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I recommend this site to my students all the time and use it as a tool to my lectures all the time.

Jeremy Taunton B.S., M.Ed., Director of Health & Physical Education, Southern Union State Community College (Alabama)

Greatest site I seen in my time, my compliments to people who care so much to put such hard work and info on here for us laymen!

Rick Karl

...love the site!

Mark A. Patterson, M.Ed., Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist (Colorado)

I have to say, I'm 37 years old and been training for over 20 years, and I have never seen anything like your website. I found your site by accident, and it's great. I use it everyday. I've been recovering from two back surgeries,and I have found new ways to train to help my injuries. I'm telling everyone I know about your website. Keep up the good work. Hope your site is around a long time.

Jay Kitchin

I have just found your website and have barely scrapped the surface of the information that it contains. I find it very informative and extremely well orgainized. I particualarly appreciate the way you have cross referenced information. Thank you.

Robert Reed

I am a Health and Human Performance Consultant and living in Bangalore. I am a Ph.D in Exercise Physiology and served with YMCA, Chennai as a Teacher Educator for more than 21 years. I visited your exrx.net. It is a superior work of a superior and dedicated mind. God bless you! ...A great number of Indians have become ''health and fitness conscious'' and begun to spending time and money for wellness and healthy lifestyle products. Our corporate world is offering support to employees' health much better than the years past.

S. Davidson, Ph.D. (Zefonindia, Bangalore, India)

Valuable site for information and also purchasing good material.

Peter Callus

Absolutely fantastic website, congratulations! The depth of material collected and the way everything is explained is outstanding! As I suffer from hypermobility of joints (range 9) but crazy about weight training, this website couldn’t be more helpful.

Fernanda Le Cocq (Brazil /UK)

I'd just like to express my gratitude for the wonderful website that you have provided. It is often such a difficult task to find clear and in-depth information from reliable sources on the internet on a topic that one wishes to research. Exrx.net has provided me with an exceptional instance of this on weight training and general health, and there is hardly a day where I don't return to the website to learn something new. You've greatly assisted me in becoming a healthier person and a more learned lifter. Thank you so much.

Dominic Camacho (Berkeley, CA), ExRx.net Donator

Many thanks for wonderful site and collection of valuable knowledge and resources.

Wojciech Górny (Warsaw, Poland)

Congratulations on your amazing website. No other fitness website is as useful, interesting and well organized as yours.

Ernesto Guisado

The best fitness website in the “Entire Known Universe”. Thank you !

Dave Daugherty

I can't say enough about your website. Everything is cited, unbiased, informative, organized. The layout is simple and easy to look at. But the most impressive thing is the lack of advertising. Your traffic is pretty high and I could imagine it being tempting to sell banner space. But you obviously have a profound passion for Exercise Science. Anyway, I'm glad I found the site. Keep it up!

Rob Freeman, Exercise Science Undergraduate. Ithaca College

Hey guys, Im just getting into working out and this website has been a phenomenal resource for me to learn on. Thanks and keep it up!

Billy Pritchard (Lafayette, LA)

Just wanted to thank you for the www.pages. Most excellent resource on the web!

Mikko Pihlgren

Thanks for your site that I use as a resource for my undergraduates. The presentation is simple yet complete.

Lorrie Brilla, Ph.D., Western Washington University (Bellingham, WA)

Thanks a bunch and keep up the great work! I've used exrx since my college days as an ex phys major - it's an essential resource!

Dan Sell, Club Manager, Club 2000 Health & Fitness Center (Hanover, PA)

This is an excellent and informative website; should be required reading for anyone interested in physical training.

Tony Saiz (Miami, Florida)

Currently I am enrolled to become a certified personal trainer. Your site has made everything so simple and clear to me. Thank you very much!!!!

Nisansala Perera

I've been using your site for three or more years. It's a great resource. Thanx.

Mike Thrasher

Hi, James. I love the site, it's a great reference for all things fitness. I am especially fond of the Exercise & Muscle Directory. I really learned a lot from that.


You have a terrific site with tons of useful information!

Rika Susan, best-gym-equipment.com

Hey, wonderful web site...

Tony Whitwood

Hello. I am an amature roller derby skater and a professional firefighter. One of my department's fitness trainer's told me about your website. Wow! I am truly impressed. There are many girls in my derby league that need alot of help. And this is an excellent resource to help get them in shape. Thanks!

Tracey Peckham , aka Bang Bang LaDesh (Fort Wayne, IN)

Brilliant resource!

Tom G

The ExRx.net website is wonderful resource.

Jason Trierweiler, Spencer Hospital, Director of Athletic & Wellness Services

Hello, James. The Exercise & Muscle Directory is a terrific resource. Thank you for posting it.

Art Michaels

Hi guys, first I just want to tell you, as I'm sure you've heard countless times before, your web site is really fantastic -- I'm British otherwise I
would tell you "it kicks ass" or "it's awesome" :) . Keep up the great work with the site...

Neil Simpson, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Dudley Kingswinford RFC [Midlands One], (United Kingdom)

Thank you for your extremely informative website. Yours is the most thorough and scholarly website I could find on weight training.

Mason H P

This is one hell of a site it contains everything u need to know about trainning. I have used this site in both my own trainning and when doing my personnel fitness coures's. I would like to thank the site very much.

Carl R (Yorkshire England)

....ExRx is a great site! Your calculators are a real eye opener for me considering the weight I need to lose! Thank You

James M

What a terrific website! Easy to navigate, and full of competent information. Thank you so much to all involved. I have been directing patients and class attendees to the site for a couple of years now.

Rick Bennett, RD CNSD, Department of Health Education, Kaiser Permanente Medical Center (Oakland, CA)

Thank you truly for all your efforts. This is an amazing site with full of beneficial and straight forward information. Well done... I and a few friends have started on a diet - borderline diabetes- and wanted to incorporate exercise/weight lifting into our regimen. I will refer them to your website for help.

Ebru Giritligil

I am an exercise physiology graduate student at the University of New Mexico. I just wanted to say that your website is excellent. The
material is correct, up-to-date, and has turned out to be a supplemental learning tool for me. Thank you for putting in the time and effort to create a meaningful and educational website for our industry!

Kristen Miller (New Mexico)

First I must tell you that I truly appreciate your site. I've referenced it many times, and have found it one of the more useful, due to its completeness and objective nature.

William K Reinholtz, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA

Generally speaking, I think your website is terrific. There's no single source of exercise information that I've found on the web that's better than yours. You've become my "encyclopedia" of exercise.

Mike Baudino

I also wanted you to know that I find your site most beneficial and use it, along with some others, in my personal training business.

Steve Filoon

This is simply the best workout site out there. Everything you could think of is here so simple a 3 year old would understand it. Brilliant. Thanks.

Arthur Gray

Awesome site, one of the most and useful sites out there, and im sure it goes for anyone into health and fitness. Theres so much useful information on your site, its pretty much right to the point, and bulls**t free! Keep up the good work!

Sean S

I love your site, thank you so much for providing top quality fitness advice for free. I had a fitness assessment at my local gym, and the man giving me the assessment couldn't answer half the questions I had. EXRX.net answered every single one of them, thanks!

Sean Larkin

i have put the details of the site on my business e.mail signatures as i love it so much!!

Nicole Carter

Have been using your site for several years. It's fabulous and extremely useful and helpful. Thank you!

Ralph Daehn, Library, Univ. of Guelph (Guelph, Ontario, Candada)

Hey man i love the site, good excersises i work out allllllll the time and they work.. they do.


Just a note that I’ve spent many, many hours at your site and consider it my primary authority on fitness on the web. I’m very impressed with the amount of information you have and how well organized it all is. Have you considered adding foodstuffs to your shop? I’d buy protein powder and creatine from your site if it were available, and I suspect others would as well. In fact, I’m looking to buy some now and was digging through your shop hoping I could find it. Just looking for an additional way to help support your efforts.

Bill Hunt

Hi, I really love your website. I've had a hard time finding good free weight exercises on the web. I like the video clips that you have. It clears up how to do the exercises. I also like how you have exercises for each muscle!!! Thanks so much,

Amy R. Cooke

I'm currently studying for my ACSM personal training certif and this site is an awesome study tool. Thanks.

Monique Danielle, President, DivaDesignWorld (Florida & Oregon)

I like the videos of the bodybuilding exercices very much.

mfg Thomas Stenzel (Germany)

My name is Rachel Seay. I am the owner of Guava Fitness. I am also a kinesiologist from UBC and stumbled upon your website some time ago. I just
wanted to say that you have done an excellent job educating the public and I am constantly refering my clients to your site and I would not do that if I didn't
believe in it. It is great to see a fitness website for the public that is full of information, safety and useful ideas for training. The public needs lots of help when it comes to fitness. Keep up the great job and I wish you all the success!

Rachel Seay

Just wanted to say thank you for the amazing resource you've created in this website. It's been amazingly helpful as am I getting back into shape. Thanks again for creating and maintaining this site.

Robert Uhl

Wow guys, absolutely incredible site... i cant believe my luck that ive stumbled accross it in fact. THE perfect thing for a martial artist. I wish i could communicate how amazing i think this site is but id have to use a lot of expletives :D. Keep up the good work... PLEASE!

Nik Fletcher

Wonderfully useful and informative, especially in how to evaluate risk factors before starting an exercise program. It's kind of neat to know the names of the muscles that hurt, where their connections are and how they are supposed to work. The site has helped me prepare to see my doctor and ask meaningful questions. Instead of just saying, "Can I exercise?" I now can ask about specific activities and exercises. The pieces on motivation and difficulty in sticking to a program is honest and give good suggestions for dealing with the bumps that come into everyone's workouts. I've booked marked that part -- I know I'll need it.


...exrx.net is a great site with tons of useful info.

Paul Borlaug

I am from Sri Lanka who has already gone through your WEB SITE and impressed of your details and the product.

Ranjan De Silva, Stride International Ltd. (Sri Lanka)

Thanks so much for your wonderful website that seems to be never ending and full of excellent information (without advertisements!) It is an extremely useful resource for me as a group fitness instructor-I have learnt a great deal and feel I have hardly scratched the surface of your site. Great job guys!

Sue W (Melbourne, Australia)

I think you have a wonderful site.


Your site is absolutely amazing. It's user-friendly, totally comprehensive and offers everything you want/need to know for a safe and effective workout regime.

-Michael Costa (New York, NY)

I just checked out www.exrx.net and all I have to say is... "GEEZ OH PETE'S". HOW MANY PAGES ARE THERE? As a webdeveloper, I understand the huge amount of work you have put into that site. I can't compliment you enough on the organization and content you have put up there. Man... I do webpages for a living and I've never built a site with as much content as you have on exrx.net.

Robert Berndt

To all those that have contributed to this site, Thank you!!!! I am a personal trainer and have spent hours looking for things that I don’t know, a friend of mine brought me to you. I have never seen such a wealth of information at one place. It is also nice to see good information that doesn’t turn out to be an ad for a new muscle tech product or some other product. So again thank you,

Kevin (New York, NY)

I love ExRx.net, it has helped me in every aspect of weight lifting and has so many great tips on stretching and to-the-point animations. I've recommended this site to all of my friends and have shared the same feelings as I. Keep up the great work!

Steve McMullin

Great & useful website! The animation is extremely helpful when trying to perform the exercise. Thank you & it will definitely be referred.

Quynh Pham

Your website is fantastic!!! All the info you could possibly want for effective training. Highly recommended. Keep up the excellent work.

Mr. Humphreys ( Leicestershire )

AWESOME SITE by the the way. I love it. I am a personal trainer and have shared it with several of my friends. I also ordered books/posters yesterday and can hardly wait to get them. Thanks so much for your site.

Ramona Ayres

Hello from Portugal!!! I´ve seen your site and i appreciate the information you put there. There isn´t a innovation tool work, but is a great source of variated exercises that can be used in my work as a coach and in my final work as a student. Thanks for this free important information.

Pedro Gouveia

Your site rocks...Excellent animations!!! Keep it up!!

Mahafreed (Mumbai,India)

We've liked your site. We'll be goning on following to you. Thank you for your service and information support for the community. Best wishes from Turkey.

Asým Tan Barshan & Volkan Buyukbicer.

This site should be rated in the top 10 overall on the Internet due to the nature of the information and the fact that it's free. Great Job. Keep it up...keep it free.

Youssef Dimassi

I like your site it is very good, good information and to the point!

Karim Perez (Aruba)

I've just found a recommendation for this site via google groups. Its absolutely brillliant, combines everything you need. I especially like the explanation of the gym equipment and the muscle groups it works. Excellent - keep up the good work.

Sue O'hare,

First off, to echo everyone else who has anything to do with exrx.net - congratulations on giving the world such a truly fantastic resource.

Simon Boyce

Your site has been a valuable resource in our household; I especially appreciate the weight training templates, complete with proper technique demonstrations. Thanks very much for your well-researched site.

Susan (Centennial, Colorado)

I'm studying to be a Massage Therapist AND am also training for running. Your site has a lot of information for me; killing two birds with one stone. It is very informative and easy to navigate.


Wow, my compliments for a superb site! As comprehensive as possible, yet it continues to improve and become even better and better. Dutch greetings!

Chris N.

I find your site invaluable.

Stephen Schneider

Your site is an impressive resource, which I am extremely pleased to have stumbled upon. It will take me weeks just to go through it!

Daryl M. Suttie

First of all, thank you very much for this lovely internet resource, I've learned more about diets, proteins and the need for varied eating from your site the last few days than I've ever learned in all of my life.

Frederik Hoppe

Thank you very much for all of your help. I will refer as many people to your site as possible! The information is invaluable.

Yolanda Womack

Just wanted to let you know that you have done a great job with this site. I went through it and I couldn't believe you had so much stuff in it. GREAT JOB !!!

Joe Touomou

your site is absoluetly THE best!! as a professional CPT/manager at a cutting edge club, I use your site as a valuable resource, as do my co-trainers!! I have been an advocate of your site for 6 years now and recommend it to my professional network as well as my clients as well. Thank you for being there!!

Kathleen Hope, TEST Sports Clubs (Monmouth County NJ)

Your website is incredible. I am middle aged and out of shape. I have been exercising regularly for three months and am ready to put more thought into my program. In your website I have found exercises to support healing some of my minor aches and pains and good guidance in establishing an efficient workout. Thank you so much.

C. Carter

Love your site. I use it in my exercise testing the Rx class at Chico State. Keep up the good work!

Scott Roberts, Ph.D., FACSM, Associate Professor of Exercise Physiology, CSU (Chico, CA, USA)

Just a note to thank you for ExRx.net - it is a great help to me in trying to grow as a more effective personal trainer. I appreciate the work you do and the service you provide.

Tom Semmelbeck

Im fitness instructor and personal trainer, work in fitness centers about 4 years and I must say, that this is the best site about fitness and excercise by far! I also graduated on Faculty of sport and I learned many new things HERE, on your site! Congratz.


Just a general comment -- this site (exrx.net) has quickly become one of my favorite fitness-information resources. I LOVE that that they site specific studies to back up their recommendations. At first, I was a little frustrated that they didn't have a simple plan ("follow this and you'll make gains"), but when you really want to understand what each exercise does and what strategies have been shown to be most effective for various goals, this site is wonderful. I've been following a program I put together based on this site's information for almost a month now and have been happy with the results. I like knowing why I'm doing what I'm doing. Whoever is in charge of this site, I owe you many thanks!

Bill Q

...I want to express my appreciation for your site and what service you provide to the community.

Barbara W (Baltimore, MD)

I would like to regard your team who represent the best site of weight training and needs in this kind of sport. Keep going to do this great job in the future.

Denis Kra'sna (Slovenia)

To all who are responsible for this great resource site- I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH. You have no idea how much your site has assisted me in losing and keeping off over 100+ lbs. After I had my daughter 3 years ago I was 5'7" and 250 lbs due to a troubled pregnancy. I was able to lose 50 lbs. on my own by working out and dieting but reached a plateau. By educating myself with the help of your site I have lost the rest and look great. EXRX is great because I was still able to use the site as I progressed to the next level of weightloss and fitness. I just turned 30 this year and with my trainer have set a goal to achieve a fitness model physique. I frequent your site often and refer it to so many!!!! Bless you all. Thank you for helping me reach and achieve my goals:)

Victoria (Pomona, CA)

I find your website, EXRX, extremely useful as a “one stop” venue for all my needs.

Jamie Riley

This website has been awesome. Very informative. I like to refer to your site when looking up terms in fitness.

Sheena Denscombe

Overrall your web site is AWSOME, I hope you don't mind I used some of your information to help some of the people I train.

James Luci

Just like to say that you have an amazing site. As a beginner, it's just what I needed. Thanks.

Ismail Patel

Hi, I just want to say that this website is really great.


I found it extremely useful, especially in absence of a trainer Thanks ExRx.

Kaushal Kishore Mehra, Tata Consultancy Services Limited

I have to say as a Fitness Professional, your website is excellent. It helps my clients to understand the basic movements and principles needed to train effectively. Keep up the good work.

Joel Robinson

Your site is the BEST workout site ever! So much info and free too! Thank you!!!

Ryan Lawrie

If there is anything I can do to ensure this resourse stays up...let me know.

Beorn Thiessen

Your site is OUTSTANDING! It's like having a personal trainer in your own home. Thanks for caring about people's health.

Terry L Wilson

My presentation at the IDEA personal trainer summit last weekend in New York went very well. Thank you again for the C.D., it helped TREMENDOUSLY as reference material. I had approximately 60 participants who were all given your website. You have done an excellent job on your site!

Jessica Menendez

I found your site via a Google search...the list with every muscle plus exercises for each is AMAZING...I will never look anywhere else ever again...AWESOME!!! I added the site to my favorites list within 10 seconds.

Jodie Nettles

...your website is the BEST!!!!!


Just found out about this site and i think it is one of the best there is on the "free internet". I just read about 2 muscle groups but the information was right on the spot and i think the rest of the site informations are like that. I'm taking this opportunity to thank the people behind this amazing site and say a generic : Congratulations for putting it all together.

Christian Dan (Romania)

Your great and most helpful site is an honorable service which is fondly recognized. My surest thanks go to you and your contributors. Grateful and enthused proselyte.

Sonda Curb

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