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Your website ROCKS!!!! Thank you so much. I had many questions that were all resolved in about 20 minutes on your site. THANKS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ben Cloward (Tulsa, Oklahoma)

Just a quick note to say your site is the bomb! Most excellent resource on the web! Thanks!


I am a long time customer of yours. I love and use your product and it has helped me in my business like you would not believe. I am not even sure I would have stayed in business in the beginning if not for you and your products.

John Kent

Your site is awesome.

Brad Barkett

I'm just a 47 year old guy trying to stay in shape. I switched from going to the local YMCA to working out at home. I needed a way to replicate my routine at home using bar and dumb bells. Your site helped immensely. Thanks for a great resource,

Rob Moll (Milwaukee, WI)

Just wanted to start by thanking you for the great resource that you make available online.

Leiven Hwang

For years your site has been the yardstick by which I measure all other exercise sites. Whenever I learn about a new exercise I look it up on
your site. Thanks for the hard work and terrific site.

Carey Sherrill

I just wanted to thank you for such an excellent website. Keep it up!

Philip Fenton

Your site is simply awesome! All the answers that I seeked in my weight training programme are all in this site.

Alex Tan (Malaysia)

You guys have a great site!

Jimmy Lewis

I am a ISSA certified Personal Trainer with my own gym located in Manila, Philippines. I came across your web site and I am impressed. Congratulations.

Heinz Manhart (Manila, Philippines)

Very impressive website!

Maurice Barros

I came across your website today and was very impressed.

Graeme Potter

Oh my gosh! This site is so cool! I am an ACE AND ACSM certified personal trainer. Throughout my trainings, I have obtained so much knowlwdge that it has become tangled in my brain. your site organizes all that info and makes it so easy to access. Its like my own mental filing cabinet. I will refer your site to my program director and all the other trainers at my facility. Thank you for providing such a valuable service. I just love it!!!

L. Minor

My wife, recently diagnosed with diabetes, needed to begin a weight training program in order to add the additional control to her blood sugar beyond what her ultra-low carbohydrate diet could do. With the help of your exercises and their excellent instructions and video help, she's been able to overcome a strong fear of weight training and maintain without insulin injections or other potentially dangerous drugs blood sugar levels of a normal healthy person. Your website has been easy to use, informative, and confidence building for both of us. We keep coming back to it to fine tune her routine and keep it interesting as well as to add to our knowledge base about health for both of us. We're happily recommending it to others who are beginning to ask her secret for looking so healthy.

Marla and Randolph Stevens (West Des Moines, IA)

Your site is incredible and I refer it to all my colleagues. Thank you so much for the research and consult. I will be using your services in the future that's for sure. Thanks again.

Nicole Seiler

I just wanted to say thanks to all of the people that have put alot of their time into creating this site. This is the most helpful site I've come across yet. I really love the short video demonstrations of each exercise, and all of the other illustrations. I've learned so much in just a few days, I can't beleive it! Thanks everyone and keep up the great work!

Dallas E Garner

...I would like to say the same as many others, WOW! And I’ve only seen a portion of the site! I look forward to viewing more of the site and will definitely be passing it on to my students. Keep up the good work!

Jessica Wheeler, Program Coordinator, Health and Human Performance, University of Houston

Congraturations for the wonderful site!

Luigi Secchi

Thanks for a great site with loads of information.

Fred Colbourne

Can't even begin to describe how I feel about your site. I'll just say that a human being doesn't need any other source of information regarding the human body, besides your site! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

Matan Chapnitzky (Israel)

Whatever you guys do to exrx.net, don't ruin the style. It's one of the few sites on the internet that ignores all the flashy crap and just has helpful information (and book selling links, but those aren't so bad). Using tables for layout has sorta gone out of style, but still, nice website.

Chris Hesse

Simple, complete and well-organized... congratulations! I have extracted lots of precious tips in this website.

Daniel Kusters (Brazil, South America)

Wonderful site! I am using your site as reference for my training for quite a few years. I learned a lot from you and recommended it a lot. Keep on with it!

Juan-Carlos Kiel

...let me say how superb your site is...

Alexander Cox-Taylor

I've used your site heavily while working out myself and found it to me a mine of information.

Ross Brunton

What a great site!


I came upon this website by chance and I think it's the best I have ever seen. I can't believe it's free. I have been a certified personal trainer for 5 years now and I learned more about muscles and function on your web site than I ever did in my courses. I also love the video exercise demos. I spend about an hour a day
on your web site going through the anatomy and picking out different exercises to try on my clients.

Laurel Blackburn

Thanks for having such a comprehensive library of exercise, fitness, physiology, reference material... without the glitter or registration baloney. please don't change.

S Sloan

I've been using your website for 4 years now. You have excellent data and I really appreciate your information.

Steve Briggs

A student gave me your link, great information and a wonderful site!

Laura A. Richardson, Exercise Physiologist, The University of Akron

Many thanks for a plain english no bullshit straight talking and very helpful website that does not try to tout for crap.. fantastic.. I have recommended to many friends and professionals and all are impressed

Craig Bird (Norway)

Thanks a million. I have told a lot of my medical colleagues about your site which is extremely good.

Dr Mushtaq Shafi

... great website by the way, I have been visiting EXRX for about 4 years now, and always find what I am looking for there. Again, Thank you.

Noe Martinez

As a father raising a young athletes, your site help us a lot. It help me set a work out program and shown us the correct way to go about that program. I must say I think your site is the most inform site on the web. I want to thank you for everything.

Alton Richardson (Staten Island, NY)

This website is one of the most useful I've seen, and easy to navigate. It has been extremely useful in helping me to reduce pain. The ability to drill down from a larger area (e.g. general hip area) and see pictures, helped me quickly pinpoint a problem area quickly to a chiropractor. Now, I look up areas I want to strengthen and see the exercises I need to perform.

Anne Madden (California)

Awesome site! Very informative thanks!!!

Chryssa (Austin, TX)

AWESOME WEBSITE!!!!!! Thank you.

Speedy MacDougall

To be quite honest, everytime I click on the site I am a tad anxious, anticipating that it has evolved into a user pay site. I am amazed that I can access this type of information for free! I like to think of myself as a fitness buff, but clearly there are many things I do not know. Your site answers all my questions. Thank you for allowing me and others to access such important information.

Spiro Pegios

First of all, let me say that exrx.net is one of my favourite sites, and one of the most useful on the web. ...your site is a great resource that myself and my team have turned to time and time again. I direct my clients and readers to it every day. Keep up the great work...

John Berardi, PhD, CSCS, President, Science Link, Inc., Human Performance and Nutrition Consulting

I am just writing to say thank you for a very informative web-site. I am a qualified weight-lifting/training instructor who has been out of the business for some time now due to a lack of enthusiasm brought on by the ' I'm a celebrity, so I can now instruct on a video' culture which seems to have overtaken the fitness industry. It is refreshing to see a professional internet resource which caters for the 'normal' amongst us. Who knows, I may be tempted back into the industry. Keep up the good work!!!

Glynn Bassinder, Certified Personal Trainer Instructor (British Weight Lifting Association BWLA), Sport and Remedial Massage Therapist (Rastrick, England)

Thank you! That's all I wanted to say. Thank you for putting together such a comprehensive and easy-to-use guide to everything that we could want to know about using weights. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You wonderful people.


Great website! The structure and semantic style make finding information very straightforward.


I am a Human Anatomy professor in South Carolina and I teach predominantly pre-med and nursing students. I really enjoy your website. It contains some of the most accurate and interesting information on the skeletal muscles and their actions. Your links between the pictures of the muscle locations and their actions is extremely helpful. I use it in my class to demonstrate not only where the muscles are located but to show them the videos of these muscles in use. The students love it and it helps them understand class material much better. Plus they see how these muscles are used in everyday activities.

Tamatha Barbeau, Ph.D., Department of Biology, Francis Marion University

Thanks very much for putting so much useful exercise information in one place. As a beginner I find it extremely valuable.

Ken Cogan (Columbia, MD)

I was very impressed with your website.

Itai Ziv (Israel)

I just wanted to tell you that I think your web site is the best. I teach Weight Training classes and a Sports Medicine class at a high School in Colorado. I open up your site almost every day, for my weight training class, and leave it on for my students to view. They like looking up new exercises to try. Your video clips are easy to see the execises demonstrated. I have less down time that I have to spend teaching auxillary lifts. The students stay interested because they can continually add to their list of exercises they know. I love the fitness calculators and other fitness evaluation tools. My students use the Max caculator, instead of doing squat maxes, until they are ready to do a one rep max. I also use your site when I teach the Kinesiology unit in my Sports Medicine class. The students must learn a variety of muscles, their attatchments, actions and some exercises for each muscle. they can do most of their research on this site alone. Thanks for the great information and tools you offer.

Jeff Herring, Phys Ed./ Athletic Trainer (Windsor, Colorado)

I want to sincerely thank you for your web site. Its depth of material and explanation are unparallelled on the internet. In gratitude, I intend to look here first whenever I intend to purchase exercise or fitness material. The wealth of knowledge that you have accumulated and shared for free certainly deserves at least that much.

Bill King (San Carlos, CA)

When it comes to strength training and conditioning (call it whatever you like), I am an information slut - i can't get enough. I am constantly seeking out websites, journals, books, anything with information i can digest, decipher and use as it applies to what my goals are. As far as websites go, i rarely stray from this one, the old school site and bob whelan's site. This is why... In my never ending quest for training tidbits, i decided this past Saturday to venture beyond my usual destinations and see what other sites are out there and what useful information i cound reap from those. In the end, i visited almost 30 sites and was shocked at what the current trends are. Just for example, when i looked into the sample routines provided on these sites, 90% of the routines started with a full 2 paragraphs (sometimes three) dedicated to which protein shake, amino acid, bicep-booster juice and other similar cheater herbs should be taken before and after your work out. All i could think was (1)how glad i am that i found the sites i mentioned in my opening remarks and (2)how much simpler life as a weight trainer must have been for the likes of Goerner, Calvert, Cyr, Davis, Hepburn, Anderson, etc. I mean, all you had to do in those days was load the bar, lift it, eat good food and rest. What changed. (Nevermind, i don't what to know - it will only distract me from concentrating on perfect form, progression and oh yes, patience). To ExRx - keep it up...


Thank you for this site! I am currently attending the National Personal Fitness Training School in the state of Delaware. I still have a little while to go with school then I am planning on returning to school for my exercise science degree. I would like to thank you for this site because the information has helped me better understand the human body!

I really like this site, also. Tons of information and this forum has a bunch of really good people.

Keith Conrad

...I wish I had this Web site when I started lifting back in the early '70s.


TB, WRL, Kcon, I really have to agree with you guys. Back when I had an AOL Account, I hung out there mostly on the AOL WL forum, but used this site for reference. Lets face it, this site is an Encyclopoedia. I've never seen a compliation on the subject of weight training/BB/Lifting or whatever that even comes close. Sure, there are lots of specialized sites, but in general, these people did a great job. Like TB says, I wish this was around when I was in my teens (over 55 now, and still learning).

Tim D

This is the best exercise site out there! Thanks!

Julia F. (Canada)

I am a retired Marine Corps officer and I have been directly involved in training Marines, coaching, personal training for over 40 years. I am currently a professor for an international fitness organization. I recently discovered your web site while using a search engine. All I can say is WOW!! What a magnificent resource for the fitness professional searching for information based on science, I will strongly encourage all my students to take advantage of your well organized, informative, honest and practical web site. Thanks to all your contributors for a superb "Job Well Done"

JK Taylor, LtCol, USMC (Ret)

Your web site is fantastic!

Mike O'Cart (Tuson, AZ)

What a great site! I can not believe the amount of information to be gleaned form your site! I was so impressed that I ordered the CD-ROM. This has to be the best source of information I have ever seen. Totally professional. Just Fantastic!

Steve Harrison, ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

I am a personal trainer in London and I would like to say that I have learnt more about exercise science in the last hour using your website than I did on a 5 day "master personal training course" that I recently went on.

James Lewis (London, England)

Thanks for providing such a scientific and logical approach to training. I'm a (very) amateur vegan bodybuilder and it's been tough for me to find the info I need without the myths, ego, anecdotes, etc. In other forums you have to twist people's arms to get info on protein g/kg/day or how to distinguish between a powerlifting workout and a bodybuilding workout. This is in addition to the flak I catch when they find out I'm veg. As a former engineering student I appreciate your site having REFERENCES! How frustrating when somebody puts up a statistic with no citation. I was very close to saying goodbye to all fitness websites and going exclusively with Pubmed. In particular, your discussion abour articulation in back exercises was interesting and immediately useful in the gym. Lots of lifters with lower back pain in my gym who could benefit from reading it. Ok, off to read more of your bodybuilding section!

Sam B.

I recently started taking exercising and eating seriously. Your site is the best I have found for explaining everything. Please keep up the great work.

Brian Leach, US Air Force (Ramstein AB GE)

This is simply the greatest site for exercise information. I refer to it always and also send the link to friends.

Suresh Rao

Just want to restate a previous topic on how positive this forum is.... I find the site is VERY helpful, the most detailed site ive ever been on. And by reading what i've read so far on the forum. It is by far my favorite forum. The people are very open minded and dont "bash" on you for not doing their routine. Look foward to the help and helping others....

David Dominique

Here here! I couldn't agree more, everyone is supportative and knowledgeable.

Judi Schweitzer

Yes, everyone is very helpful. What did surprise me was that there are NO disruptive people, like on other forums. Seeing everyone be so nice is quite inspiring.My favorite forum too.

Sorin B

I really like your website and the wealth of information it contains.

Chuck Broten, US Army (Mannheim, Germany)

...my compliments on a wonderful resource - I wish I had found it ages ago.

Matthew Smith

Thank you for such a great exercise site. The exercise demonstrations are excellent and very helpful.

Matt Shipman

Huge Thanks for making this available on the net. It's invaluable for my studies (Sports Massage Therapy).


Thanks for putting up your site on the web. I used it to develop my current 3 days program.

Benoit Morin

I just wanted to say thank you so much for such a great site !!!!!!! I appreciate all your great work and effort to get GENUINE workout information out there. Keep up the great work !!!!!

David Sampson (Wakefield, MA)

THANKS! for this incredible site with its collection of references and technically relevant and useful exercise information. This is THE BEST site I've found on the web in the past 10 years of researching exercise (and injury related) physiology!

Tony Ricci

I just quit smoking and started working out again. Your site has provided me with all the knowledge I needed so I could diet (nutrition, not starvation) and exercise to meet my goals. Thank you.


Great site, full of information and it helped me with a course i was doing and with future course i'm sure. Thanks.

Tony Shea (Australia)

Just found your site and I really like it. It's packed with lots of great info and tools, and it's pretty easy to navigate.

Arthur J. Hall

James, I do a *lot* of research on the 'Net, and I think yours is one of the best sites I've ever run across for my purposes. Of late I've been studying rehab-type exercises and stretches. The broomstick subscapularis stretch was a life-altering exercise/experience! ! ! My shoulder thanks you! I'm familiar with Dr. Serrano's name. He's written articles for T-Mag/T-Nation, which is where I generally hang out. Would you be so kind as to thank him, too, for his contribution to this site? I am incredibly grateful for both your acts of generosity. I might take it for granted that I answer question after question (on T-Mag), but for some reason it really touches me when someone else makes a contribution of the magnitude that you and Dr. Serrano have. Sorry that I keep running on and on, repeating myself. I just wanted to let you know that your effort is APPRECIATED and has made a significant contribution to my rehabbing my shoulder and to my general structural health.

Terry Lee, aka Tampa-Terry

I am really impressed with your website and I think it is a great tool for people.

Angie Goodloe

To begin, have to tell you that this site is FABULOUS !!!!!! It is difficult to put into words what your site is doing for me and how much I truly appreciate being able to learn and UNDERSTAND so much ! I have found that working out with weights can be complicated and it has really made a world of difference to me to be able access such a wealth of information in this area so many other areas, too. I have worked out in the past and achieved very good results, though didn't actually learn much that I could 'walk away' and put into practice because I was simply following instructions (which exercise and how to perform same) and not being taught all the underlying information. Now, thanks to the blessing of finding your site I am learning so much about how to take care of myself in a healthful and safe way. I am so excited about learning so much - how and when to make changes to my workout, etc....... Very valuable and I am PHSYCHED !!!!! You are the GREATEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Laurie L. Steinwinder (Louisiana)

I think you have a great web site and I appreciate you posting all of the calculators for measuring/evaluating various fitness components.

Mark Sissom, K-12 Health/Physical Education, Athletics & Intramural Coordinator (Eureka, MO)

I just wanted to thank you all for a wonderful web site. I have been using your guides and tips for the past 2 years and it has honestly changed my life. Your site is incredibly detailed and there are no catches to it. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

Abdulkadir Sahin, Coast Guard Recruiting Command (Arlington, VA)

I have really enjoyed the site. Often I will log on just to remind myself of certain things and check out new products. It is a great tool and so informative. Love the site and use it often.

Gerald White

First of all your site is incredible. It seems like whenever I am looking at fitness sites and see a link to describe a muscle or a movement it is inevitably a link to exrx.net.

Charles Price

I am a BCRPA certified Personal Trainer and YMCA certified Group Fitness Instructor. My latest newsletter from the BCRPA recommended your website. I have just spent the past 2 hours on your site!!! Excellent information for me to use with clients and to increase my skill level as a trainer. I can't even begin to get into how much new information I consumed today. I can't believe this information is being given for free! I orderd a video from your book and video store and will be back to purchase more books that were tempting me so you can keep this site going! Thank you very much and keep up the great work!

Linda Harvey (British Columbia, Canada)

I am writing to compliment you on your web site, ExRx.net

Cheryle M. Dixon, Webmaster, Hampden-Sydney College Fitness Center

I am an employee in the Health Services department of a large private employer and I came across your website yesterday. Very impressive assortment of information!

Emily Hemming, Health Services Intern, Micron Technology, Inc.

Great web site. Keep up the good work.

Dr. Harry Pino

Hi. My name is Micah Barcalow, and I am an Assistant Program Director at the Jorgensen Family YMCA in Fort Wayne, IN. I am responsible for the day-to-day operations of our fitness center, including staffing. While I hold a degree in exercise and am certified as a personal trainer, I often receive very specific exercise-related questions that require some research on my part. I can always count on your site to provide excellent, unbiased information. I regularly refer staff and clients to your site. I check your site for updates on a regular basis as well, since it helps me keep up to date and enables me to maintain variety in my own personal workouts. Thanks for building a great site.

Micah Barcalow, Assistant Program Director, Jorgensen Family YMCA (Fort Wayne, IN)

Hey! I'm just a university student who occassionally goes to the gym and does some weight training at home once in a while. I'm no body-builder but still find your site really great! It's been on my 'sacred bookmark list' for years now. There are so many types of exercises to choose from using so many types of equipment, it makes constructing a routine easy. Also, your articles on spot reduction and other exercise issues are very insightful. Keep up the great work and thanks a lot!

Jerry (Singapore)

I wanted to thank you personally for your site. In providing such an excellent breakdown of the human musculature, you empower everyone who is aware of your site with the information they need to properly work their bodies. In my eyes, there are few greater things one could achieve - you've done humanity a huge service.

Jim Tomelin

This is hands down the most informative website on weight training and more. I'll never be able to read all the information here, but I'm trying! It's already radically changed my routine with confidence (all the scientific data you provide) and results (I'm in the best shape I've been in EVER!) I cannot thank you enough!

Ike Howell

I think your web site is AWESOME!

Joe Karszen

Hi, I was browsing the internet for days trying to find a workout site but had no luck. Then I stumbled upon this page, and so far, it has EVERYTHING I needed to help me work out. This is more than I thought any site would have. It rocks.

Michael B. (Philadelphia, PA)

I found your page by accident few weeks ago, and now I'm visiting there regularly, so thanks for a great site with good hints and advices.

Teemu Ahonen

First I wanted to say that I love your site. It has everything I wanted to know plus a whole lot more stuff that's given me the ability to make healthy choices for myself in my pursuit of the perfect exercise routine. Thanks!

Becca Yucha

I was reading your website, i like it very much. It is exactly what I was looking for.

Marc Love

Thankyou and I look forward to your services in the future. Great web site with lots of excellent information.

Roszita klumpp (Hong Kong)

ExRx is a great web site! I am a formerly healthy weight trainer, and this site gives me any and all information I need to begin training again. Well done and thank you!

Mark Collins

I would like to praise you for the wonderful job you're doing in promoting sports and training awareness in the world.

Gil Granot, israelbody.org (Isreal)

A very Big Thank You. I just like to say that your web site is one of the very best that I have seen, to give the beginner experience on keep fit. Please pass on my comments to all your Team. Thank you very much.

Leslie Hooker

Thank you greatly for a website that we can use any time in our quest for a better life! I recommend this site to all my friends who care to listen... I'm a beginner, and this brain child of yours has been extremely helpful and perhaps vital to my progress.

Ilia Ioukhvets

Gentlemen, I thank you for your site - it's really helping get back into shape after a long time and I'm feeling better for it!!

Paul Castellarin

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