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Added 3 new titles to the ExRx.net store.

April 2012

Rewrote 'Weight Training for Specific Populations' articles: Women | Older Adults | Children.


Moved and edited


Added 9 new titles and reintroduced Fitness Testing Equipment to the ExRx.net store.

March 2012

Added The Compliance Solution and The Protein Debate by John Beradi, Ph.D. Added 19 additional exercises with majority added to the Plyometric, Waist, and Hip Directories. Explained target muscle ambiguity between Rollout performed on stability ball versus exercise wheel. Answered exercise order questions about weight training splits. Added 18 new titles to the ExRx.net Store.

Dec 2011

Installed TapTalk for ExR.net Forum. Get the app (only $2.99) for your iPhone or Android smartphone so you can use the ExRx.net Forum on the go.

Once installed, just search for 'exrx'.

Nov 2011

Added 16 additional exercises and variations. Continued to replace older clips with higher frame clips. Added metabolic rate of muscles and organs. Addressed concern over the Power Clean technique. Altered nomenclature of Pull-up exercises so chin-ups only refer the movements with an underhand grip; all other hand positions are referred to the more widely accepted name of pull-ups. Incidentally, the initial discrepancy had been partially influenced by the usage of 'chins' for all these movements in books by Schwarzenegger (1987) and Weider (1989). Added 7 new books and a 1 new DVD to the ExRx.net Store.

Sept 2011

Added new exercises: 5 power | 3 cardio | 7 strength training

Added pages:

Other Small Additions:

Added 6 new books to the ExRx.net Store.

July 2011

Added Over 40 new exercises and variations to Exercise Libraries. Added Qualitative Torque Analysis and Physiotherapy Compliance and Visual Aids. Also, it explained the New Kinesiology Terms. Added 12 new books to ExRx.net Store.

May 2011

Added 19 new exercises, including Jump Rope steps and power versions of Olympic-style weight lifts (with side and slow-motion views), Replaced nearly every black & white clip with a higher frame color exercise demonstration (see Exercise & Muscle Directory). Posted e-mails: Biomechanical Research Inspired by ExRx.net and very inspirational weight loss testimony. Added additional balance studies and 2 more locker room etiquettes. Expanded plastic codes (Hormone Disruptors). Answered questions regarding Corn Syrup and Skinfold vs Circumference Measurements. Added exercise equipment to the ExRx.net Store featuring tools for Strength, Speed, Balance, and Testing.

Dec 2010

Added Strength Standards for Snatch. It also included standards in metric. Answered visitor's question Assessing Unusual Weight Training Technique. Replaced much older black and white exercise clips with higher frame color clips. Added 24 new exercise variations including several movements performed on a Lever Barbell Machine (see Exercise & Muscle Directory). Fixed issue with silver header strip appearing correctly in MS Explorer. Added 6 books in the ExRx.net store. Also added Functional Assessment Software and DVDs for Physical Therapists working with older adults.

Nov 2010

Added a site language translator to ExRx.net. Now ExRx.net can be read in 36 different languages! If you need to switch it back to English, select '36 More Languages' at the bottom right of the dropdown, then click 'English' at the bottom left of the popup. Added Google Analytics to our site so we can better understand how visitors interact on our site. Add 6 new books to the ExRx.net Store.

Oct 2010

Added 34 new exercises, including 18 new plyometric exercises. Moved Olympic-style Weightlifting to separate directory. On Exercise and Muscle Directory we moved Exercises to left column and Muscles to the right column. Added Client-Centered Goal Setting Example. Added Ceasar's Salad Dressing recipe. Added Balance Exercise Examples. Add 4 new books and 2 new Illustrated Exercise Software Collections to the ExRx.net Store.

Sept 2010

Added 12 new exercise variations. Replaced older black & white Olympic-style weightlifting clips with higher frame color clips. Most Olympic-style weight lifts now offer slow-motion clips with even more frames (see the link within exercise instruction). Posted full-length video documentaries: 1) Food Inc. 2) The Future of Food (viewing them in their entirety may change how you eat). Reiterated differences between Chest and Triceps Dips. Added 3 fitness DVDs and a PE book to ExRx.net Store.

August 2010

Added over 30 new exercise variations. Added new editions to posters and textbooks to ExRx.net Store.

July 2010

Added 45 more exercises and variations. Added 4 new books to ExRx.net Store.

June 2010

Added over 45 new exercises, including 17 kettlebell exercises. Answered questions about In-line Lunge Test. Added 5 new books to ExRx.net Store.

May 2010

Added 23 new exercises, including two exercises commonly prescribed for Plantar Fasciitis. Identified additional sources of Hormone Disrupters in our Food and Water. Added two new books to ExRx.net Store.

March 2010

Added 30 new exercises. We are now approaching 1200 exercises total! Interviewed Dr. Bob Murray, Ph.D., FACSM (streaming audio). Added Nutrition and Diet Videos. Edited Hormone Disruptors / BPA. Added new books and DVDs to ExRx.net Store.

Feb 2010

Added several new exercises: Chest | Waist | Hips | Thighs. Rewrote an explanation of Variable Resistance Levers under the advice of Dr. Robert Koslow. Invited ExRx.net visitors to propose questions for Dr. Bob Murray's interview. Rated New York City (Manhattan) gyms on Weewok.com while videoing over 80 new exercises. Added three new book titles.

Jan 2010

Traffic peaks at 50,000 unique visitors daily, a new all-time high for ExRx.net. Added 25 new exercises and variations. Revised Arnold Press instructions. Added Quote. Added three new textbooks to store.

Dec 2009

Added several new exercises to Exercise Directory. Also added/replaced video clips demonstrating proper mount and dismount techniques for various dumbbell exercises.

Nov 2009

Added 10 new weight training exercises. Added one new book to the store. Added several more weight training exercises, including two unique equipment designs by Tracey Cheuvront. Added 7 new books to the store.

Oct 2009

Introduced new advertising and sponsorship program. Ad revenues help maintain ExRx.net and allow further development of our free online resources. We appreciate your support!

Sept 2009

Added several new exercises to the Exercise Directory. We also started a new listing for dozens of scalable bodyweight exercises. Also, see 'weighted' exercises for other bodyweight exercise ideas. Added preface to controversial exercises. Added to Muscle page: Stretch-shortening Cycle and Musculotendionous Receptors. Added tidbits: Yo-yo Dieting and Longevity and Effects of Light Exposure on Milk. Altered recommendations for depth jump height. Added referenced Health Benefits of Weight Training and body composition stats for Toning with Weights. Redesigned home and main pages and introduced display ads to help support site. Contact us for our upcoming sponsorship program.

Aug 2009

See Exercise Directory and Cardio Exercises for 43 new exercises and movement variations. Added Performance Effects of Environment. Added information relating to Ovaries and Gonad hormones. Answered Weightlifter's Heart question. Added postural alignment example under the explanation of Antagonist Stabilizer.

Imageline, Inc. a clip art image licensing broker has threatened us with a very large lawsuit after finding a line drawing on ExRx.net. Although I understood we had the legal right to use this image, I have decided to remove it from ExRx.net until this matter can be resolved. This line drawing was acquired from a clip art package that I had personally purchased from Sam's Warehouse ten years ago. The law firm representing Imageline, Inc. has offered to settle out of court for thousands of dollars if we are not able to produce our sales receipt and license agreement. This distraction has unfortunately impeded our progress somewhat in producing fresh content this last week.

Added dumbbell power exercises on the Power Training Exercises list. Added Barbell Turkish Get-up and Dumbbell Turkish Get-up.

July 2009

Added several new exercises and variations to the Exercise Directory. Replaced approximately 40 older animations with new higher frame color animations. Added Lateral Raise Errors and modified Cable Exercise Errors. Added Low-Frequency Discussion with 'Bastionhead'. Added new links to weight training studies (bolded)

June 2009

Added 78 new exercises/exercise variations including plate-loaded lever exercises (ie Hammer Strength) accessible within the Exercise Directory. Distinguished between plate loaded and selectorized lever machines. Also separated Machine, Partner, and Self Assisted in Latissimus Dorsi exercise menu. Replaced 30 older animations with new higher frame color animations. Incorporated several name changes to standardize nomenclature and make distinctions between similar exercises. Reorganized longer exercise listings for easier referencing. Summarized two of the longest-running Mental and Physical Well-being Longitudinal Studies (ie: insights to what make us happy and healthy). Added links to studies examining meal frequency's effect on body weight and health. Added White Bean Artichoke Hummus Recipe. Answered Walking Frequency question. Added 11 new titles to ExRx.net Store.

May 2009

Added several new exercises. Marv Fremerman contributes to Sports Psychologist's Dilemma. Reclassified numerous book and video titles and added the Cardio Conditioning section to ExRx.net Store.

April 2009

Added Dr. Brian Nelson's streaming audio interview.

March 2009

Added Exercise and Program Compliance / Adherence. Added a few new exercises (See obliques & back). Launched our new Audio Interview Section featuring cutting edge experts in their fields. Added a few more new exercises.

Feb 2009

Added over 20 new exercises. Began to replace some of the older exercise clips with newly produced color clips. Visit our Exercise Directory to see these updates. Added fat loss tidbit: Sugar Substitutes may promote weight gain. Added links to scientific abstracts: Sweeteners and Sugar and Ibuprofen. Started video pages on the Links page for Fight Science and Parkour/Free Running. Parkour/Free Running is a relatively new recreational activity that has the potential of attracting much more youth to physical activity; take note of fitness professionals working with teens and young adults. Also on our forum, we are announcing various experts we will be interviewing. Please submit your suggestions for questions you would like us to ask these experts. Interviews will be available as streaming audio and open for discussion on their respective forum threads.

Jan 2009

Added customized search for exercise directories and store (upper right links) so queries can be restricted to exercises or products respectively. Added Estimated Reps at the %1RM table on the 1RM calculator page. Added Sample Full Body Weight Training Program for Athlete table on Light/Heavy Weight Training page. Answered myostatin suppression supplement question, updated Low Volume question/answer page, answered Food Exchange Unit Confusion question, and created Hamstring Raise comment page. Edited Basic Program for Women Question / Answer page. A special thanks to Shubhra Bhatnagar, who edited ExRx.net for spelling and grammatical errors.

Nov 2008

Joel and Joshua Seedman contributed a literature review of Nutritional Supplements. Added Prioritization to Advanced Weight Training Techniques.

Aug 2008

We missed Barack Obama when he worked out at Scott Fitness 3.0 in Kansas City, MO on Tuesday, Aug 26th. At this same facility, we have been shooting dozens of hours of exercise video to replace many of the aging exercise clips on ExRx.net. A staff member of Scott Fitness was contacted by the secret service that morning. Mr. Obama arrived at 8:30 AM along with dozens of federal agents. While agents stood guard around the building, Barack performed a leg workout consisting of heavy leg presses. While on the treadmill, he appeared to be reading in the dimly lit room. Approximately 40 minutes later, he left with his entourage. Interestingly, no other club members were using the facility at the time of his workout. This location is the newest and least utilized of the Scott Fitness KC metro chain. In a large warehouse/workshop building located in the crossroads, this facility is uniquely styled with 1950 to 1970 decor. In addition to an art gallery, an old living room, dining room, kitchen, and a restaurant setting with vintage paraphernalia surround the exercise areas - kind of like working out at a museum or great grandma's house!

Check out our newest websites.

June 2008

Started a new page for Water and Hormone Disruptors. Add more information on Vitamin D. Added Glycemic Load Table. Updated Fats and healthier fat progressive goals. Added Omega-3 in Seafood. Added 'trans fat' category in Fat Exchanges. Updated life expectancies to reflect the latest available 2005 US statistics (an increase of about 6 months from 2002) and added 'daily hydrogenated fat' response in Health Age Questionnaire. Added various informational pieces throughout the site in Tidbits. Added Dip Bar Width tip. Added more flexibility assessments for the shoulder. Answered Target Muscle Question. Added many stretches and weight training exercises to Exercise Directory.

April 2008

Added Squat Form. Moved and expanded Conditions and Medications That Make Weight Loss Difficult.

Feb 2008

Added Careers and Majors advice and Flexibility and Functional Assessments.

Jan 2008

Added Upright Row Safety and started Sample Split Program Design Flaws. Added Windchill Index. Added four cardio-calisthenic exercises and several new weight training exercises in color animation. Added mount and dismount animations to Dumbbell Decline Bench Press and Dumbbell Bench Press (see link under 'Comments').

Dec 2007

Added Training Principles and Variation Examples and Advanced Weight Training Techniques and Circuit Training Info. Updated Exercise Safety page; edited and expanded Over Generalizations and added Sports Conditioning. Added 13 additional stretches including several PNF stretches. Changed CSS to display more legible text on Firefox and Safari web browsers. Added additional suggestions for individuals with hip extensor, shoulder transverse adductor/flexor, and external rotation inflexibilities. Added various tidbits throughout the site. Added bread crumb links near the top of each page for easier navigation. Changed site's text font to Arial. Added Too wide of grip error and muscle fiber type table. Edited Large Glutes. Updated Health Age Calculator.

Nov 2007

Redesigned main pages. Added additional abbreviated progressive resistance training program for beginners requiring minimal equipment (four exercises). ExRx.net now offers online study modules to earn CEUs for those with NSCA certifications.

Oct 2007

Updated Tension Curve and Scapulohumeral Rhythm definitions and explanations. Defined Basic Exercise characteristics. Updated Winged Scapula and The Burn. Added Sports Performance to Squat Analysis, and Sports Conditioning to Specific Adaptation. Consolidated Sports Conditioning in Mechanics in Exercise: Alignment.

Sept 2007

In addition to animated demonstrations, added still image sequences for the clean and snatch. Updated bodybuilding section. Also added Comparison of Dietary Fats and Micronutrients (Vitamins and Minerals).

Aug 2007

Added Hormones and Metabolic Diagrams. Updated Fat Loss Tidbits and Nutrition Tidbits and Supplements and Why Diets Fail. Added Amino Acid Table to Protein Page.

July 2007

Added Calculators: Cycle Gearing Chart and Distance Speed Time. Also added Senior Strength/Endurance tests: Chair Stand and Arm Curl.

June 2007

Added Bent-over Row Comments and two Weight Training Q&As.

May 2007

Added 9 new exercises and Fitness Testing Overview. Updated Other Fitness Tests.

April 2007

Added Quadratus Lumborum and Transverse Abdominis. Added illustrations, including cross-section diagrams of waist muscles. Added illustrations to Weightlifting for Special Populations. Added Popliteus and Cheating and Overtraining Intervention and 1904 Physical Culture Pictures. Added Dumbbell One-Arm Straight Leg Deadlift. Added Gym Etiquette and Common Weight Training Mistakes. Updated Angle of Pull. Added additional illustrations to Low back Tidbits. Added Lever Push Crunch and a new Lever Triceps Extension. Reorganized Exercise Information and Kinesiology menus. Separated Weight Training and Kinesiology Glossaries. Consolidated Weight Training Safety and Balance information. Added Alignment, and Hip Abductor Weakness. Added illustrations to Serratus Anterior, and within Weaknesses under Hamstring and Supraspinatus. Began Muscle Detraining. Updated Angle of Pull, Training Specificity, Quotes, and numerous other articles. Dr. Kilgore contributes Weightlifting for Special Populations and additional weightlifting protocols.

March 2007

Accepting donations from visitors who find ExRx.net a valuable exercise information resource. Read our visitor's feedback.

Jan 2007

ExRx.net received well over 1 million visits (20,726,965 hits) in January, ranking first in Google search for keywords such as "Exercise Instruction" and "Weight Training". Added Mechanics pages and Balance pages. Updated Concept II rower damper setting instructions.

Nov 2006

Added 1904 publication Physical Exercise and Culture and Their Bearings On Health and Strength. Dr. Lon Kilgore generously contributed Weightlifting Shoes 101

Sept 2006

Updated Muscle page. Added exercise Lever V-Squat.

Aug 2006

Added exercises Weighted Squat, Prone Glute Stretch, and Kneeling Side Lunge Stretch. Also added Muscle page. Dr. Lon Kilgore contributed to Weightlifting Strength Standard Tables.

July 2006

Added more illustrations.

Jan 2006

San Francisco based publishing company expresses interest in purchasing ExRx.net. Inquiry declined.

Included NCEP Blood Lipid Guidelines and Average Sprint Distances and Rest Intervals for Sports. Modified Dietary Guidelines to emphasize fruits and vegetables.

Dec 2005

Launched New Forum. Added over 70 new exercise instructions with animated gifs; see Exercise Directory, Power Exercises, and Cardio Exercises. Also added Youth Test Norms and Full Squat Flexibility Question Answer.

Nov 2005

Modified Exercise Readiness Questionnaire (ERQ). Added Cardio Exercises Instructions and Clean & Jerk Training Progressions and Marv Fremerman's advice: Angry Coach.

Oct 2005

Added instructional illustrations to Skinfold Sites. Added Somotypes. Added Muscular Activity; exercise and health 100 years old ago.

Sept 2005

Added Exercise Associated Muscle Cramps and Marv Fremerman's advice: Fear of Injury and Depression.

Aug 2005

Added Obstacles and Suggested Solutions, UCLA Fruit, and Vegetable Phytonutrient Color Codes and Foods that may aid in Weight Loss.

July 2005

Added 15 stretches to the Exercise Directory including Precor Stretch Trainer and sample PNF stretches. Added illustrations of Elbow positioning for Olympic-style weight lifts. Added Abdominal Vacuum exercise for Transverse Abdominus.

June 2005

ExRx.net is accepting applications from qualified graduate and undergraduate students for dual internship positions at Scott Fitness in Kansas City, MO, and ExRx.net. See the internship description. Updated Modified ACSM Risk Classification Calculator to reflect new guideline parameters.

May 2005

ExRx.net is a recommended internet resource in the ACSM's Resource Manual for Guidelines for Exercise Testing and Prescription, pgs 224, 349.

April 2005

The changed formula in Push-up Calculator to improve the accuracy of norms for younger women. Added abbreviations and prescription shorthand in weight training glossary.

March 2005

Added Olympic-style Weightlifting Workouts provided by Dr. Lonnie Kilgor, Ph.D., Director of the MSU Strength Research Laboratory & USA Weightlifting Regional Development Center, and former national weightlifting champion.

Feb 2005

ExRx.net average data transfer has exceeded three Gigabytes daily: (ExRx usage stats). Added to the benefits of an immediate post-workout meal.

Jan 2005

Added references and tidbits, including a weight training study summary conducted by a former college roommate and friend, Keith Corder. Added 27 more stretches to the Exercise Directory. Added Deep Hip External Rotators to Muscle Directory. Added Short Sprint Interval Training Guidelines and Sample Programs, and quotes page.

Dec 2004

Added several new software solutions. Updated Weight Management section: Energy Balance and Exercise & Weight Loss. Updated various tidbits throughout the site.

Nov 2004

Added 2-mile run, as used in the US Army, to assess cardiovascular fitness. Added formula (curvilinear) to predict walking energy expenditure beyond 3.7 mph (6 km/h) up to 4.9 mph (7.9 km/h). Added flexibility section to Fitness Test Form to record the assessment of multiple joints. Added links page to various online journals. Added new titles to book and video stores.

Oct 2004

Added the Katch-McArdle BMR formula as an option in the Estimated Calorie Requirement Calculator. Reprogrammed the BMI Calculator to include both US and metric units. Added Full Body Workout question/answer. Added Sprint Speed Calculator. Reprogrammed Target Heart Calculator to calculate the percent range of maximum heart rate or heart rate reserve based upon either actual maximum heart rate or age-predicted heart rate. Added ACSM Metabolic Calculators: Walk / Run | Cycle Ergometer (Mechanical & Electronic) | Step. Updated aerobic condition information: Intensity Prescription and Cardiovascular Fitness. Updated Flexibility article with prescription guidelines: Stretching and Flexibility.

Sept 2004

Added Modified ACSM Risk Classification Form and Running VO2 / Injury Study. Added Waist Hip Ratio Calculator. The formula for calculating scores on several fitness testing calculators has been changed (from polynomial to sigmoid curve) to have extreme scores more accurately reflect percentiles.

The American Board of Family Practice (ABFP), a member board of the American Board of Medical Specialties, is granted permission to post a link to the Food Exchange Calculator on the ABFP website, www.abfp.org, as part of its certification program for family physicians.

Aug 2004

Added Vitals Calculator to assess heart rate and blood pressure. Added Weight Training tips Identify Initial Resistances and Arm Positions During Waist Exercises. Modified Weight Loss Tips and Dietary Guidelines and Low Back Tidbits. Updated Medical Clearance Form. The updated general content and added additional references. Updated Kids Fat Loss Strategies. Added Post-Exercise Palpation of Pulse Rate Study and Instruction for Participant before Testing and Water's Thermogenic Effect Study and Undereating Case Study.

July 2004

New York Police Department (NYPD) is granted permission to republish the ExRx.net Exercise Readiness Questionnaire for use with their employees.

Consortium for Infant and Child Health (CINCH) is granted permission to republish Childhood and Teenage Obesity: Intervention Strategies. This article will be included in the Healthy Kids Kit for Food & Fitness, a grant-funded and non-profit manual for the lay community. The CINCH is part of the Center for Pediatric Research (Norfolk, VA), a joint program of Children's Hospital of The King's Daughters and Eastern Virginia Medical School.

July 2004

Added article outline Goals and content to question/answer column: 4 Day Split | Smith Good Morning. It also created a Medium-Light-Heavy Log example and an additional low volume method. Added several tidbits throughout the site, added Common Training Mistakes | Energy Proportion Graphs | Interval Training, Speed and Agility Training and added content to question/answer column: Supplements | Lever Machine Discomfort | Kid's Weight Training

May 2004

Added approximately 50 new exercises in the Exercise Directory and Power Exercises.


Ranking.com ranks ExRx.net as the most popular fitness site on the internet. The ranking is based on visitors, unique visitors, page views, and links to ExRx.net.

Jan 2004

ExRx becomes a Limited Liability Company: ExRx.net LLC.

21 October 2003

Added 18 additional weight training exercises.

17& 28 Sept 2003

ACSM Curl-up / YMCA Half Sit-up fitness testing calculator and YMCA Bench Press Calculator added after over 4 months of development. Mathematical algorithms were calculated from multi-regression curve fitting techniques using standardized norm tables.

22 July 2003

I ran into an old KSU classmate and former National Olympic Weightlifting Champion, Lon Kilgore, Ph.D. at the US Olympic Training Complex in Colorado Springs where he presented his research at a sports science conference. Dr. Kilgore is a professor and the Strength Research Laboratory Director at the USA Weightlifting Regional Development Center at Midwestern State University. We discussed the applicability of the Hormonal Fluctuation Model to the female athlete. Glenn Pendlay (former Jr World Powerlifting Champion), another KSU graduate, also works with Dr. Kilgore at the USA Weightlifting Regional Development Center at Midwestern State University.

11 Jan 2003

TopOfEverything.com rates ExRx.net as one of the top fitness sites.


Yahoo rates ExRx.net as one of the most popular fitness sites.

29 Oct 2002

Wyle Laboratories contacts ExRx.net seeking permission to use our exercise instruction materials for the new NASA Astronaut Fitness Manual.

1 April 2002

ExRx.net average data transfer has exceeded one Gigabyte daily.

7 Feb 2002

We have tried 5 hosts in the last 8 months. Someone finally recommended web host Glorb Internet Service. They have the best service of any web host we have ever encountered; outstanding customer service!

1 Feb 2002

ExRx was cited some times in a Fitness Management (Feb 2002) article "Pre-Participate Health and Fitness Assessment" (pgs 44-49) as a resource for online fitness testing calculators and procedures.

29 Jan 2002

We began receiving notices from our current host that ExRx.net is exceeding its bandwidth quota despite the company's advertisement for unlimited bandwidth. It is time to look for a new host, particularly since we have been receiving terrible customer service. Also, visitors have reported difficulty in loading pages during peak hours. "Your site exrx.net has exceeded its bandwidth quota in the period beginning on 2002-01-08. Your quota is set to 15728640000 bytes, and your site has consumed 785801826 bytes beyond that quota."

8 Jan 2002

We found another new host since our last web host pulled the plug due to our high traffic. Incidentally, like the other hosts, they advertised unlimited bandwidth.

12-17 December 2001

Our host took ExRx.net down despite us believing we had come to an understanding. Desperately searching for a new host! ExRx.net is only 22 MB and hosts 3,000 to 5,000 individual visitors daily.

16-18 Nov 2001

I had the honor of attending the 3rd Annual SWIS Symposium. speakers included Bill Pearl (history of weight training) Dorian Yates (Mr. Olympia) and Bill Kazmaire (world's strongest man), and Ian King (strength and conditioning guru), Dr. Digby Sale, Ph.D. (neural adaptation to strength training), Dr. Mauro di Pasquale, MD (world's foremost expert on drugs in sports), and of course, Dr. Eric Serrano, MD (Cutting Edge Supplements). I also had the privilege to meet Mohamed Makkawy, Scott Mendelson, and Mistress Krista.

26 Oct 2001

Dr. Ken Kinakins of SWIS visited ExRx.net and invited me to Toronto, Canada as his guest to attend the International Weight Training Injury Symposium which he hosts. He noticed I knew Dr. Eric Serrano, MD, my old classmate, roommate, and ExRx.net benefactor. Eric will be one of many presenters at this conference.

2 Nov 2001

Although our host promised unlimited bandwidth they have threatened to take ExRx.net down because it generates 17 Gigabytes of traffic monthly, although we only have about 4000 individual visitors daily. ExRx has had this much traffic since we started our account with them in June. Just last Thursday, though, a representative called me and said we have exceeded the 5 GB monthly bandwidth capacity and we may be taken offline as soon as that evening if we don't pay more. They are trying to extort us to pay 5 times as we pay now; we've already paid up until June 2002 and if we go somewhere else they will charge a penalty fee to buy back my domain name, although it is in my name.

6 Sept 2001

In the past, we were able to answer an occasional exercise-related question. We'd continued to receive such an overwhelming number of e-mails seeking advice, we were unable to answer the numerous inquires. As a result, we are proud to announce ExRx Consultation Service for those earnestly seeking our personal and professional assistance. We appreciate your understanding and patronage. Sorry, we have discontinued this service. Please post your questions on our Forum.

6 July 2001

I will be introducing exercise consultation services through ExRx.net. I've received such an overwhelming number of e-mails seeking free advice, I am unable to keep up.

28 June 2001

ExRx Online (www.planetkc.com/exrx/) changes to an easier to remember ExRx on the Net (www.exrx.net).

22 July 2000

Signed up with CCNOW, our authorized online retailer to offer products through ExRx.net Store. This will provide a revenue stream for the maintenance of ExRx.net and offers a rationale for continued work on the site.

May 1999

ExRx finally goes online using 10 MB of free webspace provided by a local internet provider.

Dec 1996

James Griffing begins work, converting his master's report An Interactive Multimedia Computer Database of 250 Weight Training Exercises to the web (HTML). Dr. Eric Serrano generously provides a small grant to purchase computer software and accessories for the project.

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