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Thank you so much for the database filled with exercises for literally. EVERY MUSCLE. You guys are genuinely, the best and most comprehensive guide online! Thank you so much, be expecting a donation soon!

Sam Peters

Really appreciate exrx.net. ...Again many thanks for your exercise resource. I use it weekly to help me with my kinesiology class homework.

John J Syracuse

Awsome site, keep it up. ($8.88 Donation)

Oliver Simon (Germany) Thanks Oliver!

I have found this site an extremely useful resource over the course so far and with exams looming it is getting some heavy use! I would very much like to be in a position to contribute once I qualify! Keep up the extremely good work!

Kyle Schmidt, First year (freshman) physiotherapy student (England, UK)

WOW! Thank you! What a terrific website. I have been proud to refer patients to ExRx.net for many years. And it continues to help me personally.

Rick Bennett, RD CNSC CSR, Kaiser Permanente Medical Center, Nutrition Clinic (Oakland, CA)

I recently started a training program and have found the fast, reliable information on your website invaluable while at the gym.

Brian Bowman (New York, New York)

Your Page is the best thing i ever found on the internet! In my opinion, it is not easy to build a site with all of these exercises and all the info you carried together about this comprehensive thing - the human body. Discovering your page is very intersting! .... really, this page helped me alot! And you could be proud about it!!!!

Christopher Schaffrian (Austria)

...a really great and very helpful site!

Thomas Schmitt

Thanks for having this resource free for everyone. It is very comprehensive. When I want to workout a particular muscle I can just search for it. I have always had a difficult time finding effective exercises for particular muscle groups, but this so comprehensive as to engulf those with many exercises. Thanks a lot!

Edward Moradian (Burbank, CA)

We are really enjoy your resource. Thanks a lot for the work you're guys doing.

Stanislav Miletsky (Omsk city, Russia)

I have a very big interest in fitness having studied this at TAFE in Sydney and I always go through the new exercises when I receive them.

Kevin McDermott (Sydney, Australia)

Thank you for such an awesome resource, you probably should be charging for this site (oops!). Oh, by the way. I'll be sending you a check!

Carolyn Williams

I would like to say "thanks" for providing this incredible resource. ExRx has been invaluable to me in the past few years while exploring new (to me!) areas of fitness.

Dylan Bergschneider

Great site, I've used it a lot recently, for workout design and stretching advice.

Ashley Sterritt (Ireland)

...thanks for your precious work.

Roh Sattar (Candada)

...Modified ACSM Risk Classification Form tool…. It is a terrific online tool, and I really appreciate how it does the work for you.

Lori Patsey

I came across your website a lucky day and have never left. The work done by your team is remarkable, the animated guides for every exercise and their alternatives is a very valuable resource for my training. Keep up the good job!

Marcos A. Gonzalez

I came across the splendid work done by the team of ExRx.net only a few days back... I just want to thank each and every person who has put their hard work in making beginners like me to understand the body basics and work to sculpt it in a guided way...the pictorial representations are really very very helpful to understand the right way of doing the exercise/s.... I wish team ExRx all the best in their future endeavors ...keep up the good work... And thanks a lot.... Thanks everyone!!!!!

Magarwala Hussainali

Thanks for the great job you do on this website by putting the knowlegde at everyone's reach, in a such detailed and professional way. Keep it up

Massimiliano Fauci (Palermo, Italy)

Just wanted to take this opportunity to say thanks for creating such a great resource for health and fitness professionals. I have used your website and referred it to so many people over the years. I am currently the head strength and conditioning coach for Idaho State University Athletics. I work with 14 division 1 teams that consist of over 300 athletes. I have been coaching and personal training for over 25years. I also have 10 national certifications, but have never come across better information than ExRx.net. I love telling athletes and coaches about your site and using it as a credible resource.


Just came across this great site recently and have to say its enlightened me no end. Thanks a lot.

Dave Smith (London, UK)

Great site - use it quite often for lifting tips.

Christian Jensen

You have a terrific webpage!

Mauricio González Arias, Nutritionist (Campeche, Mexico)

We are an Australian government accredited fitness school in Sydney. We are big fans of the site and always tell our students about this site and recommend they use the site as research tool.

Matthew, Director, Australian College of Sport & Fitness (Australia)

You have put up a great site for fitness-related information, benefitting hundreds of thousands of exercisers of which I’m one.

Kashif Islam

Thanks for the great site! I visit often.

Ben Author, Cornell University (Ithaca, NY)

Recently I developed a few minor joint problems which were making me lose interest in weights, as I could not do some of my favorite exercises. Then I discovered your website and everything has changed ! There are so many different exercises I never knew existed which don't hurt those joints. I had no idea there were so many ! Your website has certainly changed things for me.

Peter Jack

Wow, i just stumbled on this website!! it is by far one of the best fitness websites i have ever been on. Who ever makes this site thank you so much for the time it must take to find and put all this good stuff on here! and its free! especially for the mucsle specific workouts which are great for muscle imbalances! Thanks again ExRx.net!

Meteor Mekonen (Birmingham, Alabama)

Love this site. I keep sending it to all of my friends.

Diana Boos

Big fan of the site.

Karsten Self

I can't believe how good your website is.. Thank you.. I shall organize a donation shortly...

Ravick Gomes

Thanks for the great site...

Will Martin

I have been asking many people to visit your website as I think you have a fantastic resource for info on health and fitness!!

M.R.Jab, Integrated Training Institute (Singapore)

Thanks for such an awesome site!!

Danielle Lynn

I've been referring to Exrx.net for 4 years now and it never ceases to amaze me. I love the fact that the website has a huge database of reliable information presented in a concise bullet point format, I wish all websites were like that. In my opinion, school courses should follow the same format. Thank you for sharing with us this extensive amount of knowledge on fitness and for helping me know what I know today.

Joe Zehil

I have been asking many people to visit your website as I think you have a fantastic resource for info on health and fitness!!

M.R.Jab, Integrated Training Institute (Singapore)

Thanks for such a comprehensive resource.

Kelly Byrd

ExRx.net is one of my favourite fitness sites on the Internet, and has been for as long as I can remember.

Mike Roulston, Mode Athletics (Vancouver, BC)

Hi, have loved your site for many years....noticed that you had used me as one of the references for the 1RM calculator. Thanks and keep up the great work!

Robert dos Remedios, Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, College of the Canyons, 2007 NSCA collegiate strength coach of the year (Santa Clarita, CA)

I love your site... One thing I know is that your site is now the best site on the net for obtaining exercise/muscle information. It has become a go-to reservoir of information for many people in the *world*.

Dan Premetz (Waukesha, WI)

It´s fantastic and your site is an answer to my prayers. I´m planning and distributing programs for my 16-18y track juniors. We speak swedish, finnish and english in my group which makes it VERY timeconsuming to explain things verbally. Now I can use my laptop, point to an exercise and say "let´s go". My focus can stay on correcting instead of explaining.

Alexander Holthoer (Finland)

I must say that your site serves many people in my country. I really like it. Thanks for your contribution to the world!

Amit Gal Alon (Israel)

I have been using your site for a long time, and its really helped my business.

Justin Woltering, Fitness Model, Author, and Personal Trainer

I have been utilizing your site for years now and I thought a thank you was long overdue. I have been extremely pleased with the graphics, quantity of information and accuracy of the information you share. You have been a tremendous source of fitness information. Please continue your work as it is valued by every athlete and consumer of fitness.

Juergen Knorn, Gymowner, Kraftkombinat (Berlin, Germany)

I was turned on to your site in college and still use it today.

Christopher M. Hess (Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, OH)

I’ve used your site since around 2007 for my own home exercise routines and amateur body building. It has helped me create a routine through which I’ve gone from about 135 lbs to 160 now.

Bob Provencher (Columbia, NJ)

...I want to thank you for your wonderful website.


I cannot thank you enough for the free knowledge that you provide to the public on your website. Weight training is a passion of mine, and this year has proven to be a very difficult one for me due to shoulder and upper back/neck injuries. Thanks to your website, I’ve been able to supplement my physical therapy and chiropractic treatments by building my own customized rehabilitation program. You exercise and muscle directory is invaluable. I visit your site multiple times daily to research muscle attachments, movements, and exercises. Thank you for your very significant contribution to the health and fitness enthusiasts all over the world.

Ryan Pohl

I do follow and use your web site ExRx to get advice or confirmation regarding recommending exercises to my clients or friends before handout my routines to them. The VHI PC-Kits Software is, for me, amazing, really useful and easy to work with.
p.s. I promise to purchase the whole set when i get some more clients. :-)

Juan Tamariz, A happy client (Spain)

Thanks for the information website, it is very complete and statements are build upon lecture and research instead of gym-logic, something I much appreciate. The amount of time that went into creating the website is clearly immensely huge. It is sometimes hard to move my mates who I met at the gym away from the bodybuilding articles that are full of typical 'gym wisdom' and towards science backed materials, that don't always speak the things they want to hear. It might appeal to me more naturally due to my education (uni, but engineering related). However I will continue to spread the word because I firmly believe that research within a scientific framework and the conclusions deduced from this area much more valuable than articles written by persons who also are in the field of selling X amount of bang-named supplements of which the substance names can hardly be found in medical literature, not to even speak of the conflicts of interest.

Dennis Smit

I am an ACE certified personal trainer which has only gotten me so far. I consult your site literally ALL the time for guidance and it has been a great help to me. Thank you very much.

Joel Thomas with $10 Donation. (Thanks Joel)

Thank you for an excellent resource, I have recently started out in the industry as a Personal Trainer and Aerobics Instructor and your site has helped me through countless exams and answered many of my questions.

Michelle Lamont, MissFit Inc.

Thank you for maintaining such a great resource. I refer to the site often. It's greatly helped me.

Billy Amon with $10 Donation. Thanks Billy!

Been using your website for some time now, and it's by far the best fitness resource on the web. It covers everything, is accessible, has loads of scientifically-backed theories and is very helpful for me when working with my clients. Thanks for an absolutely superb website.

Matt Levy, YMCA Trainer & Instructor (United Kingdom)

...I've been using your site for exercise reference for over a year now... Thanks for providing us with this great info!

Alex Filiakov

I love your site and using it a lot...

Alexander Belik

It is refreshing to find information that is objective, without any witty comments from authors and gets to the point. The authors get to the bottom line without the nonsense of advertising or scantily clad athletes or asking for subscription to deliver information thats been around for ages and stuff like this requires hours of searching. Thank you for disseminating this information.

Farhan Mansoor

I have searched all over the web and haven't found a site that nearly covers the range of material that your site does the way it does allowing people from various professions to easily utilize it. From trainers and workout enthusiast to physical therapist and kinesiologists the information you offer is incredibly useful!

Jarrett Payne

I think your site is one of the best I have ever seen.

Dave Cresap

I'd like to thank you for the excellent information I've found on your website, especially your food and diet resources are my favorites.

Eva Alexander

...commendations for an embarrisingly rich source of health and fitness related information.

Nicolas Warren

Mid-way through my year long Personal Training course at college, this site is fantastic, by far the best on the net. Although I haven't donated yet, I definitely will soon - well worth it! Thank you.

David Wright

I want to thank you for all the great information I have pulled from your site and the help you have given me and my friends over the years.

Jeff Wendt, Fit Diabetic LLC

Fantastic website! Just discovered it, and i can't wait to fully explore and learn everything here. I'm presently studying for my certification, and i think ExRx is going to be an excellent resource. Thank you!!!!

Ursula Williams (Los Angeles, CA)

One of the best sites for reference on the web! This site is very informative and concise. It answers all questions I have regarding making a training plan. With the help of your site I have lost 40 pounds and 5% body fat in the last year. I constantly come back to the site to view the new exercises that are posted. Thank you for giving this gift to the world!

Michael Bell

First off, my partner, Shana and I LOVE your site. It's a wonderful resource....

Tim Haft, Punkrope.com

I've been a massive fan of ExRx ever since I stumbled on it many, many years ago as a gym going novice and it still serves me well today, so many thanks for bestowing such a gem on the health and fitness world.

Gavin Scurr

Just wanted to say thank you for creating this website. I am in my third year of a four year B.Sc. in Kinesiology. I have consistently come back to your website over the years as supplementary study material. I honestly think my professors should assign this website as required reading instead of the hundreds of dollars they make us spend on textbooks we never use. Thanks again!

Lana Hunstad

Such a great site, I always use it before my workouts and the secondary muscle info is great! Please keep up the great work!

Alex Collins with $10 Donation. Thanks Alex!

Just wanted to say the website was superb and really helpful. Thanks

Greg Clark (England)

I'd like to thank you for the high quality resources you have listed on exercise equipment, it's awesome.

Kurt Ontiveros

...even though we have never met your vision, persaverance and fortitued gave me the inspiration to just do a little everyday and that is why I have a great website, it's because of you! You have taught me that you will eventually reach the place you want to be if you just do a little everyday. Where ever that place may be, we all have different places. In saying that you have been a mentor from just your actions. Thanks for doing such a great job in what you do because you are an inspiration to many.

Chris Geagon, Main Street Fitness (Warren, Rhode Island)

I just stumbled on to your site looking for some details of certain exercises for building rotator cuff strength. Then I further discovered the wealth of knowledge in the site. The best website I've been in. Thanks.

Melvin Araujo (Dominican Republic)

I am very intimidated by going into the gym because i never know what to do. I can't afford a personal trainer either. Your website is making it possible for me to go into the gym and feel good. Thank you so much.

Raysel Martinez

I'm sorry to send a rather random e-mail but just wanted to let you know that your website is the by far the best exercise, health behaviour etc website I have ever seen. I have spent the past 4-5 hours reading the different areas... almost getting lost but more engrossed within each topics. My father is a big weight training fan, ACSM qualified (most likely expired now!), ex examiner and lecturer, MSc Exercise and Health Behaviour and ex Amatuer BB... your site also validates everything he's ever told me about technique, common myths etc... Many thanks and all the best,

Ben Latwork

You have created a very good website with an enormous content! I like the well-arranged, simple style and the strong use of hyperlinks.

Nico Sperling (Germany)

ExRx.net is a phenomenal resource!

Jacob Gates

This is the best web site that i have ever seen. It provides a wealth of information for work outs. A treasure chest for weight training enthusiasts.

JP Hazarat (Mumbai, India)

Amazing site, thanks!

Joey Zehil

Your website is without a doubt the single most useful reference tool I have found to date! The fact that you provide this information for FREE is unbelievable and amazing! I’m studying anatomy, nutrition and personal training. This site has EVERYTHING I need! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!

Linda Cadogan

Love the website :-)

Stephen James

I just stumbled on to your site looking for some details of certain exercises for building rotator cuff strength. Then I further discovered the wealth of knowledge in the site. Amazing. Thanks.

Jeff M (Baltimore, Maryland)

I am currently doing my Fitness Instructor course by distance education and I just wanted to thank you for your site. It is truly helpful, easy to use, and has been a great tool for me during my study. Thank you again, I will be recommending this site to all.

Rachel de Maria (Thailand)

Love your site!!! Thank you!!!

Chris Glenn

I have been using your site ever since it was recommended to me by the institution that I got my PT certification from and I have found it to be very useful and informative. Thanks for a great web site

Frank Rizzo (Australia)

Just getting back into exercise/weights after many years break (and quitting smoking). I wanted to just say thank you for your excellent site. It is a big help and pleasing to see that there are still some people out there that make, honest, useful websites!

L. Stephenson (United Kingdom)

I was just on your website showing some friends. It looks great!

Rob Armbruster, BS Exercise Science, Pharmacuitical Rep (Chicago, IL)

Thanks a lot for providing useful and well-organized information for free; I have been perusing your website for a long time and it has helped me in getting closer to my fitness ideals. Keep up the good (great) work.

Marco Gordano

Amazing site, thanks for providing so much information to help us get more knowledgeable about our bodies!

Alex Bieniek

Thank you so much for the amazing content.

Juan I P R Gonzalez with $5 Donation. Thanks Juan!

I love this site, its is straight forward and comprehensive. I have referred many many people to it.

Matt Chips

Good morning. I just wanted to say thank you very much for your amazing website. I have utilized it during my transition from being 240 to 150. I am sharing it with friends and family. Once I am employed, I’d like to donate to keep this site forever running. :)

Ashley Cephas

I have read a lot of the information on this site and I am really impressed that there is just so much information in an easy to read format.Thank you so much.

Kevin Moore

Thank you so much for for your wonderful website. It is very informative and helpful.


Thanks for all the great information.


I am an "experienced recreational weightlifter". Your articles are very helpful. Thank you.

Henry Gorchoff

For many years I have been a regular vistor on exrx.net looking for advice and guidance. To this day it is one of the best sites where people can find a tremendous amount of information on nutrition, exercises, human anatomy etc...

Tom Vanhuche

We loved your website and your vision in helping to empower through education.

Saif Umemoto

I absolutely love the site and have been using it for years.

Ty Massei

We refer to your website quite a bit in several of our classes. Thanks for keeping the website simple and easy to use, yet factual (and not gimmicky!).

Matthew Stults-Kolehmainen, Ph.D, ACSM EP-C, Applied Physiology Program, Teachers College - Columbia University (New York, NY)

Keep the good work up!

Ismail Mumcu with $5 Donation. Thanks Ismail!

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