Thanks for the foresight to bring such a comprehensive amount of information to the internet. Your site is, by far, the best on the Web. It's my exercise bible!

Karen Serges

I recently found your site with lots of great info. I love your site.

Bernadette Nelson

There is nothing left unsaid, but I can not help myself thanking you all in a very big way. Out of all junk sites I feel I'm blessed to find you accidentially. Thank you for your: (1) integrity (2) congruency (3) all advices to get fit again while preventing injuries as much as possible (4) knowledge and the way of communicating it to us. Again, THANK YOU. Kindest regards,

Dilek (Sydney, Australia)

I have been going over you web site and think that it is great.

Robert Stelma, A.T.,C., C.S.C.S., Supervisor- Athletic Training Services, Geisigner Wyoming Valley- Human Motion Institute (Wilkes-Barre, PA)

I just have to say that my long and exhaustive search for "proper" information about weight training is over. Your site has to be the most useful fitness site I have ever used and will continue to use. No fancy graphics, pop up's or boxes for credit card numbers! I've been training for 3 years and very pleased with the transformation. Your site can provide me with the skills and knowledge to take things further. Thanks.

Mr. Hughes (London, England)

Thanks for a great web site, you have helped me get through my fitness course. Again thanks.

Bill Cottrell

First of all, let me say that this is the best exercise site I've found on the WWW. I've been working out for about three years now, and this site has been my primary instructor. I especially like your scientific approach and detail oriented layout.

Brockman Schumacher

I hope that you have some idea how useful your site is. I have been slightly overweight all my life, and a year ago coinciding w/ my starting grad school, I started working out (and noticing results). Though I will never be Mr. Universe, or possibly even "ripped" I am happier w/ myself and my body is becoming more proportionate every day. The cool thing about your site is that it is medically sound and experimentally backed recomendations. The information is good for real people, and it isn't tainted by you hawking some power-supplement or wonder-machine, or even a magazine that has dating tips right next to workout tips. What I have gotten from your site is how to work out "smarter." I am not one of the body-nazi's or even very gung-ho about body maintainance, it is just something that I have resigned myself to doing on a regular basis. Thanks to your site, I don't have to try to interpret all the extra crap that goes along with talking to a trainer or sort out the latest workout fad from tried-and-true methods with the research behind them. I know you offer other premium services, and when I am in need of them, you will be the first party I contact. Thanks for the site.

Jeffrey Absher (Chicago, IL)

My wife and I like your site. Been looking for some place that offers exercise info by muscle groups... and we found it on your site. Thanks. WELL DONE!

Greg Mishkin, CLU

You have a fantastic website. I am glad to help in any way I can to maintain your website!. I have passed on the website address to some others. I am sure I will continue to browse and order materials from your website!!!

Paula Dickinson (Huston, Texas)

I'm currently a Track Coach for a boys & girls varsity program in Wisconsin. The girls have never been exposed to a weight program and the boys have
been, just not a very good one. I've gained valuable knowledge at your site and have put together a weight / plyometric program for the offseason work. It's 8 weeks long and last app 1-1/2 hours four times per week. Thank you for providing this resource for free.

Mike Newby

Found a wealth of accurate information and learned a lot from your web site, thanks for your excellent work. It is well organized and well presented. I especially liked the exercise animations to demonstrate some exercises I was unfamiliar with. Hard to get that from a magazine. The links with biomechanics and anatomy were also very helpful. I am an exercise enthusiast, and I have been looking for something like this on the web for a few years, yours is the best I have found yet, by far! It should help settle a few arguments and clear up a few erroneous ideas circulating around the gym...

George Fanucci

I've just ordered the CD version of your web site, which I think is the best thing I've seen on the net.

John G. Lahet

Over several months I have adopted exercising as part of my life. Ever since I have been going to the gym I have overcome my fear of shame and lack of wanting to go on a regular basis. Now that I am more into it , I have had a great obstacle to overcome and that has been knowing how and what to exercise. So many machines, so many different muscles, exercises, styles. Man I was pulled in every direction. Makes you wonder why people do not work out as much as they should. In other words I was very confused on wether I was training properly and making progress. I decided to browse the internet and BABOOM!!!, it hit me. Your web page. It is what I have been looking for before I even started. Your page has helped me so much. It shows me how muscles are broken down, what exercises work out each particular muscle, variation of different exercises to each muscle group. Man all I can say is THANK YOU!!! I hope your web page not only stays up for a long time but keeps getting better with time. Thanks again and keep up the good work,

Humberto Garcia

I have just found the most amazing way of having my whole day disappear....log onto your site! I am like a kid in a candy store, every time I click, there is a new treat to read or calculate. I can't stop...whose idea was the over 1,000 pages...$^^&#^@#&#. Truly a wonderful resource. Thank you :-)

Roberta Snack

Your website is a great support to natural bodybuilding and healthy weight training. The exercise database is great and would be a wonderful resource for building exercise programs. Please keep up the good work. By the way, even though your number of daily visitors may be otherwise manageable, your site is so great that each visitor is probably touring EVERY bit of information and using a lot of resources. That may be why your servers keep running up such huge transfer traffic! Take it as a compliment and find a host that is willing to give your site the support it deserves.

Debra Tachibana

YOUR SITE ROCKS!!!!!!!! I can't seem to get off of it! I keep finding more links that are of interest to me! Thank You so much for sharing your knowledge and intelligence with us and for taking the time to put it all into a well organized web site!

Holly Rundus

what an incredible site. as an anatomy and dance enthusiast, i can't thank you enough for putting up this resource.

Diego Silang Maranan

Just wanted to thank you for what I think is the most useful and probably most unselfish website I've ever encountered.

Glenn McLaughlin

Best fitness site i've ever found.

Jon Lane

This site is one of the best I have ever logged onto. The diagrams and descriptions are excellent! It is super convenient when doing research on anatomy and kinesiology. Thank you for such a great site. Keep it up!

James Tarantino, NASM, IFPA, 24/5

Terrific web site. The animated gifs are great too. I'm the webmaster of a mountaineering club and plan to add exrx.net to our web site.

Christopher Jain

I wanted to drop a line about how wonderful your website is, which shows specially after going deeper in it. And I found out legions of testimonials, so I will just add mine: Your site belongs to those that make the Internet a place to look for information. Wonderful piece of work. I thank you and wish you many happy visitors.

Martin Fencl

... ExRx is a fantastic site. ...I would like to include a link to your site in the weight loss information I am packaging for people if that is okay with you.

Todd Massey

I am an exercise physiology major and your site is the best resource I have found on the Internet. Thanks for the site!

Patrick Henninger

Best exersize site on the internet. Thanks.

Brian Grant

I just want to congratulate you and your collaborators for the magnificent and superb homepage exrx. It is for sure the best on the entire www. I will also buy some of your products.

Jose Gonzales, DDS, MDS, University of Giessen (Germany)

Love your web site.

Jeannie Jones, US Wellness/Fitness Manager, ProFitness HealthSouth @ Nortel Networks

[I] Find your site a very useful source of information.

David S. Hurwitz (Boise, ID)

I really liked the ExRx site you developed. It is one of the few sites I have seen out there that approaches the mechanics of weightlifting exercises from a scientific viewpoint.

Nathaniel Cooper

Thanks for this amazing website. It is unquestionably the most comprehensive database of exercise information on the web, and for free! I greatly appreciate both the simple exercise principles and the technical descriptions. I recommend this website to any person with any interest in fitness.

John Edwards, Software Engineer

This is a great web site and I plan to use it every day. Also plan to purchase many of your products.

Ernie (Rome, Georgia)

...love the site! I'm on it all the time!

Diane Lyder (Port Chester, NY)

...I must commend you on such an incredibly complete website. Any information one might be looking for can be found on your site. I especially found your exercise and muscle directory very helpful. Bravo

Sherif Barakat

I just wanted to let you guys know that you have the best fitness website out there. I was extremely impressed by the detail and wealth of information available to me that I was unable find combined on any other bodybuilding and fitness site.

Kieran Malone

I just wanted to drop a note saying how incredible your web site is. Truly amazing. I have just started a weight training class at the high school I teach at and found your site to be the best resource I have come across to date. Informative and entertaining. The students love it for their own resource. Keep up the great work and you will have regular visitors from North Dakota.

Jason Ermer, Burke Central High School (North Dakota)

Just wanted to say thanks to all who are responsible for your web site! as an exercise physiologist and consumer advocate I love it when I see good information posted on the web for the betterment of all. Since discovering your site, I have informed others about your web site and will continue to do so in lectures I give to other fitness professionals.
Keep up the great work!

Joseph Cannon, MS, CSCS, NSCA-CPT

You can only imagine my excitement when, perchance, I came across your site! I am a personal trainer in training and what a great resource for me. I was looking for exercise assessment tests and, boy, did I find a plethora of info. A totally valuable tool for my research and education - I will refer to it constantly. THANKS!!

Melissa Darisay (San Diego, CA)

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