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  • Examine: Analysis of the scientific research on supplements and nutrition
  • HMB Video Presentation: Effects of Beta-Hydroxy-Beta-Methylbutyrate on Skeletal Muscle Size and Strength Across Varying Levels of Age, Sex and Training Experience
  • CSPInet: USP approval on vitamins pass of quality, strength and purity.
  • NutraSanus: Natural health, herbal, vitamin and nutritional supplements; non-commercial information

Hormone Disruptors

  • Nova: Tale of Two Mice: 5 part video presentation of the agouti sisters and how environmental contaminants can cause epigenetic damage resulting in varying genetic expressions including obesity, aging, and disease.
  • PBS Front Line: Fooling with Nature
  • Consumer Reports
  • Environmental Working Group: Letter to Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment
  • The Pitch: Missouri biologist Frederick vom Saal and his team exposed the dangers of bisphenol A — and earned the wrath of the plastic industry.
  • Environmental Working Group: Bisphenol A: Toxic Plastics Chemical in Canned Food: BPA is at unsafe levels in one of every 10 servings of canned foods
  • Scientific America: Plastic (Not) Fantastic: Food Containers Leach a Potentially Harmful Chemical
  • Science Daily: Endocrine Disruptors In Common Plastics Linked To Obesity Risk
  • BPA affects fibroblast conversion to adiposites: How plastics contribute to our obesity epidemic
  • US Today: Everywhere chemicals' in plastics alarm parents
  • Eco Child's Play: Canned Food and BPA
  • Seattle Post Intelligencer: Are plastic bottles dangerous?
  • Endocrine/Estrogen Letter: Bisphenol A Concerns Survey (pdf)
  • WIT eLibrary: Bisphenol A contamination of wastepaper, cellulose and recycled paper products
  • Get Plastic Out Of Your Diet
Also see Gut Bacteria and Environmental Estrogens links.

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