ExRx.net Link Policy

Link Requirements

Links to ExRx pages are welcome as long the pages do not appear in frames. New windows are fine as long as they do not omit the URL or any navigation browser feature. Links to the individual graphics (".gif" or ".jpg") are not permitted. Only links to ".html" files are allowed.

Links to Exercise Pages

If you would like to link to our exercise pages from within a web or mobile app, please refer to ExRx.net Exercise API.

Links appearing on your website to our exercise pages are permitted as long as they only include a subset less than 75% of all exercises in any subdirectory (eg Quadriceps Exercises, Cardio Exercises, Miscellaneous Exercises, etc). This permission will be revoked if you remove the respective links to our site, or upon receiving our notification to remove our content for any reason. This is because our content, including our exercise directories have been copyrighted and continued to be periodically registered with the US Library of Congress. Lists which have been curated with a minimum amount of creativity in the process of selecting or arranging the information are protected under copyright laws and international treaties. For further reference, please see Copyright of Lists, Directories, and Databases and When Lists, Directories, and Databases Have No Copyright Protection.

Requests for ExRx.net to Add a Link

Our links are handpicked. We very rarely reply to link suggestions or reciprocal link requests, since we are inundated with requests regularly. Contrary to popular believe, linking schemes may result in the opposite intended effect. See Google's link scheme warning. We would invite you to consider advertisement opportunities on ExRx.net. All email inquiries relating to link requests or marketing will be placed on our advertisers mailing list. Please email us if you would like to be included in our advertisers mailing list.

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