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Hi, this is a long time overdue gratitude. I've been working out for ever, now I compete with time. I was introduced to your website since its early days I think. I thought it was the best website out there for newbies and veterans alike. Just want to thank you for your work....all the best..

Ravi Sonpar, student at Concordia University (Canada)

I just wanted to send a quick thank you note for all the content you’ve published. I’ve been struggling with a shoulder injury for almost two years now, and your site has provided tremendous help in getting me back on track, and telling me what I should or shouldn’t do. Both the readiness of information and the depth of it are simply impressive, and the no-nonsense approach keeps your site on my bookmarks. I’ve sent you a donation for 100 NIS, my country’s currency (equals 24$, approx). This is my first time paying via paypal, so I hope all goes well :). Here’s hoping you’d continue your work, and thank you again.

Tomer (Israel)

Tremendous site, excellent layout. Thank you so very much. "If only" I'd had access to this knowledge when I was 10, lifting in my brother's side-yard. No-one knew anything at that time and I wasted the best years of my life, doing all the wrong things. There was only "York" barbell and "Strength & Health". Now I'm very old, my back is broken (3 surgeries), my shoulder is gone, but still, this is my first love - the feel of the weight coming down on your chest as you squeeze yourself under. Knowledge - knowledge and the courage to get under the bar, then stand up. That's as "American" as it gets, to stand-up under the pressure, the doubt - just to stand-up.

Stephen W. Foster

First, I want to thank you for the great website! I am currently doing HST training and your website really helps me.

Marcel Hekking (Den Bosch, The Netherlands)

Great website!

Chris Monasterski

Thanks for your clear and useful site. Finally a way to see and understand quickly which movements distinct muscles do! And how to find exercises to strenghten weaknesses/injuries. Especially the pictures help to understand the movements better still. And help to create similar exercises but then for those who are injured and should start easy/gradually.

Tessa Gottschal (Netherlands)

WOW! I have not lifted weights since college and university and was looking around on the net book marking multiple sites to help me get back into things safely. Your site took care of EVERYTHING. One site with everything. A great big THANK YOU goes out to anyone who helped with your site.

Stephen Shipman, BSc, ACP (EMT-P)

Your site is excellent. period. I have found an excellent reference to use while studying NASM as well as attending school at NPTI (National Personal Training Instutute) and cannot thank you enough!

Rich Moore

Fan of your site! It's been a help over the years, especially the Olympic and powerlifting exercies...

Jeff Hertzog

Your website is very easy to follow and very informative.

Molly, General Manager, Healthkicks

I have used your site for a couple of years. I just noticed the donation link and sent one in. Thanks for providing this quality content. ($20 donation)

David Elliott

I am a Clinical Exercise Physiologist and am a regular visitor of your website. I think it's fantastic! I currently teach an anatomy and kinesiology course at Purdue University Calumet and it is a great compliment and resource for my students.

Tina Schmidt-McNulty MS, CES, Clinical Exercise Specialist, Purdue University Calumet Fitness Center (West Lafayette, IN)

I have been a regular visitor to your site for some time now, and would really like to thank you for putting up such a great, detailed resource for the public. That it is a philanthropic gesture is a beautiful thing to see in this day and age. Much thanks again for the great website.

Nitin Vericherla (Canada)

Your website is the best I know on the net. Most of other websites try to sell something just to give 10% information that your website already has. Thank you for all the effort and creating such a website.

Onur Böle

I’ve read many articles in my day, but upon stumbling on to your website and your scholarly style of writing I realized that any English major who likes to exercise can write for a magazine and/or website (msn, menshealth.. etc) and that your thorough research along with your graduate level writing style (all of those citations with credible sources!) is worth above and beyond any fancy article found in mainstream media.

Dave Sun

I discovered your site a couple of years back and ever since then it has been a great aid in my weight lifting. It is the best exercising site on the internet and even today i believe it is still the best comprehensive site provided for all levels of training. Keep up the good work and thank you.

Leonard Lam (Singapore)

Hey great site with excellent content!

Dan Hyer

...you have a great site.

Vishal Khandwala (Mumbai, India)

Your site is awesome. Most of the information has been there for almost a decade, yet it is still one of the most comprehensive sites on the internet for sports training. It is simple and straight to the point. If you ever need to spruce up your site, let me know. Other than that, I hope you have more stuff on low-volume training. Big help in my baseball days.

Marquis Hunt (Redsoxmaniac.com)

Thanks for all this information, very helpful.

Charles Bostic

You guys are awesome. I was telling another colleague tonight how far your site has come.

Kent Tagge, Fitness Trainer (Salt Lake City, UT)

I am an exercise physiologist (In Australia) and find your fitness testing tools very helpful in my assessments with people with chronic conditions.

Renae Godden, B ExSc (ACU) MAAESS, AEP (Bateau Bay, NSW, Australia)

I just stumbled upon your outstanding ExRx site. Wow! What a great resource. Have you considered making an iPod/iPhone App version of your website available? I recently purchased and downloaded two such applications and after seeing your website, I view them as sorely lacking in comparison. I think an iTunes Store version of your website would be a big hit.

Guy Nadivi

Thank you for Exrx.net. It is complete, it is scientific, it prioritizes safety, it is about health, performance and fun, not fashion! Best of all... it's free, and it's made a big difference in my life. Three cheers to James Griffing and all the team members who have helped him!

Stephen Bosch (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

I'm loving ExRx.net so much, it has pretty much everything I need to improve my nutrition and exercise plan!

Michael Velbaum

I have greatly enjoyed reading your website. I've found the information very useful in learning about exercise mechanics and in designing my own exercise routine. I have referred several of my friends to your site as well.

Dane Madsen

I use this site ALL the TIME ...

Kate Pollock, RD, CD

Just wanted to say what a fantastic site. Just the right amount of informed and useful information to help me improve my workouts.

Andrew Turner


Norman Baratta

This is the most useful website I have come across in the subject of fitness and nutrition. The information is evidence based and concise. Thank you for providing this excellent resource.

Chike Isichei

I am a physical education teacher... By the way AWESOME site...


I have just got onto your site and just going through some of those important fitness calculators is enough to convince me to keep on coming back! I have my children wanting to check out their fitness now as well! Great going! – will certainly recommend your site to friends and fam.

Colin T (South Africa)

Thank you for a very good site. I have been using it in several occasions, mainly as a massage therapist.

Nina Appelqvist (Norway)

I would like to thank you for maintaining the resource at Medical Health Links as it has been of great help to me in my studies. I found the Environmental Estrogens sections to be particularly interesting, as it was something I'd never heard of before.

Joanna Tenson

Just stumbled onto your site. Great Stuff! One comment how about a little info to us (utes) who are 61 going on 25 (mentally) and would like to revitalize ourselves. Your site is excellant and I just wanted to convey that. I'm a HS Football & Lacrosse Coach and I'm always looking for information for my athletes...

Coach Mannes

I want to thank you to establish this kind of site. It is very helpfull to my job (I'm workin as a fitness coach). Take care your self .

Cenk TUNC (Turkey)

My thanks to exrx.net for a great website. I've been checking it out for three years and it's helped me immensely in my goals.

George West

First of all I want to say that I really like you site, been using it for the last 5 years while studying physiotherapy and it outruns alot of books we have!

Joel Hallström

Great site. I have been using it for about 12 years and it gets better every year.

Kent J. Tagge

Thank you for sharing accurate and helpful information with everyone. This is "THE BEST EXERCISE SITE ON THE WEB"

Brian Lambert

Hello there. I am a fan of your site, in particular your exercise instruction section...

Jermaine H.

Thank you guys for your site, I'd been referrring to it for some time and it's the best one I've found so far.

Martin Antista

Thank you for such wonderful site, very clear to understand.

Carolyn Kiki Ramirez

I have just found this site and wow I now have information galore to help me out further in my training.

Liz Seager

No one person is an island. I know alot about fitness, but that just means I have so much more I don't know. Your site is great and just wanted to let you guys know that. I love coming here as a reference. Keep up the good work.

Tuan Tran

Met you on Saturday in the fitness first club in Southampton (England), just thought I would let you know what a great website and a wonderful resource.

Megan Dowell, Cardiac Rehabilitation Exercise Professional, Bitterne Park Medical Centre (Southampton, England)

What a fantastics website! Your well-turned efforts have made my recent weight training program possible. Thanks again for all your work.

Jonathan Dough

I have recently visited your site and found it very helpful – thank you to you and your colleagues for the great information.

Anand Patel

I joined a health club two dalys ago to start lifting weights. I am a 58-yr. old female who has had MS for 20 yrs. and in the last 10 months have lost 30 lbs. and am walking up to 4 mi. I am very motivated but know that I have to be careful about the training I do. The club unfortunately don't have any idea about my limitations which are mainly cognitive and I came home and wondered how I was going to do this. I found your site through Google and have printed off a ton of info and from what I've seen I am thrilled. The information far surpassed what I expected. Thank you so much. It has also given me the information I've needed to keep pushing myself to keep taking care of myself in spite of. Again, thank you.

Cheryl Brown

Your website has taught me alot in a small amount of time! Thanks for your dedication, and for teaching an old man like me (35) that I still got it! Good luck!

Nathan Johnson (Kearny, NJ ) with $5 donation. Thanks Nathan!

I love the Exercise & Muscle Directory...

Hans E. Molin

Just wanted to say I keep finding myself back at this site. As a personal trainer it makes it easy to refresh or update my exercise plan and I always use it as a quick reference. I love the structure of the site, easy to navigate and find what I’m looking for, and knowing that it’s reliable info.

Christine Acomb

What a great resource your site is! I've been working out for over 10 years, and never really delved into the science or physiology behind exercise movements. I generally exercised "muscle groups" (e.g. chest, back, etc), but without a specific system or understanding of the mechanics of the movement or targeted muscle angle. Your Exercise and Muscle Directory is an invaluable resource, and I hope to see the continued development of your site. Additionally, your write-ups on nutrition have inspired me to refresh my understanding of what and how I eat will relate to my strength gains and fitness goals. Many thanks for a great online endeavor!


Thank you very much for your extremely helpful and informative site! I appreciate all the hard work and excellent information that went into creating this invaluable resource!

Mary Burke (Davis, CA)

This site is the absolute bedrock of my exercise strategies. The sheer depth of detail on every aspect of training including simple things like "dismount techniques for dumbell press" is as valuable as it is simple, it makes such a difference to have clips of people actually executing exercises properly rather than just confusing written descriptions. A great resource which stands out so much, that for the first time ever I have decided to actually leave feedback on a site!

Allister Smyth (Bangor, Northern Ireland)

I would simply like to express my gratitude towards you for making such a wonderful website available to everyone. It is indeed filled with useful technicalities that are quite difficult to find elsewhere, and that are suited for beginners as well as confirmed weightlifters.

Marc Lafargue (France)

I am a Soldier currently serving my second deployment in Iraq. I have been doing weight training and running on my own with tidbits of advice here and there, but have been in need of further instruction. Your site provided what I need and then some. I have recently suggested your site to other soldiers. Again, thanks.

SSG Jason Sperling, Kansas Army National Guard

Hey, I'd just like to say that your website is fantastic and it has really helped me figure out a ton of stuff.

Andrew Lax

This site has to rival craigslist.org for being ultimately functional and supremely useful. It's also incredibly "current". I went to an expensive trainer for a while, and he was doing a body fat test on me, and who's site do you think he pulled up? ...and I have access to this same information! I honestly go to this site at least a few times a week, and it is helping me to stay healthy not only in the gym, but in life. THANK YOU!
.....So much comprehensive information... I also like the "myths" section. Especially appreciated is your committment to presenting it in the way that you would see information in a medical journal, but written for the layman and summarized for those of us without certs and medical knowledge. And please don't revamp the interface. Whoever designed the site was a genius. It may not be flashy, but it gets you everything in a simple and intuitive way. Oftentimes, web designers screw up "functionalness" by trying to show off their skill with Dreamweaver of Flash. This is PERFECT!

Mark Lind (Walnut Creek, CA)

Excellent site, I've recommended it to everyone I can think of.

Justin Noble

I would like to thank you very much for your valuable website, I really found it very clear, helpfull and simple (away from complications).. thanks very much again, and I promise that once I get employed I will donate, and you really deserve it! Thanks again, and please just keep goin on.

Mohammed Ameen Yousef Khaledi (Doha-Qatar)

I have been searching the internet for a website like yours. It has workout routines, what exercises work what muscles, and what stretches to do for each muscle, PLUS a video demo of the exercise. I will definitely recommend your website!!

Jonathan Francis

I have been using your site as a resource for 4+ years and felt it was time to contribute. Your site is an incredible one-stop-shop for fitness and bodybuilding fans of all sorts and levels of experience. In fact, much of my current 6-day-a-week routine is derived from exercises and suggestions I've gotten from your EXRX...

Ted Kowalsky (Fort Lauderdale, FL) with $25 donation. Thanks Ted!

I love your website...

Aleksandar (New Zealand)

I love your site, especially the Exercise & Muscle Directory. It has really helped me when investigating exercises and putting together a good program.


I think your website is fantastic because it represents a no-nonsense, very well researched approach to physical activity and weightlifting. It's a rarity in that often, the fitness industry is a lot about style, and not nearly enogh substance.

Jan Reichenbach

The ExRx site is AMAZING! The information is comprehensive and well arranged allowing for easy study. Thank you so much to everyone who helped make this site possible!

Denise M. Gorski

You have done an outstanding job in compiling the information into a useful tool for educators as well as the general public.

Becky Deihl, Coordinated School Health Content Manager, InnerLink, Inc. (Lancaster, PA)

Congratulations re your most informative website, you should be very proud of your efforts. Thankfully there is no B*S*, no pop up adds, and you are taken directly to where you need to go without going around in circles. It has save me from having to visit various sites to obtain the information. Well done to everyone concerned.

Tricia Hunt (Australia)

Thank you for making the site that you have. It is filled with absolutely wonderful information. I love how there are always videos accompanying the exercise instructions. ...I love reading about exercise, diet, nutrition, etc. and I'm thinking of pursuing it as a career.

Daniel Kang

Thanks for the great and informative site! It's a veritable gold mine of information for anyone interested in fitness. Over the years I've learnt a lot from browsing through the well linked exercise and muscle information. The exercise descriptions and animations have helped my improve my form and understand better the difference between related movements. Animations are great help. Thanks for the amazing resource. ...I appreciate the fast no-frills web design too.

Keke (Jyväskylä, Finland)

This website is total generosity. Thanks so much.

Johnny Miller (Union City, TN)

Figured I'd put my 2 cents into this. I've been sending people to your site for years. I've told many that the best information on exercise is free on the internet. Then I send them to your site. Love the cross referenced database.

Chris Snyder, Target Chip Ganassi Racing, 2003 Indy Car Champions

Hi, I'm have recently received my personal trainers certification and just wanted to thank you guys for the GREAT website. I use it all the time for wonderful information. It is very detailed but still easy to understand. Keep up the good work and thanks again.

Bart Baker (Georgia)

I would like to thank you, James and your peers, for putting together THE best web site on exercise, lifting, and nutrition on the Internet. I am thoroughly impressed and absolutely love your website. I teach Physical Education for health and fitness in Socal, both lecture and group exercises courses, and I recommend your web site to my students every single semester. I feel your web site offers not only factual information, but a philosophy of training I certainly live and teach by. I especially like that peer reviewed references are used as support for all the information offered. I value any kind of source that uses science to support their information, and offer information not only about advanced training, but also on general health without making sensationalized anecdotal claims about progress. Your web site is to notch! Thank you for taking a leadership role in our field of study, and speading the word of good health to all on the Internet.

H. Perry (Long Beach, CA)

I am a high school Strength & Conditioning instructor and football coach. Your site is absolutely the best resource I have found for just about any training question I have. Thanks so much for doing what you do, I refer my students, players, and coaches to you all the time!

Matt McNulty (Mattawan, Michigan)

This is the most detailed site I've been to about weight training. I like the whole exercise section because it is so detailed and very specific about what muscle groups are used during an exercise...

Armando Jimenez.

Good morning, I received today the books I ordered from you few days ago, many thanks it was really a very fast and good service.

Enrico (Santiago, Chile)

I want to start off by saying that your website has personally been an absolutely terrific resource for me. I found EXRX.net through a search engine and literally read through the entire site top to bottom. I'm just out of college and I am looking to regain my high school body. Just browsing through your site gives me so much information about weight loss and nutrition. I've made it through your "Beginner's Page" and I'm currently making my way down the rest of your sub pages. I have pretty much tailored my nutrition and workout to the information I've read on your site.

Erica Jones

I really like the site. It's a great source of information, and I've been using it regularly to design my workouts for the last 2 years or so. I really haven't found any single source that could possibly substitute for this. ...keep up the good work; I appreciate what you're doing.

David Donald

This site was a life saver! I'm a Phys. Ed. Major at Brock University and a couple of us have been desperately looking around for a good way to study for our musculo-skeletal anatomy finals. Thanks.

Brock Pekn

Wow. This is by far the MOST comprehensive and informative site I have ever come across. No book or video or other website compares. Congratulations for making a difference by putting it together.

Lesley Fletcher (just someone looking for answers)

Love the site. The videos are very helpful reminders.

Nancy P.

First - what a great site you have. Thanks so much for all the time and effort you placed into it - it is very valuable.

Ketul Gondha

Love the site. Can’t get information like this anywhere else.

Michael Sciortino

I regularly send students in my nutrition classes to your site for both exercise and diet information. Great job.

Don Matesz, M.A., Dipl.Nutr., Dipl.O.M., L.Ac.
Philosopher, Nutritionist, Board Certified Herbalist, and Licensed Acupuncturist
Author of 'The Garden of Eating Diet'

I love your site and always have. All of my fitness testing calculations are done on exrx.net. I don't know what I would do if you didn't offer it anymore. I can't remember how I got by without it... Thanks again!

Moreland Charles, Wellness/Fitness Associate, Federal Occupational Health (Fort Worth, TX)

I have found a lot of useful information on EXRX that I have incorporated into my personal training sessions with clients as well as my massage therapy patients. The amount and accuracy of the information is very comforting when it is backed up with referenced material. Thanks again for the great amount of time and research you and your contributers have put into EXRX.

Chris Courtice (Vancouver, BC)

I really wants to thank you for developing such and wonderful site...which provided unlimited amout of information on working out...I thank to the entire team who have worked hard for having this vital information on the web..

Tejas Kamda (India)

...I have thoroughly enjoyed your web site which has been exceptionally helpful while attending college to become a Physical Therapist Assistant. ...I hope many future medical students learn of your web site, as it certainly is beneficial, particularly as it applies to muscle strength, stretch and development.

Alan Candia, PTA (Corpus Christi, Texas)

Great site; been referring to it for years now. Thanks.

Doug M.

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for EXRX.net. It is an incredible resource that has helped me so much. My 15 year old son plays football and has been lifting for 2 years and I've seen the positive changes in him. I've wanted to try lifting but didn't know where to go. There is quite a bit of bad info out there about weight training, especially for women, as you know. I even looked at "Body for Life" but I thought they pushed supplements and other products way too much. I was on a message board and someone mentioned your site. Thanks to EXRX.net I've gone from an out of shape, 48 year, old occasional volleyball player to a committed weight trainer. I have been lifting since March of this year (2x week full body) and I feel great about myself. I can't believe I can dead lift 65lbs! My friends joke that they are tired of me flexing my biceps at every opportunity. (Not quite "gun show" material yet, but I'm working on it-lol!) I also have a history of femoral/patellar syndrome in both knees and couldn't run or power walk for long periods without experiencing pain. Thanks to EXRX.net I've strengthened my quads and hammys enough that I am on week 2 of the Couch25k running program; pain free. This is huge for me. Absolutely huge. I recommend your site to anyone who'll listen. I tell them it's like getting a Bachelor's degree in weight lifting. All the diet and food recommendations are great too. I refer to it time and time again. Thanks again for creating EXRX.net Mr. Griffing. It has changed my life.

Jane (OH)

Hi, your website is really useful, it's taught me a lot and I am telling all my friends about it...

Sam Vos

I think you found the best way: -> quality -> simplicity -> clean -> rich of contents. Thank you!

Federico Garofalo (Italy)

...thank you for your contribution to the world of fitness. I have used ExRx.net many times when confused about exercise technique and execution.

Andrew Edwards, computer science student, U.C. of Santa Cruz

Thank you for a very comprehensive and clear set of programmes. I am now 67, and follow weight training programmes to maintain muscle tone and performance. My wife has a farm, and one needs to use hands, back and legs as often as the brain. German advisory sites tend to treat the older adults as senile and soft, which some are. Their advice is more therapeutic and passive. Your site offers neutral advice which is both challenging and helpful. Basically it is good to think of the group who are still active, and can continiue to work, who need heavier routines in autumn and winter, for instance, so that the summer finds one fresch and able to go out into the fields. My friends at or around 70 still carry and move as much as before, only our rest times are longer, and perhaps the pain less passing.

Juno Varkki (Sinspelt, Germany)

We consider your site to be a great resource in the industry, and personally speaking, I have been a user/follower of your site since my undergrad days.

Jamie Guined, Operations Manager and Exercise Scientist, MovNat

First off, your site is a terrific resource for any exercise professional. I was first introduced to its existence while studying Exercise Science at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. I have since taken a job where I oversee our YMCA programs, wellness center, and personal trainers. I refer all of my trainers to this site to add variety to their workouts and to stay on top of the always evolving field of exercise science. Thanks and keep up the good work,

Chris Turner, BS, CPT, Program Director, Danville Family YMCA (Danville, IL)

I came from China, most people in my country absolately enjoy your website. Thanks for your contribution.

Jacky Wu, Australia Catholic University (Sydney, Australia)

Your web site is great! I use it on daily basis.

Marko Djordjic, MSc

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