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I use the ExRx.net site often and find it to contain good information. The site is easy to navigate making the process of locating the information I require a simple and efficient one. Ordering from you is my way of supporting your site.


Congratulations. You are mentioned a lot on the crossfit.com message board. The work you have done on your web site has finally made quite a splash for you. I wish you continued good fortune.

Deb Sull, Toxicsweat.com

I absolutely love the web-site. Helped me develope a lifting plan I'm super pleased with. Anyway thanks a bunch...

Dan Catalano (University Of Montana)

Great site, extremely informative. thanks!

Matt Kenny (United Kingodom)

Hi James, I don't know if you remember me, but I am also a graduate of KSU from back in 1993. I was finishing up my MS and was a GTA in the human performance lab under the direction of the infamous Karl Rinehardt. We didn't cross paths too much, but I do remember you. I am glad to see you have done so well for yourself and have developed such an awesome website. It will be very useful for the work we do here at the Army War College. Keep up the good work!

Melanie T. Richardson, MS, HFI, Exercise Physiologist, The Army Physical Fitness Research Institute, US Army War College

Defining moment: Words don't even come close to describing your site! I changed my lifestyle / joined the gym / a little over a year ago and have been enjoying life so much more ever since. Exercise, eating correct and the 'right' way to exercise is not an easy thing to learn.......I have been looking for the exact information your website has since I've started to work out. This website far exceeds what I would ever have imagined finding on the web for FREE! The information provided easily costs hundereds of dollars. I was a bit afraid that this may be a new site and that this site may not be around for long however after reading your first viewer comment I was reassured that you'd been around for years.

Kara Dedman

The book arrived this morning: really impressive service! Many thanks. I'm very pleased with it; it's comprehensive, clearly written and presented, and thorough. Like the ExRx site itself! Thanks again.

Nick Chatt (Cheselbourne, Dorset, Great Britain)

I only started going to a fitness club 4 months ago (3 times a week). I have done extensive research on the internet trying to educate myself and find 99% of the sites loaded with advertisements or too intimidating. Then I stumbled across your site and what a relief! Most everything I've been looking for is here in one site! Being fairly new to this, I find the animated pictures just "EXCELLENT" as I can visually see what/how I should be doing an exercise "properly." Thanks again!!!

Keith Boechler

I have been using ExRx.net as essentially a bible for fitness and nutrition information. The ideas expressed on this are based on scientific evidence as opposed to the usual sales pitches. Thanks again for creating such great information.

Thomas Ryan

My name is Gene, a fellow graduate from KSU Kin. I don't like cold weather so I had to get out of Kansas to pursue my career in Personal Training in Florida. I am presently a trainer at 24 Hour Fitness in Coral Springs, Florida. I am always looking for great information about helping my clients. Your web page is amazing. I didn't quite understand the format at first, but now that I started reading a little deeper I see what the plan was. I'm proud to have found a fellow student of Kin at KSU who has made such a great name for himself. I wish I would have heard more about you when I was a student at KSU but it wasn't time for me to be introduced to you. Very valuable resource. I give you my praise and let you know that you and your staff definitely deserve a raise if you haven't gotten one lately.

Gene Glvr., B.S. Kinesiology (Coral Springs, Florida)

Congratulations for your site! It is very very good and very complete!


First of all I'd just like to say that I've found your site to be invaluable in helping me learn about weight training and exercise. I started training about 9 months ago and didn't have a clue about anything and found it all a bit confusing. A couple of my friends pointed me in the direction of your site and I've been visiting it on and off ever since. I think you're idea of having the body map which links into the specific exercises to be absolutely great and much better than anything I found on any other sites. As I've progressed I keep dipping in and out of your site for more specialised information and it's always been there. Many thanks for producing such a useful site. Obviously a lot of time, effort and knoweledge has gone into creating the content. I have recommended it to several friends and will continue to do so.

Iain Gilfillan

This is the best fitness site PERIOD........Barnone far more advanced than all others.

Joseph Thomas (Alabama)

This is BY FAR the best web site I've come across on weight training! Thanks a lot.

Ian deGroot (Belleville, Canada)

Hi, I just found your web page, as I am just getting into bodybuilding I believe this will be invaluable, keep up the excellent work.


I have been utilizing your site for years now and I thought a thank you was long overdue. I have been extremely pleased with the graphics, quantity of information and accuracy of the information you share. You have been a tremendous source of fitness information. Please continue your work as it is valued by every patient, athlete and consumer of fitness.

Daniel S. Shook, Ph.D., Exercise Physiologist, Cardiac Rehabilitation Program, Westar Medical Center (Westerville, Ohio )

I have already ordered videos via your website before and had them sent to Germany. I was very pleased with the way my order was handled. Thanks,

Mike Daniels (Germany)

Great web site...

Hugh O'Reilly (Olathe, Kansas)

WOW! I just want to let you know that this is the most impression site I have ever come across!


Thanks for the site! Unlike 99% of most of the website on the net, which are GARBAGE, your site is consise and to the point. VERY useful, nice diagrams, and the animated gifs are very helpful (especially for the beginner level).

Tony Kakareka (Santa Clara, California)

As a self-proclaimed fitness know-it-all, I am pleased to be "shown up" (actually blown away) by your site's wealth of information. Thanks for offering such intelligent training data on the web.

D.T. Bryant (Atlanta, GA)

Thank you very much and your web-site is unbeatable. I will soon be ordering more items shortly. Thanks again

Sean Crump (Palm Beach, Florida)

I just wanted to say thank you for making such a wealth of valuable information so easily accessible. For health professionals such as myself, it is a valuable tool to use and to recommend to our members.

Dave Ray, Healthy Lifestyles Director, East Valley Family YMCA (N. Hollywood, CA )

I have found your web site to be an amazing tool and great guidance for my team in efforts to improve their fitness and level of competition.

Jim Gaine, Head Coach & Team Manager, Clemson University Rugby

Thanks for making such a great website that is filled with everything you need to know about weight training! Your site is my one-stop source for everything concerning weight lifting. The Exercise Body Map has helped me create a great weight routine hitting all the major muscle groups. Keep up the good work!


First of all i need to say to all of you big thanks for all the thing i lern from this amazin site. ....Again i thank you all, continue to be the best site!


Your site is an awesome help to me, as I am a self employed personal trainer - fairly new to the business, though not to the world of fitness!

MP, Body et'Cetre'

After surfing the web for help regarding weight training. I came across this site. I have used my workout station for years but this site as offered more help than I have received from anyone in 15 years. I'm so excited to refresh my workout routine at a sensible and informed level. While reading your articles I just had to stop and send an email of thanks. Damn I love this site Bravo !

CAJ (Las Vegas, NV )

My name is Kathie Deja, M.A. Fitness/Wellness Management -University of Nebraska-Omaha, B.S. Exercise Science -Creighton Univ. I would just like to thank you for creating such a great web-site and sharing. Keep up the great work and thank you again for sharing your expertise.

Kathie Deja, Project Manager, SSA-TSC Fitness/Wellness Center (Albuquerque, NM)

I refer to your site often, and just as often, I stumble across it again from google searches. Thanks for making so much information freely available.

Luke Gilliam

Standard notification to link to external website from Wiltshire College learning materials or internet gateway. To: Webmaster - exrx.net

Wiltshire College is a college of Further Education and I am writing to notify you that your website has been identified by Lecturers and Library staff as a key learning resource to support students studying on the National Diploma in Sports course. As such we have bookmarked your site within our internet gateway (or within teaching materials) in order that the students can readily access your site.

First thing, THANK YOU, This web site is a god send, firstly I cannot believe that this quantity and quality of infomation can be found on the internet for free. The video footage that comes with each exercise is invaluable in learning techniques. Navigating the site is childs play and there are no pop up ads, superb!!! The site is so thorough I don't think I will ever look elsewhere for information on exericse and technique.

Dominic Meacher, www.activelives.org

I am a beginner in the whole wide world of exercise and have been looking for something that will help me to decide what I should be doing for dumbell work at home. Your site is just the prescription! Thank you compiling all of this incredibly helpful, well organized and "popup-free" information.

John Smiley

Keep up the great work with exrx.net. It is a wonderful site that I refer to often.

Herve Bensabat

At some point you're bound to get tired of all the acclamation -- but here's mine to add to the pile anyway. ;-) I have a good grasp of anatomy and physiology -- but I'm also terribly out of shape, with only a very basic level of exercise know-how. I've joined a gym -- where the trainer assigned to me doesn't even know what "hypoglycemia" is -- and I started looking through web sites -- where most sites were shilling for videos or books or expensive consults. I was getting a bit discouraged. And then I found you! I love the info. You don't talk down to the visitor, but you provide clear, complete information with great illustrations -- AND links to corollary info. I have already found all of these to be VERY helpful -- and motivating! It's so good to actually know what I'm doing and why, and what is being affected by my exercises. I love the high standard you obviously hold yourself to, and your thoroughness and obvious sense of responsibility and accountability while providing that info. Right now I am especially appreciating the anatomical diagrams as well as the comments on specific weaknesses, corrective exercises, and dangerous exercises. But there's so much on your site that I'm sure I'll be finding new things to learn from and enjoy on a daily basis!

Ione Smith

Thanks for an amazing web site. I can see that you are dedicated to making it the most accurate source for exercise on the internet.

Sharon Goldfluss

I am a regular visitor to your site and find the weight training section to be very helpful.

Justin Verner

This is the best and most helpfull website I have ever found.

Michael Buzan, BS, NSCA-CPT

I have been a personal trainer/fitness specialist for 8 years and stumbled upon your website a few years ago. I still use the website religiously to this date. Thank you to all who contributed and planned to the successfulness of the website.

Charles Ware

I'm a Martial artist (Karate, Kickboxing) who plays Basketball, Ping pong, Swim sprint Butterfly, Long distance front stroke, practice some Gymnastic ground works and have been training most of my life of 34 years. I find your site impeccably authentic and useful. It has given me extra 10 to 20 percent weight training efficiency and result. I specially like the comments you've made about dangerous exercises and how elaborately explained that not everyone is capable of doing the same thing and how it doesn't mean if majority are not capable of executing a particular exercise does not mean that that particular exercise is wrong. The clips which shows how to do the lift is very useful and accurate too. I have been always practising high intensity and low volume through out my life despite the fact that I was told many times that it's wrong. But because it was working for me I kept on. I was least tired and strongest with highest stamina which resulted me winning very many contests. Your site is a good reference to continue on with my rhythm which I've achieved by experience and to be confident about it. Well done! and Thank you all!!!

Farbod Farrokhnia (Germany)

I am an avid reader of your site...and a workout fanatic... It has helped me make up new exercise plans with your animated workouts , as well as help me write my term paper on exercise and sport psychology. I just want to thank you for having a site like this devoted to something I love and enjoy!

Sabrina S.

Brilliant site!

Daren Willcock (England)

Thank you so much for your website. It's easy to navigate and not filled with annoying ads...and best of all it's free!! I am very impressed with your dedication to science, research, and your effort to provide up to date information. Your website has helped me to add variety and has taught me a great deal. And I can't get over the fact that it is free - for all the work you put in that just doesn't seem fair. Thank you!!

Debbie Vanni (Chicago)

This is one of the best web-sites to demonstrate the proper motion of execution of any exercise in question. Plus this almost borders on an anatomical lesson in physiology, most excellent for any one who needs clarification of a movement and its results.


... (I) found this (ExRx.net) in a random search on the net. The complexity and amouth of information was amazing.

Geir Eivind Mork (Norway)

I loved your site. This is what the training industry needed. Well done!!!!! Your muscle charts helped me to learn exactly where every muscle in the human body is and much much more. Great for you!

Me2 (South Africa)

I am a beginner in starting to tone my body. I just wanted to let you all know how helpful this site has been. I am constantly referring to it when I have questions concerning weightlifting. You all have saved me bundles on books that would probably be collecting dust right now. Thanks A Million!

Fara Zelgowski

I am a physician and long-time fitness buff who ran into your website while trying to find references for exercise prescription to assist my patients with their weight loss goals. In a word your site is --TOTALLY AWESOME! The calculators are great! I was able to find 2 reference books on OA and DM exercise prescription that I can't wait to receive. You have done a remarkable job in organizing all the information available. I am so happy to have found it and I look forward to visiting again in the future.

Phylecya Cheatham, MD

Just wanted to tell you that you have a great site with lots of usefull information.

Matt Rigney

Love your sight. Lots of great info. I especially like the Fitness Calculator. I was comparing my general fitness to the listed averages and I wondered where you came up with those numbers. Did you survey a small group of people or was there a huge extensive survey done across the nation? I just want to make sure I'm not falsely comparing myself to an unrealistic average.

LT Jake Barton, Assist. Prof. Naval Science, Northwestern University (Evanston, IL)

I'm a hardgainer who's been interested in bodybuilding since I was 17. THIS WEBSITE IS A GOLDMINE FOR ME AND HAS BEEN VERY HELPFUL! I recently joined a "franchise" gym, which offers personal trainers at a fee that's included in the 16 month contract. Beyond the improvement I'm seeing from the gym itself (I should've joined a gym a longtime ago; I guess I was intimidated by it but not anymore), I must say, this website is 10 times more helpful than what the trainers there provide. They're very helpful when it comes to form and motivation since they can watch you if you're doing something right or wrong (case in point: the right posture and form for a squat is really hard to learn without an expert), but when it comes down to information and workout plans, they're at a loss (the gym even has a policy that trainers cannot give their own workout routines to clients because, I imagine, it would lead to less sessions equating to less money for them). I realize now that there are a lot of organizations and individuals out there that are using the amateur's bodybuilding questions and problems as a commercial investment, offering results, consultation and hot air for a fee. Your website is not one of these types; your website is free and straight to the point and analytical and humble and wonderful, and I'm glad I found it. The muscle group exercises and workout templates have been very helpful for me, and I'm about to jump into a new 3 day workout tonite! Wish me luck, and thanks once again ...
Thank you for your kind words on the ExRx site. We do enjoy helping people and sharing our knowledge. There was a point though I personally could not keep up with all the questions and had little time left to improve ExRx.net or even spend time with my family. At that time we decided (1) to charge a fee for consultation for those who really wanted to pay for our services and (2) put up the ExRx.net forum where more experienced visitors could help others who had questions. This allows us the time to make ExRx.net better for everyone. We will continue improving ExRx.net and making it as free as possible, but for the benefit of everyone, there are some things we must charge for, like personal consultation. Thank you for your patronage and understanding.

I am stunned with this wonderful website. Thank you!

Pieta van Wyk (South Aftrica)

Is this your site: www.x? I found the same exercises on there. BTW, your site was been extremely helpful in helping me better understand my workouts
Thank you very much for informing us of this situation. They have taken our images off of their site and apologized. Although, we did have to notify their host before they decided to contact us. Certainly, please let us know if you find any other of our works on any other sites. We do on occasion give permission for certain sites to use some of our content with notification the content is being used with our approval. Only one site has licensed our entire content for their members. Also thank you for your kind words on the ExRx site. Tell your friends about us. Your patronage is appreciated.

I found your site through a Google search and I was blown away! This is one of the most comprehensive sites I've seen on exercise, and I couldn't email my brother fast enough to tell him about it. I appreciate all the hard work you've done, and I'm sure I'll be back to reference your site again and again. Thanks and keep up the good work.

Larry (Phoenix, AZ)

Great resource! Just love it. Have sent many clients to consult it. Many thanks

Laura Cisneros, Personal Trainer, Lake Austin Spa Resort

Hi, I'm a 19 year old male who has been lifting for about 5 years. Only within the past 2 years have I really begun to lift very intensely. I tailored my workout via your site, which has helped me make some amazing gains. I just wanted to express my appreciation to you. ...keep up the great work on the site!

Andrew Anker

Thank you for the quick response to my order. I would like to make sure that I only ordered one (1) copy of the CD. Also, wanted to let you know that I really enjoy the information you have.

Jeff Cooper

I have surfed a lot on your site and I found it really good.

Francois Savard (France)

Fantastic website--the best I've ever seen on exercise. I am a P.E teacher/coach and would like to put a link to your website under my favorite websites so that my students and parents could use it. I am impressed with your calculators as well. Thank you for your consideration.

Carlene James, Reed Middle School (Duncanville, TX)

Your website is incredible and describes in detail the information I am looking for - the illustrations are especially helpful! I am new to personal training and I know I'll be referring to this website to answer many of my questions about joint movements, muscle articulation and much more. I've forwarded the website address to everyone I know who could benefit from this information. Thank you! I was in a PT class the other morning and another "student" mentioned this website to everyone. I hope you're getting as much out of it as we are. =)

Megan Lynch, Personal Trainer (New York City)

Very cool! I just started a fitness program and I'm enjoying it very much. Using your site as a reference. Working with a trainer at the YMCA here in D.C., using machines and cardio stuff. Woooo! Thanks again for a great, no-nonsense site!

Dru Sefton (Washington, D.C.)

Congratulations on an excellant web site.

John Monaghan

Nice website!

Jose Antonio, PhD (Deerfield Beach, FL)

Thanks so much for providing so much great content for free! It is refreshing to find people that can share information without making me enter my credit card info first. Your site is answering my questions and correcting myths I had believed.

Patrick Sullivan

I love our web site. It is one of the best out there and I often refer it to my clients and friends.

Ken Laba, CANFITPRO Personal Trainer (Ottawa, Canada)

Absolutely fantastic. I can't even begin to desrcibe how well your site has helped me.

Popnfresh "Canuck"

I started using your diet tidbits - a lot of common sense. I especially like the rationale and information about carbohydrates. I use dumbbells for weight training and the animations were incredibly useful is getting my form right. The glossary section is also very useful in understanding what I am doing as I exercise. Keep up the good work!

Tyler Durham

ExRx.net, an invaluable resource: I recently decided to start weight training but didn't know how to go about it properly. Thankfully I found this site, which not only helped in putting together a training plan, but also helped me avoid getting injured by providing video clips of proper technique. I'm also using your site to change my diet to one more suited to my fitness goals. A superb and comprehensive site that I find myself coming back to on a regular basis. Thanks.

Alex Leong (Vancouver, BC, Canada)

I can't begin to thank you enough for this site. I'm 57 want to rid myself of some bad habits and some slowly accumulating girth. I've read books, listened to gym owners, so-called individual trainers, and so forth. I thought I was going to have to just go it alone and hope for the best until fate led me to your site. I've studied anatomy extensively and when I saw the thoroughness with which you discussed each topic, I knew this was going to be different. Your video clips showing how to do the exercise is a real plus, so is the commentary on the many myths that abound regarding the topics discussed in your site. A thousand words of praise and blessings on all of you for making this available.

Bernie Piel (Clementon, NJ)

You have a great site. Thanks for compiling all these data on your site. It's very valuable site.

Farshid Bakhtyari

You have a wonderful site, as I recommend it to all of my friends.

Brian D. Pate

Kudos on a great site. Your commitment to thoroughness is apparent and you obvious take pride in your work. Congratulations on an outstanding effort.

Aamir Mirza (Canada)

Props on the great site! I just wanted to comment on your site. Its truely a great site, rich with useful content in an organized fashion and the display with the animated black and white videos make things extemely easy for the beginner at home to develop full understanding of all that is necessary. Thank you very much for this great site!

Hish Elzubeir

I am very impressed by your site and the wealth of knowledge one can get from you. I find your site as extremely useful and I will recommend it to my friends.

Dan Colici (Norway)

Over the past six months I've spent over a houndread dollars on various books on streinght training searching for the right answers. Had I discovered your website before that I would be a considerably richer man today :).

Fredrik Bruun, Finnish bodybuilder enthusiast/novice (Finland)

I very much appreciate your website, as I am quite new to this and trying to get my body in shape. The video clips of the exercises have been especially useful, just as a picture is worth 1000 words, a video clip is worth 10000. Also very useful is the combination of muscle and exercise used to train it. I bookmarked your site and I'll be back quite often. Thanks

Hans Ladanyi

Hi! Just wanted to let you know that your site is very helpful and just what I am looking for! Thanks and keep up the good work!


I love you guys web site. I think it's dynamite.

Rodney (Temple Hills, MD)

What I said earlier about your web site doesn't do it any justice. ExRx.net is the most complete health, combined with fitness and exercise instruction web site I have ever seen. Almost everyday I recommend this web site to anyone that I meet. I mean, I can't say enough about it. If I could, I would actually volunteer to be a spokesperson for the site. It truly is dynamite. There is so much information here. Every time I go to the site I learn something new. I am currently in a 6 month Personal Training program. I really benefit from your exercise instruction, I show theses exercises to my classmates. It really makes me look good and knowledgeable. :-D It has helped me tremendously. Keep up the great work that you guys and gals do. Thanks to you all.

Rodney Rice

This is one of the best websites I've seen... lots of great infomation that is easy to find without any of the BS Thanks a lot!

Joey Wignarajah, college student (NO, LA)

Congratulations on an outstanding site. I was teaching my year 12 Physical Education class Kinesiology and came across your site and couldn't believe my good luck.

Patrick Leane, Faculty Head of Health and Physical Education, Xavier College (Melbourne, Australia)

I really love your website - excellent organization and illustrations - and have referred to it in the past to see what exercises target which muscles.

Lynne Schuler

I'm looking to start (for the first time) lifting weights routinely. However, I have no background in kinesiology, so I felt somewhat lost before I found your web page, www.exrx.net. You're page is exactly the kind of resource I was hoping to find in the number of books I thumbed through at the stores. Furthermore, I was blown away that you all had the idealistic vision to provide this information to the world free of charge.

Sukant Hajra

I thoroughly enjoy your website and thank you so much for making it available. Please keep up the good work.

Nolan (New Bern, NC)

...your site has been very useful for studying anatomy with respect to correcting some muscular imbalances.


I look after a number of fitness websites. I was really impressed with the depth and quality of your site...

Simon Harrison

I've been looking around the web for days trying to find a good website that would demostrate with videos and text how to do various powerlifting and bodybuilding exercises and I couldn't find a single one that compares to yours! It's just incredible! Keep up the amazing work!

Brandon Schmidt

I'm 26 and just wanted to thank you for your site! I immediately added it as a favotite site and will be visiting it very often!


All I can say is that I love this site. I am a personal trainer and group fitness instructor. I consult this site for ideas and information. Keep up the good work!!!

Lesley Foster, Technical Translator and Writer, CGI, Energy Division

Thank you very much for providing such a wonderful service to the internet community. Your website proves there are still altruistic people around that are moral, decent and willing to help others. I've been using your website now for a month and a half and I feel as though my workouts have been much more efficient. Keep up the good work.

Joe Chang

Hi I am 26 years old and have been lifting weights and working out seriously for the past seven years. I stumbled across your site for the first time
today. I have had two shoulder surgeries and I have been looking for a resource that is both informative and helpful to my work out routine, I have found that with your website. Keep up the good work

Michael Nixon (Boston, MA)

Your website is just sensational. I am a competing track athlete and have also worked in the industry for a number of years training a range of people from the general public to elite junior swimmers and athletes. I was looking around the internet last week for some fitness stuff and came across your website and was blown away by the huge amount of information on so many topics - it is one of the best resources I have ever seen. It is everything nearly rolled into one. Thankyou very much.

Jamo Borthwick

First of all let me just tell you how impressed I am of your website. For one it's free, and two it is filled with great knowledge....

Donnie O'Neal

I love your website! As a dietitian and a female bodybuilder this website really helps. You've done all the research.... I love research! When I was in college, all my professors that are dietitians did not like the fact that I competed in bodybuilding! They are so against supplements, increased protein needs and heavy weight lifting! I graduated from Ball State University in Indiana. It was a school that had an excellent exercise science program, too! It's great to see that your staff is so accurate with the information presented. It's great to finally have all the research to back up my thoughts! Will recommend it to others!

Maurene Skura, Dietitian

Thank you i got all the info I was looking for so far this is the best workout website ever, the instructions are so cool and imformative specialy for beginers like me that didn't even know what the hell was a roman chair exercies or the part of the body call oblique... Thank you so much.


We are two students from Finland and we are studing in University of Oulu. We visited in your web site and we think it was fantastic and full of useful and accurate information.

Kirsi Seppänen and Tuulikki Seppälä (Finland)

...I stumbled across your amazing site! I found that Excel file you can use to build a workout program. I love it! ...Again, I absolutely love this site!

Keith Jarrell

I've read through some of the other feedback entries and I'm in agreement with ALL of them. If you're into getting into shape or staying in shape your website is the absolute BEST guiding you!!!! I'm speechless!!!!! Thanks very much!!!!!

Geoff Garian, Quality Assurance Engineer, Microelectronics Center

Best training site on the net. I have used your site as a resource for some time now, dispelling myths and using it to enhance my own training methods - great work!

Sean (Sydney, Australia)

Your web site is wonderful and full of useful, obviously accurate information...

Lisa J. Lutchka, Biology Teacher, Leslie High School

I'm a year 13 student from New Zealand, and I'd just like to say thank you so much for your site. It has been perfectly set out and the information that I have gained couldn't have been more than I asked for. I have used it for a body building program and I have gained all info from this site.. you have done a brilliant job, thanks a lot!

Matt (New Zealand)

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