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You guys are the best. My go-to source.

Michael Shaw (Washington DC)

I've been referring to ExRx for nearly a decade, and it's still my go-to reference for proper lifting technique; so, thank you for that.

Nathan Foon (Canada)

I stumbled onto your website about 12 years ago when I was living in my hometown in northern Canada. I moved to Kansas City about 7 years ago and just realized that you're based out of KC. I sincerely want to thank you for developing and maintaining this amazing website!

Evan Mitchell

For many years I have been a regular vistor on exrx.net looking for advice and guidance. To this day it is one of the best sites where people can find a tremendous amount of information on nutrition, exercises, human anatomy etc...

Tom Vanhouche (Belgium)

Thank you for putting together a very useful resource.

Tim Jones, British Youth Sailing Team, Royal Yachting Association (Southampton, England, UK)

I love your website. I use it to construct my workouts all the time.

Kimberly Nelson

I've loved the website for years. It is my go to website for exercise and fitness, especially when trying to sort through all the hype on the web about fitness.

Scott Duke

I am a professional physiotherapist and fitness consultant. I have been going through your site and it's quite interesting. I have learned lot of techniques which has update my knowledge.

Dr Gopakumar (Bangalore, Karnataka, India)

I am a 56 year old pursuing my dream of becoming a personal trainer. I encountered your site earlier in the week and find myself spending a lot of time on it. What a great resource. I will certainly be using it after I get my certification and plan on donating as well. Thanks.

Jeff Sarine

I love your site. I used it as a tool throughout my undergrad and masters program.

Ivan Ankwatsa

I am a physical therapist from France and a great fan of your web site (exrx.net) ....keep up the good work !!!

Flavian Chitan (Riom, France)

ExRx.net is an awesome site... great content! I'm an avid gym-goer and nutrition freak myself, so I found your website very informative and applicable.

Piper Lofrano

Excellent, thanks for the continued work on you informative and educational site.

David Koba

Thank you for a great site. It's helped my own personal fitness progress and I hope that it continues to expand and help others. Hopefully this donation helps!

Kelvin Thomas with $15 DonationEvery bit helps. Thanks Kelvin!

I do like your site use it for reference.

Michael Witwicki

Thank You! Thank You! I’m 62 years old and have been trying to lose fat / build muscle for years. I’ve purchased every “musclehead” magazine, tried every supplement and tried every workout regimen I could find. But I never understood what I am trying to accomplish. I stumbled on to your site and found exactly what I have been searching for all these years. Again, Thank you for taking the time to pull all this information together in one place.

Bush Locknane

Just a small token to say "thank you", have been using the site for a few times now for reference, it's awesome. Cheers Al.

Alphons Verasdonck with $10 Donation. Thanks Andreas!

First of all kudos to your website exrx.net. What a wonderful tool! Thank you so much!

Catherine Wiley (Oklahoma City, OK)

ExRx.net is one of my most favorite sites!

Bruce McIntyre

I just found your site and want to compliment all of you that have made is thorough and incredibly relevant. Great job.

Jeff Dunker

I want thank you for the wealth of information on this resource.

Paul Hoppe, STECU Knoxville, Mechanical Engineering Dept (Knoxville, TN)

I have been a loyal visitor of exrx.net and have learned a lot about diet and exercise from this website.

Yashodhan Fadnavis (Charlottesville, VA)

First of all I want to say, as Fitness Professional, I absolutely love ExRx.net and I use it all the time!...

Andrew Barriault

Thank you soo much about your work. Really helps a lot all you work that you had to create this! It's really cool! Congrats! Thanks again!

Lucas Maciel

First off let me say that I love exrx.net and have used it as are source for countless years! So, thank you to all of you for making it such a valuable resource.

Justin Thacker MS, RD, LD, ACSM-HFS, CES, USAW, CSCS, The Lab Gym & Human Health and Performance Laboratories (St Louis, MO)

First let me say, that I love the website and I use it as a resource intermittently whenever I want to research workout methods or dieting techniques. All the information is presented in a non-biased way, that I really appreciate. Thank you for maintaining such a wonderful informative website!

Jordan Sved

Hey there, just wanted to say thanks for the years of great videos! I’ve been using this site for some time now exclusively and it’s been so great on my form after blowing out my rotator a few years back.

Niren K. Shah

Awesome site. ... I have subscribed to your email address and am definitely looking forward to using ExRx as a personal resource in the future.

Laura Grace

You have some very good information - and figures - on your website. Nice job.

Cynthia Weppler, physical therapists (Washington University)

I'm grateful for the vast array of health and exercise information you have provided on ExRx.net.

Jonathan Fields

This Site is amazing, I've used it before lost it then found it again and every time is a remarkable resource. Thank you very much for this site.

Robert Jackson, U.S. Navy Corpsman, Occupational Health Staff Corpsman (U.S. Naval Hospital Guantanamo Bay, Cuba)

...thank you for creating such a high quality resource! ExRx has been a great benefit to me personally in striving toward my fitness goals. In particular, the sections about Olympic lifting have been very helpful.

David Jantzen

Great site! So useful as a good starting place for a variety of things.

Tim Jones

Glad to see this website still going strong and better than ever!

Mary Smith

...you show great amount of knowledge and deep understanding of physiological properties of various exercises and movements in your comments. I am naturally attracted to systematic exposition of scientifically based knowledge, I find your website particularly appealing.

Marko Djordjic, MSc (Serbia)

I love the site and have found it very useful re. planning home workouts, counting calories, etc.

John Walchak

...your site is incredible and I have learned a ton from it over the past several years.

Andrew Vigotsky

I just came across this site. I am impressed of the variety of information offered, from Therex to nutrition. I love the video visual demonstrations of the exercises and the muscle diagrams are great for knowledge and educational purposes. ...Thank you for this resourceful website, it will be certainly used.

Steve Trezon, PTA/BS, Southcoast Hospital Group, Southeast Rehab Unit (Fall River, MS)

I have enjoyed looking over the website and especially enjoyed the Psychology, Diet and Nutrition and Weight Management portions! I love that everything is backed up through research and the visual imagery on the pages.

Bree Wilhite

Really appreciate all your work on the ExRx.net site – amazing amount of information!

Dave Kabo

Hi Excellent website, thankyou!

Martin Gronow

Hi Guys you have done a brilliant job with this site; thanks for your great effort.

Stephen Robertson

Love the site and use it constantly.

Chris Turner, Program Director, Danville Family YMCA (Danville, IL)

I first and foremost wanted to say that ExRx is such a great, comprehensive resource for all things health & fitness related – many thanks to you and the rest of your team that put this together! It’s like a library of health information….love it.

Erin Brown, NX Fitness

What an amazing resource!!

David Daniels

I really love your website and use it lots for my course in Diploma in Personal Training.

Selena Mercer (New Zealand)

I love your website, it is very comprehensive and well researched... Thanks again for maintaining the high quality site!

E.J. Leers

I have recently discovered your page and I really like your instructions of exercises. ...thanks for the website, it's quite a nice collection and instruction database you have.

Wajahat Akram

I think your site is great.

David Webb

There is a wealth of information on your website and I appreciate all this information being available at one site.

Matthew Durbin, Exercise Sports Science student, Oregon State University

James, you have a great site. I refer many members to your site via our local fitness training manual.

John Mikula, MA, CTRS, CSCS, HFS, TRX; US Department of Defense, Exercise Physiologist, 94 FSS/FSVR (Dobbins ARB, GA)

I completed your survey yesterday, but there was no section for comments! One feature that I like particularly is the nature of the mini-animations for exercises rather than streaming media. It allows the site to work on any computer I use without having to worry about bandwidth.

Leighton Walker

Love your site! I purchased the CD months ago... Great work!

Stanley Haynes (Ottawa, Canada)

I’ve been following ExRx since … 2006, and have been a big fan...

Sol Orwell

Just wanted to let you know that I'm glad to have found this site. It is very simple and straightforward, there are a ton of options and helpful pages. I just discovered it yesterday, but I can see myself donating in the near future.

AJ Cruz Jr.

I love your website and frequently refer to it...”

Callum McArdle

I took the liberty of sending this email primarily because I'm a huge fan of EXRX.NET. I've been using it for five or six years now and I can tell for sure there is no other site like yours. It is professional, super complete and, perhaps the most important, very objective. I like to run and do some amateur weightlifting and it has been always my main source of info.

Hernán Pentimalli

Awsome page.

Jens Fröhlich

I work for Bupa in the UK, we conduct health screening assessments and provide exercise prescription for posture, weight loss, various conditions and sports performance. ExRx.net is a perfect tool for us to relay to clients in simple terms the muscles they are using for each exercise etc, with tuition and technique tips. We use it all the time at our clinic, keep up the good work!

Dan Anderson, Clinical Team Manager, Bupa Health and Wellbeing UK (London, UK)

Hey guys, great site! Keep up the good work :)

Amal Hewagama

You have a great website- Very helpful, I use it all the time.

Fred Eichenauer

I am a professional powerlifter and have widely used your site for the exercise area... This has been my favorite resource site for a long time. Thank you so much for all the effort you put into this site.

Rheta West

Thanks for your website.

Kevin McCready (Auckland, New Zealand)

Throughout my Kinesiology undergrad and Advanced Assessment and Exercise Counselling Certificate program, ExRx.net quickly became one of my go-to references. In contemporary health and fitness, where the industry is polluted with exercise gimmicks and fad diets, I find ExRx.net to be an outstanding reputable online resource that aligns with scientific-based research. As a fitness enthusiast, I see the value in the information that ExRx.net provides, and I understand how badly the industry needs it.

Roy Chan (Markham, ON, Canada)

Thank your for Exrx.net. It has amply assisted me in advancing my personal fitness with its' wealth of knowledge, especially during my first year of weight loss and lean muscle increase.

$5 Donation from Jonathan Fields (Marlton, NJ). Thanks Jonathan!

I Love you site. I have been advertising it very widely.


Thank You! Since I discovered You my health and condition started to improve. I made first small donation, and I will continue.

$5 Donation from Zoran Gudelj. Thanks Zoran!

I just came across your site and I'm sure you get tons of people everyday who are in love with your website, so I won't bore you with my reasons - but keep up the great work!

Jason Oh

I’ve passed along info re your site to yet another person – Kelly, my new “go to” person for gym work. Recently I discovered that ‘physique’ has been included in men’s body-building competitions. I found a much smaller gym (the owner does primarily personal training, and I am one of only four “members” other than her other clients. She is going to assist me in my quest to enter such a competition, in the senior’s (generally over 50) division , and at 69 I qualify for that. Kelly’s gym is small, with only one of each major piece of equipment (one treadmill, one Smith machine, one cable set, one dip station, etc.), but I find that I can only use one item at a time anyway. There is a whole range of dumbbells, and a nice set of free weights. Last night we did measurements, and Kelly told me that mostly what I need is guidance on nutrition. I’ve worked out while she was working with clients in her gym, and she told me I work hard enough, have good form with my exercises, so nutrition will be the key. I took my laptop last night for the measurement meeting, showed her all the stuff I have from your site, AND your site as well, and she was impressed with my ‘tools’. I am in your debt, and I thank you. Please pass along my thanks to all your people.

Lewis Lange (Live Oak, Florida)

Thank you exrx.net for your tremendous encyclopedia of physical fitness and diet and nutrition. Its help me a lot in my fitness profession . thanks a lot. Keep it up

Gopal Patil

I've been a fan of your site for a long time...

Juan Rojas

Great site! I use it whenever I redevelop a strength and conditioning program for myself and clients.

Gabriel Bliss

I'm a personal trainer for Hearthstone Health & Fitness and wanted to say thank you for all the years for the guidance with your site. It's an incredible site and use it almost daily. I have purchased a bunch of books and other things on your site as well and appreciate all the information you provide for trainers like myself.

Dan Bayliss, MS CES, Personal Trainer (Easton, MD)

Ironically, I grew up in Kansas City, but I never heard of your site until I moved to Florida. Since then, I've grown to love Exrx, and I put links to a lot of your exercise demonstrations in my Kindle/Nook book 80-20 Fitness. Hopefully, the book will drive some extra traffic to your great website. I really appreciate what you've done in creating Exrx.

Tyler Brown

I just want to tell you how much I love your website. I'm a Personal Trainer, and I use it as my exercise/muscle bible! It's better than anything else on the net.

Karyn Macintosh

I've been a personal trainer for 16 years and I truly enjoy the exrx.net site. Thank you for your contribution.

Dane King

Exrx.net database and website is undoubtedly a gem amongst fitness websites on the web.

Amirhosein Salemi

Thank you for all the wisdom that you have shared with the world over the years. ExRx.net has been a de facto reference knowledge base for many of our crew members since we were teenagers.

Lazar Pancic (Serbia)

I have been referencing exrx for the times I do train since around 2004.  I learned about the site from a T.A. student who was teaching a basketball class I signed up for to balance my engineering curriculum for the semester.  Thanks for all the great information you guys provide.

Ludwig Barquin

My clients will love it (Physigraphe V2 Pro ClipArt). I love exrx.net. I am running a gym and a crossfit box. 

Peter Weller, Weller Training (Dresden, Germany)

A massive thank you for ExRx.net.  It helped me during my Personal Training assignments and assessments.

Zelda Delgado

Your website is a great free resource! I’m a PT of 10 years and love how you guys are still going.

Dan Hardie

Exrx.net has been an invaluable resource during my initial weight loss/fitness journey five years ago, and a place I keep coming back to. I appreciate the feel of the site tremendously; the tone and layout communicate that the focus here is to provide the best possible information; not to have the slickest website or the most spectacular/inspirational photography. Thank you for this incredible resource. 

$25 Donation from Pascal Haakmat. Thanks Pascal!

I use ExRx.net frequently for the workout directory and decided to check out the rest of the site now that I am getting more serious about fitness. Thanks for a great and informative site!
Blake Gonzalez

Love ExRx, and am looking forward to trying the app. ...Ok, that said, I'm really thankful you for everything you do.

Geoffrey McCarney

Big fan of your website. Very helpful stuff.

Alon Gr

Wonderful website, I have learned so much about the human body and proper exercise function. Thanks again for all the information.

Robert Adams

I have been around long enough that I have been visiting and referring students to your site for decades and you do truly have the best information out there!

Tiffany M Reiss, PhD, Clinical Associate Professor, Washington State University (Pullman, WA)

I really appreciate your site and use the directory a lot to set up my training routines.

Nikolaus Neugebauer

...I'm a big fan of the site. Lots of useful information laid out in a scientific way, and in depth explanation of terminology.

Pete Bekos

Very nice new presentation for the webpage! I've been using you guys as a reference for a while now, great content ;-) Thanks again for all the great information, all very useful, the mechanics, muscles involved, videos showing the execution. Keep up the good work!

Daniel Fogli

I love the site and I've used it for years.

Christopher Smith

Love the site!

Turner Burn

We really like your site.

Stephen Buryk

Thanks for everything you do! I'll be sure to donate again in the future whenever I can!

$20 Donation from Carlos Narvaez. Thanks Carlos!

Simply the best Exercise page on the Internet. Thanks to James Griffing and all the guys.

Frank Anderson Yépez

Thanks for creating a great resource. We have been using your site in my KINS 2100 class at the University of North Georgia and have learned a lot from it.

Matthew Delise

ExRx.net has been a go-to site for me for many years. Your passion, dedication and generosity is profound!  Kudos!!!

Paul Hoffman (E. Greenwich, RI)

Best free fitness website on the internet

Robert Raso

I have used ExRx.net for years and it has one of the best measurement charts ever.

Chris Marzarella, Marzarella Fitness & Sports Conditioning (Brick, NJ)

Your exercise libraries have been SO HELPFUL. I've learned so much and managed to build a plan. I was having such a hard time dealing with youtube videos - and I only wished in my mind to have the exact same thing your site provided and than I found you. Everything so organized and well served!! I'm a fan!!! Thank you so much for this awesome library!! Love!!

Hila Cohan

Excellent work on your site exrx.net. Extremely valuable information and with so much fraud in the industry it's nice to have a consistently reliable resource for anything and everything in the health and fitness world.

Louis Kornfeind (Phoenixville, PA)

I am in the process of opening a training facility and my top trainers rave about your site.

Jason Marsdale

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