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In exercise menu

  • Click on muscle name to go to information for specific muscle

In muscle information page

  • Click on header text to go to exercise menu for that particular muscle group

Workout Coding

In Weight Training Workout Templates each letter represents a day of the week (7 days in a week)

  • W = workout
  • X = no workout

On the split workouts:

  • A = workout A
  • B = workout B
  • etc.

Exercise Coding

In exercise menus via Exercise Directory

In articulations via Articulations Directory

  • Bold: primary movers
  • Regular: can assist in movement

Exercise Muscular Analysis

Stabilizer muscles may not be noted if:

  • muscle is used for hand grip or standing
    • This decision was made to avoid listing muscle groups used in most exercises.
  • muscle is not intensely utilized during exercise

Muscle articulations deemed weak may not be noted. For example:

  • Biceps, short head: shoulder flexion
  • Serratus Anterior, Superior Digitations: scapula elevation

Movements subject to inconsequentially resistance may not be noted. For example:

  • Hip Flexors: Step-ups

Muscles with relatively short net contractions will be labeled stabilizer muscles. For example:

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