Visitors' Suggestions and Comments (79)

Request to Remove Weight Loss Image

Hello, I teach at Ithaca College and have used your site for several health projects. I’d like to request that you remove the disturbing picture on the link for the weight loss page. I had a student report it to the dean as a trigger for her eating disorder, and I agree that it is an inappropriate image... Read more

Concerned College Lecturer

The Misunderstood Pickle

The article about pickles need to be removed. I have already posted and flagged your site as a very inaccurate and unreliable for any kind of information. Your sites post on pickles is by far the dumbest f*cking sh*t I have ever read. Period. Get a real job. LLC my *ss, spreading fake information.

Sean Garcia


In all the many years this article has been posted, you are only the second one to write us about their genuine concern regarding this this article. It never occurred to us that anyone would take this article literally, particularly since it's classified as Satire. We certainly understand is used by those with varying intellect and experience, however our content is primarily geared to exercise professionals and those with an above average intelligence. Although anyone is welcome to use our resources, some may find other Internet resources more suitable to their level of understanding. For those who still do not understand the purpose of the Pickle Article, it underscores the difference between correlation and causal relationships with the use of satire. This is a very important distinction to understand when assessing the implications of relationships mentioned in the literature. Also see A Key to Scientific Research Literature (  link) and Humor, laughter, learning, and health! A brief review (external link). Enjoy and learn!

Continued Pickle Concerns

I think to put out there that pickles are killing you is not based on real science your claims are unfounded and you can make the same unsupported claims about bread 100 percent of people with cancer have eaten bread in their lives therefore it's killing you.
I feel you should be more responsible with what you have online.

Amanda Flores


Ok, third person. At least Amanda got part of point and did not turn us into the authorities.

Exercise Library is a Mess

I really love this site but it’s a mess, the exercises library is a mess. When I go to the muscles groups it look not in a order. When I choose a muscle, the exercises aren’t in order. So please can you make the site a little bit modern and updated, not only exercises library, but the whole site, can you make it a little easier too, to use it. Thank you. Once again I really love this site.

Adriano Vevo


Thank you for your feedback, both positive and critical. Only a few months ago we modernize our site , transforming it from html to a CMS. This took 4.5 years. It will likely be sometime in the future until we attempt another interface redesign. For now the Exercise Directory is grouped by body part, from top to bottom for the most part, with miscellaneous exercises directories listed at the end of the list. The subdirectories are grouped by apparatus, with exercises requiring minimal equipment to the right. Alternative ways you can access the exercises:

  • Click on Search on the Home Page
  • Click on Search Exercises, first link at bottom of Exercise Directory
  • Using the muscle directory, click on the muscle, then clicking on the last link called 'Exercises'
  • Click on the muscle group on the Muscle Map (male or female):

Hope that helps in lieu of performing further immediate changes to our site.

Personalize Exercise Prescriptions

I love your website. One of the most informative I have ever seen. I am a beginner and it would have been very helpful if there was a way to select a set of exercises tailored to my personal needs and have them on pages where you could go through them one by one with the video clip and instructions as you have them in the site for each exercise. Just allowing each user to select and order each exercise to meet his need. Again thank you for a great website.



In the future we have plans to create a web app where you or your trainer can prescribe exercises. This will allow you to login to see your current exercise prescription with video and instructions.

Mobile App

Are there plans to put the information from the website into an app for the mobile device? Please do. I really enjoy It was instrumental in my developing my knowledge of exercise and personal fitness. I've always hated not being able to take it with me to the gym due to generally crappy phone, plug-in, and broadband network support. :( Having this info in an app would resolve this for me. There are tons of other apps out there but nothing that compares. I'm looking forward to it. If I was a developer the app would be one for the project board. :)

Aaron Lewis


In the future we hope to offer a web app which will allow user to create and log workouts using our exercise library. We're also planning on offering an API which will allow mobile app developers to license our exercise library. Thanks for your encouragement.

Foam Rolling

As a personal trainer, I absolutely love your site, and use it as a resource all the time. I have a suggestion to make. Could you add a section of animations and instructions for foam rolling and other SMR techniques? That would make this site even more helpful!

Mark Morabito, ACSM certified personal trainer


We used to offer the Foam Roller Database for the VHI PC Kits illustrated Exercise Prescription Software, but unfortunately this is no longer available.

Water & TRX Training Exercises

I am an wellness specialist at a retirement home. I was wondering if your company ever thought about doing water and trx exercises on your website. I am contracted through another company that does water fitness and I think this would be a great tool for individuals looking for exercises.

Marc Barnes


Thanks for you message. Actually we added suspension training exercises back in June. You’ll find them on the right side of the detailed exercise lists with the other bodyweight exercises. I’m sorry to report that we have no plans to include water exercises, but thanks for the suggestion. We used to offer two exercise collections for Aquatics Fitness through a third party provider but we no longer offer them.

Gymnastics Ring Exercises

Any chance you guyses will be updating your database/index with Gymnastic Ring exercises?

Shane S.


We will be adding several more suspension training exercise through out this year. Bodyweight exercises including suspension training exercises can be find on the right. Although we demonstrate these exercises with a suspension training apparatus, many can performed on adjustable height rings.

Iphone App

Your Site is Terrific! I’ve been using it for years, and there’s nothing like it. Please don’t go anywhere. Are there any plans for an iPhone app? All the options currently on the market are lacking.

Ryan Storberg

Cardio Exercises like Swimming Movements

I appreciate the work you have been doing so far, you guys are amazing! However I have a question, why don't you include in your cardio exercises list some swimming movements?

Dr. Juan J. Miranda Mainegra


Thanks for the kudos and suggestion. Sounds like a good idea and a natural progression particularly with the recent articles on swimming we've published. However, it may be some time before we can get to that with all the other additions projects we have planned.

Names of Exercise Examples in Joint Articulation Section

I love your site! I'm studying PT online and am using your site to clarify a few things missed or just skimmed over in my course. I was wondering if you would perhaps include the names of exercise examples in the joint articulation section just for further clarification (For those more visual learned like me) and to read up up a little bit more. Keep up the good work guys,

Jae Rebell

Same Exercises Targeting Different Muscles

I think you have a wonderful site. However, I think it may become a bit confusing when you have the same exercise under different muscle groups. For example, the Squat exercise is seen under both the Quadriceps and Gluteus Maximus exercises, and when you click on each muscle exercise separately it only shows THAT muscle as the targeted muscle. Perhaps it would be better to keep the directory the way it is, but list ALL targeted muscles in each exercise instead of listing them as synergists, which as you probably know synergists can be quite different from the intended muscle that’s producing the force/tension. Thank you for the feedback opportunity,

Jon Sutherland


Thanks for your feedback. I understand it can be a bit confusing at first glance. Keep in mind, in most cases we have included subtle variations to the exercises under each target muscle group which place emphasis on the target muscle, as in Chest Dip vs Triceps Dip, Leg Presses with the feet slightly higher or lower on the platform (but not too much), Powerlifting-style Squat vs Bodybuilding-style Squat. Similarly other variations are found within the same target muscle like Powerlifting-style bench press vs Bodybuilding-style Bench Press. When we debut our web app that will allow our visitors to add exercises to build a program, we want our users to be able to include these specific exercise variation to suit their individual needs. I'll include this in our site so other understand our rationale and objectives more clearly.

Sorting by Utility, Mechanics and Force

Firstly, I really, really, really love your website. I think of my self as being an amateur scientist, and I have searched the web for a lot of months now to find the "perfect" workout schedule and "true" knowledge to help me find said workout schedule. I came across a lot of pseudo-knowledge or at least unproofed hypotheses. But know, I can finally rest, because your website have given me the opportunity to explore the science of the body - shortly put. So thank you very much for that. Secondly, I would like one add-on to your website. It would really be great, if a visitor is able to sort/filter the three Classifications (Utility, Mechanics and Force) of the different exercises. Maybe the filter option could also be of use in other parts of your website, but I haven't found that yet.Again, I really do like what you have done with the website. That kind of integrity towards the discipline of science and the comprehensiveness is truely tear-forth-bringing. :)

Daniel Andreas Moe


Thanks for your kind comments. We may eventually include ability to filter or sort by these classifications in our upcoming TenReps web app that will work symbiotically with

TRX Exercises

I am a big fan of the site and always revisit the page for new training ideas. Recently I am looking for some Trx exercises but am struggling to find any. Does the site intend to incorporate Trx at some point? It would be nice to have the GIF images up of the various Trx exercises. Thanks and keep up the great work :)

Numaan Mall


We have videos these exercises recently and we are preparing to add them to the site soon.

Responsive Mobile Design is one hello of site and I have been using it for the last 4-5 months when I started pumping iron again after a long gap. However; I have found it very inconvenient to surf it through mobile or pad in the gym. Whenever someone has a doubt regarding any exercise we used to check it in and instantly get the answers. I am suggesting this since I have a software company back in India where almost all the web projects that we get from US is now are responsive. Meaning they adapt themselves to the screensize of the browser machine. Be it pad, desktop or mobiles with small screens. My humble suggestion would be to make the site responsive so that becomes a pocket ready reckoner for people like us.

Dr Challiyil Vipin


We have finally implemented this feature in December of 2013. Thanks for your suggestion!

Sports Workouts

I enjoy the site and all the information that you offer. I think something that could enhance the site would be having specific workouts for different sports (baseball, football, basketball, etc.). I think that would be beneficial for people who are like me, in a sport or sports.

Jimmy Winkelman


We have recently begun to include sample powerlifting, weight-lifting, bodybuilding, and general programs for athletes. We'll consider ways we can effectively include more samples of sports specific programming.

Band Exercises

Please consider adding exercises that illustrate the use of rubber bands as well expanding exercises that use the yoga ball. The goal would be to assist those who must workout at home.

Matthew Moore


We do not have any immediate plans to include resistance band exercises. We used to offer the VHI PC-Kits: Tubing Kit, an exercise database to be used with PC-Kits Illustrated Exercise Prescription Software. Unfortunately it is no longer available.

Mobile App

I enjoy your site. It's packed with information. When are you guys going to come up with an app for the site? Droid first, please. :-)

Linda Harrison


Only after we complete our web app, will begin work on mobile apps. If your a web developer skilled in any the technologies we have adapted and have 15 hours per week or more to spare, please consider become part of the team at any stage in our development.

Mobile App

I've been exercising for a while, but just recently found your website, and I must say it's by far the best resource I've ever used. I think your information could be spread to an even greater audience if you were to make a simple iPhone app. Currently there are a few exercise apps in the App Store, but they do not provide the vast amount of data that your website has. Please consider it!

Thomas Walichiewicz


Thank you for your kudos. See our plans above.

Site Design

Hello, I am a graphic designer/ photographer ,and fitness enthusiast, your site is certainly the most complete and useful exercise site I've seen; but even though it is useful it is not usable; and lacks a proper information architecture. you have many design problems that could be easily resolved. For example, your navigation is inconsistent and you have dead end pages; and links at the bottom are not the best way to refer to related sections. The width of paragraphs is not restricted, and this is an obstacle for readability. The layout is made with tables; a practice that has been dropped because of its restrictive redesign and maintenance possibilities. Please contact a designer that has a good knowledge of user centered design; he will surely help you.

Julio Jaramillo


Up until Dec of 2103, used nearly the same technology and web design practice as when it was first created in 1999. With some creative CSS techniques, we have recently made our site responsive (allowing better readability on mobile devices) surprising using this dated table layout technology. Understandably web standards have changed after all these years and apart from it's responsiveness, our site still strongly resembles a 1990s site. We have always focused on adding quality content over creating a pretty presentation. However, in the past year, we have tested a couple different content management systems but have not yet found one in which would allow us to update the content without the idiosycricities of the CMS getting in the way. We are currently testing our 3rd CMS and will be making an assessment in the next several months.

Articulation Animations

I like your site, and frequently recommend it. However, your videos of extension/flexion are confusing. You always show *both* extension AND flexion when illustrating one or the other. Why? You should cut your videos in half and show only the flexion or extension component.

Hugh Loebner, Ph.D., ACSM certified personal trainer (Manhattan, New York, NY)


I agree the animations of the exercises can be confusing. The viewer must distinguish the concentric phase of the exercise to discern the mentioned movement. We plan on supplementing the exercise example with a drawing illustrating the actual movement more clearly.

Missing Muscles

Your site is terrific and greatly appreciated, which is why I include it as a link on my website. Just wondering why you have no (or I may have missed finding it) specific strengthening exercises for the tibialis posterior. Cheers, and keep up the great work - the best of its genre on the internet.

Peter Pimm, M.Sc., NCCP 4, Services For Runners (Toronto, Canada)


Not every muscle has been included in the Muscle Directory but you can find most them through the Articulation menu. By understanding the muscle's articulation you can devise an exercise for that muscle or movement. Apart from specific physical therapy exercises which may target the muscle more directly, the closest traditional exercise appears to be the wide stance calf raise with movement through the foot.

Since I learned of your sight while studying kinesiology in college it has been a valuable resource. Now working in the professional world I find it just as valuable but would like to make a suggestion. With today's mobile world an application that allows access to all the same calculations and resources would be invaluable. Also the ability to print a report of the results to place in client and patient files for tracking. I use my mobile devices for just about everything else and this would be the best reason yet.

Stephen Leach

Awesome site! The only thing I would recommend looking into is creating a part on the page where it can create a program based on the muscle groups (you know, like for instance, where it says deltoid, like press "random" or something like that to shuffle ideas what could be done for a workout routine

Murray McClafferty

Yesterday I came across this site. It really helped me out to do weight training more professionally and safely. But one thing which dissapointd me a lot was the Translation in Hindi Language. I will like to suggest that it was little closer to the worst. Quality of translation was very poor from point of Grammer and Sentence Construction. I wonder how such a reputed site allowed to have this kind of Translation online. Please take urgent steps to take coorective measures by retranslation or re proofread by any reputed translation company in India.

Harjinder Singh

I really like the site, but I think that it should be on Facebook if only to get more followers of exercise, and to show people how different exercises are performed.

Alan Gill

This is a site I happened to stumble upon when I was looking up information for my co-worker. I absolutely love it. Easily can compete with top sites like for exercise information and exercise science. Can you make a mobile app so we can look at exercises as we are doing them in the gym?? That would be a HUGE plus to your site and make it even more valuable to the bodybuilders! Thank you so much!

Chris Cioc

Could you include thruster exercises in your demos? Thank you.

Lee Davis

Are you guys on Twitter? If yes, what is your handle? If not, you should think about it. Would be a lot easier to way to alert people about new things on the site, which is a great resource.

Vik Khanna, MHS, PA
Health Consultant, Clinical Exercise Specialist & Cancer Exercise Trainer
Certified by the American College of Sports Medicine

Hi, I really like your site. Great, reliable information. Need more stuff like this on the net. How about adding a calculator for the Air Force Fitness test on your site? A nice place for military to check scores and become acclimated to what your offering.

John Mikula, CTRS, CSCS, HFS, Exercise Physiologist, Fitness Assessment Cell Coordinator (Dobbins ARB, GA) is a great site for general information about just about anything. There is one thing I think is missing though and something for which I have been trying to find answers: ROM or range of motion. I know there already is a section, but it dosn't show in pictures what NORMAL range of motion is, or should be or could be.

Jabberdau Kahn

Is there a mobile app for ExRx on the way? I love the information on the site and would like to use it while meeting with customers.

Andrew Gray

I love; it's a great tool for injured athletes. I just wanted to say that donations would probably increase if you started a Facebook page for for members to "like" and follow. Thank You!

Ashly Kurns

Love the site - nothing else like it or near as good. Would like to see more comprehensive content on spotting techniques, though.

Barry Bassin (Sarasota, FL)

Terrific site! It is very informative, well substantiated, and refreshingly lacking in hype or hard sells. Thank you so much. One small suggestion: I think a page detailing various career paths for fitness professionals (types of degrees, certifications etc, and how they can be obtained) would be very helpful. Keep up the great work!

Jim Kennedy (Costa Mesa, CA)

You’ve done a really great job. Very useful. My only suggestion is to make the videos a bit larger. Maybe this is part of a premium package? For $5 or $10, you can see larger videos and multiple angles?

David Milch

Love the site. One question: any chance you would create a few pages for people who have recently suffered a stroke? Ways to increase range of motion, muscle strength, etc.? With so many people having strokes these days, and the importance that exercise has been shown to have on healing, this would be a great contribution.

Mary S. Henry

This is a phenomenal site. I would recommend it to anyone interested in working out. One suggestion, should you expand on the iphone i'm certain it would be a stunning success. Cheers.

Paul (Canada)

First of all, I really love the site and use it a LOT. My husband bought a home-gym and without this site I’d never be using it to it’s full potential!! There are many exercises for cables that the home-gym isn’t set up for, but I’ve adapted to use with bands. Bands are a great tool but they don’t appear at all (that I’ve seen yet). Would it be possible to add “Bands” or “Tubing” to the tool list along with “Barbell” “Cable” etc.? I realise it’s a big job to add these as they would appear on almost every page, but.... many people don’t have much equipment and bands/tubing are an inexpensive introduction to resistance training. Thanks for maintaining the site for free – I’ve referred people to it many times, and they’ve reacted just as I did – with JOY!!!

Helen Thurn

Would it be possible to include a date of inclusion in all articles? I realize you endeavor to keep the information relevant and up to date, so I am not suggesting that out of date information is presented. However, it would be helpful to reference a time frame when reading the information or passing information along to others. Thank you for your consideration and thank you for a great resource.

Terry Riley, Physical Education, Satellite High School (Satellite Beach, FL)

Your site is great and a wonderful resource. Has any thought been given to updating the Exercise videos so they are in color and better visible? Maybe the ACSM or NSCA could help with the funding of the project since they reference your site in their materials?!?

Dave Herber, Program Manager, Lanxess Xercise Center (Pittsburgh, PA)

I have been dealing with muscle imbalances due to very old injuries (30 yrs) and found only *exercises* until Ii found the stretches (Thanks to google search). Even my classic medical school texts show few stretches for only fewer specific muscles. That most of the provided stretches are clearly photographed and require no mechanical devices make them useable by anyone, anywhere. The active links between related muscles and groups are appreciated. I would suggest adding a HOME button to the individual pages. Some folks accessing from google will not know how to find it to access other pages without backtracking to google (and thus not discover all the other information available. I would also suggest a resource statement for each page. This would provide information on 'currency' of the data provided, allow verification of accuracy, and allow professionals to reference beyond the site itself, the original source.

Crystal A. Bingham, MSOT, OTR

I think your site is in desperate need of some updates to its exercises. Too much focus on machines and old fashioned movements instead of free weight exercises and variations. There's no excuse for not having box squatting on the site with proper technique tought. Not to mention Board Presses and the like for upperbody max effort exercises.

John Schmutzer

Your page on skill acquisition refers to several articles (e.g. Boutcher, 1992, Abernethy, 1993) without giving their full reference or point of origin. I can find no way of backtracking to find the original references. Sadly this means I cannot use your webpages for referencing for my studies.... please try and correct this - and let me have the proper references !

Nick Farrar

I really enjoyed visiting your website and found the Exercise and Muscle directory informative. However the muscle and exercise body maps for male and female on the Exercise instruction & kinesiology main menu are less than informative and rather useless. If instead the muscles were named on the body maps, or major muscle groups highlighted it would be more useful. Overall you website is wonderful and the information available for each exercise is phenomenal.


I have a suggestion how to improve your ExRx Exercise & Muscle Directory. For example overhead triceps extension places more stress on the lateral head than the medial and long head (my source is Per A. Tesch "Target Bodybuilding" which you link to on your site - This book shows results from analyzing the different stress on the biceps, triceps and leg muscles using a MRI scanner). You do not go to such detail in your directory. But it might be an idea too add this level of detail also.

TSM (Denmark)

Thank you for providing us w/ such a useful resource, I have one idea that may be useful to readers regarding the bodymap pages. The muscle groups that are highlighted/colored, for example the 3 heads of the tricep, how about hyperlinking each head to an exercise that is useful for that body part? The same can done w/ the deltoids or any other muscle group for that matter. Just a thought

Sal D'Alessio

First I'd like say what a great site this is. It has been very helpful over the years, especially when I was first starting to lift weights. My suggestion is to add an exercise for the Rhomboids to the Back section. I don't know if this is the right e-mail address for this so you may or may not want to pass this on to James Griffing. I was looking at the Rhomboids and it seems you don't have any exercises where the Rhomboids are the target, rather than the synergist. May I suggest Reverse Shrugs. To do them simply go to a dip station and get on and keep you arms straight (rather than bending the elbow as you would with a dip). Now, depress your shoulders, this should cause adduction of the scapula as well as downward rotation. Both of which the Rhomboids are responsible for. Thanks for reading. I hope to hear back from you!

T. Trisomy

I refer to your site on a regular basis, so I may track my progress in the gym. Recently I purchased a kettlebell, and I have been only performing the basic exercises. Are you going to include kettlebell exercise descriptions on your website in the future? From the information that is available on the internet, and from my extremely limited experience, it seems as though kettlebells are an efficient exercise tool. I feel it would be invaluable if your site provided useful information regarding kettlebells. I must say that your website has helped me understand kiniseology so I may better perform my exercise routines. Thank you and keep up the good work.


I'm glad I found your site through a posting at the Yahoo Personal Fitness Trainers group. If I hadn't found your site, I was going to eventually implement one like it. I would have had to learn much about anatomy, exercise and fitness in order to do so, but that would've been fine. You need to market better! I had to look for a while before finding your site, and I'm certified to teach a number of group exercise formats and am a certified personal trainer - it never came up. I googled quite a bit and never came up. AFAIK, you've got the most complete exercise info web site. You should be near the top of most exercise keyword searches. is info-packed but a bit plain. Have you given any thought to punching it up a bit? My broadband connection can support larger-format animated gifs, for example.

Lynn Wallace

What a tight site! I happened upon your site will searching for specific exercises to help with some over-use issues common to tennis players, of which I am one. In particular I was looking for exercises aimed specifically at the various components of the rotator cuff. Of course, you know that I found many specific exercises as well as others that name the specific rotator cuff muscles in their supporting roles. Wow! I was impressed and amazed at the detail provided. While I was enjoying your site I began to wonder why I did not find it sooner. I have been struggling with this for months. I found it by searching for a description of an exercise, the name of which I was unfamiliar (straight arm pull down) in the forlorn hope that I would find something. As it turned out I was already doing that with surgical tubes at home as well as with cables at the gym, I just did not know the correct name. Thinking about this led me to the following thoughts and suggestion: Thought 1: In today's world, especially, more athletes of all types are using weight training for cross-training purposes: both to improve there performance but also to give them other forms of work so that they do not end up over training as I am want to do in playing tennis. No one can hit 400 serves a day without eventually stressing the supraspinatus, as well as other things I may yet be unaware of. Thought 2: There are many athletes that are as compulsive about their sports as many bodybuilders tend to be. Weight training is important for them too. Such folks tend to forget about resistance training until something starts to hurt--trigger points as I recently learned. That is when they remember the importance of cross training. For many like me it is only sports that involve a ball that you either hit or throw with you arms that can be an "end-in-itself." From billiards to baseball if you don't hit it or throw it, it is essentially boring. The size of the muscle that propels the ball is inconsequential in comparison to the speed and accuracy of the shot. Resistance training alone just does not hold the attention: but it remains enjoyable as long as one recalls that it leads to avoiding injury and throwing or hitting a ball harder, farther, more times, or more accurately at some point down the road. Suggestion: I think many more people would find your site faster and get more from it if you were to include specific sections on resistance training as cross-training for other specific sports, as well as sections on specific resistance training related to over-use conditions from other sports. The addition of such sections might enable you to attract many more deadly serious athletes to your website. Any time someone types in "muscle pulls and strains" or "tendonitus" they should get to your sections on cross training for sports injury prevention and rehabilitation. You might get more business by cross-referencing these sections to the extensive literature and sites on sports related injuries. They all have resistance (and stretching) exercises for prevention and for rehabilitation, but none are the equal of the detail about the musculature in your website on the same exercises. I have marked your site as a favorite. It is my hope that I will be able to remain rededicated to cross training when the pain subsides. Good luck, I am off for another few sets of my 100 reps per day program of light shoulder rehabilitation exercises.

David F. Scudder, PhD, Social Research & Assessment, Data Driven Solutions (Winter Springs, FL)

Just wanna say the site is great, and I use it weekly for info and informing friends. Just wondering if you may add lifts such as sumo deadlift and sumo squats. Keep up the good work.

Jeremy B. Smith

I love your web page and use it a lot to develop work outs for the students here at Waterloo Jr./Sr. High School. I am trying to bring your web page it to the weight room through our computers but the school board and administration will not let me until I can get some clothes on the models you use for the muscle and exercise body maps.... is there some way you could put some clothes on those models and it would not have to be much??????

Jeffrey Stewart Otteson, Waterloo High School

I love your exercise site... HAVE YOU thought about adding exercises with the Swiss Ball?


After seeing how much wonderful feedback you have received, my addition may be overkill. But none the less, I still should give thanks where thanks are due. I've visited so many superficial commercial web sites, and your's is a pleasure and challenge. May I suggest that you add some info about recovery-rehabilitation from injuries or illness (back problems in my case)

Chanan Mazal (Jerusalem, Israel)

First of all, I wanted to say that your site is a great reference. I do have one question. During exercises that involve both hip extension and knee extension, isn't the rectus femoris functioning as a dynamic stabilizer?

Paul Obadiah

You are certain correct. Quadriceps were listed as an agonist which is a bit of a generalization since the rectus femoris acts as, indeed, a dynamic stabilizer. Similarly the Hamstrings was generalized as a dynamic stabilizer although the short head of the biceps femoris is an antagonist. You bring up a good point. Thanks for your comments.

First, let me say that I love your site and frequently refer people to it. I just realized that the site doesn't appear to have information on grip work. I tried clicking on hands in the Muscle group and Exercise pages but there wasn't anything linked to them. I was going to explain to someone that the muscles involved in grip work are similar to the muscles used in hand extension and could possibly cause elbow tendinitis... but I wasn't sure that was correct and wanted to check it against your site. Anyway, just thought you should know.

Watson (the pencil neck) Davis

Thank you for your kind words on the ExRx site. I'll include your comments later on our site. The muscles group involved in griping are the same ones used for wrist flexion. We have plans to add only one actual grip exercise to our site in the near future. Certainly post your questions regarding grip work on our forum. Someone may be able to refer to another site on this topic. Always consult a physician regarding rehabilitation. They will likely refer them a physical therapist for treatment.

Love your site, but having problems accessing some of the pages. I haven't had problems before so I don't think it's coming from my computer. I'm using your site as a resource for my PE students.

Michael D. Miller, Newport High School (Bellevue, WA)

Our host's response:

There was a major network outage from around 2p to 5p (eastern time), so if it was during that time then that would explain it, if not, then if you could get the address of the pages, then I can try to reproduce the problem, but right now your site seems to be working fine, loading quick, etc. (5 Dec 2002)

I am a student at John Cabot Catholic Secondary School in Mississauga, Ontario Canada. As part of my grade 12 Exercise Science course we have been give the opportunity to evaluate and critique a web site that deals with our topic of study. I have chosen to evaluate your web site and have come up with a few suggestions that could help educate other students through the use of your site. Your site has great content and presentation of muscles, their physiological functions and strengthening techniques. The diagrams and multimedia on your site, provides an easy and clear way of understanding the bodies muscular anatomy and movement. Although your site does not provide information on the skeletal anatomy of the body it is very informative. If I could make one suggestion to your web site that would help benefit grade 12 Exercise Science students it would be to add a skeletal anatomy component using diagrams. Overall the website is excellent and very useful. I use your web site everyday for reference. Keep up the good work.

Paul Dadd

I hate to repeat all your other comments, but thanks very much for the concise medical information on muscles.
Thanks for the great info on how aerobics and anaerobics can cause weight loss, my main concern! And the videos of exercises really helps me!
  • But you may want to review your dietary guidelines, as moderate good fat consumption seems to be OK these days, as in the Dr. Perricone diet.
  • How about a section on anti-aging diet and exercise?
  • Or what nutrients are good for the brain! Phospholipids!)
Thanks again, this is the best exercise site on the web !!!

Mike Johnson (San Ramon, CA)

In the future I will add a listing of the foods rich in saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. For now I there is only a brief explanation of the preferred type of fats (third item).

I find your site extremely helpful, especially the exercise instruction video's. I would find it useful to be able to doubleclick the name of the exercise,( ie. Chin Up, or Lat Pull Down etc.), and then have the video pop up. For example, I have been unable to find the "Stiff Legged Dead Lift". I don't know what muscles it works, so I can't find it. I guess I am saying better cross referencing would be useful.

Brian Grant

The search feature can be found on the main page (lower left graphic button) and within the pulldown menu on the other main pages.

I have to lose 20 pounds to join the Air force. I searched for hours on the net looking for insightful "free" weight lose advise. Your site is very, very, very insightful! I was wondering if it was possible to add some exercise routines for people who exercise at home without weight benches?

Aljerita Farmer

Future issues will include free hand exercises. Many of the weighted exercises such as dips, pull ups, sit ups, etc. can be performed without any weights.

This is the best fitness site on internet. Thanks a lot. I am teacher of sports science and would be very helpful if you can make something for special population and rehabilitation.

Murat Bajrami

This is the best site I have ever seen. I love the animated pictures - they are good for settling arguments! You are a great crew. You know how the links point to drawings of muscles affected... well I was wondering if its possible to put thumbnail sketches next to the animated GIFs showing you how to do the exercises. A bit like they show on exercise machines these days. Once again, keep up the great comprehensive work!!!

Azhar Chaudhary

You have put together an extraordinary site. This is what the Internet was intended to be. IMO, this is the appropriate mix of entrepreneurial endeavor and information for the public good. I noted your BBing experience, and wondered what your perception of BBing vs optimal health is. I have maintained that they are, practically speaking, contrary, for a variety of reasons. I highly advocate developing muscle (as important or more important than aerobic development, IMO), but have found the requirement for the extreme definition in BBing to be physiologically stressful, to say the least, without even considering the steroids issue. Thought your article on the Attractive Body was quite thoughtful and interesting. I think, tho, it misses some of the real socio-economic issues *created* by marketeers who exploit notions of beauty to their own ends, with the great marketing discovery of shame-based marketing--dirty pool, if you will. A long discussion, which I will eventually codify on my own site (whenever that happens). Also, you should be aware of the work of Stephen Blair, who has shown that Covert Bailey's perhaps well-intended premise of Fit OR Fat is in fact entirely wrong. Bailey's book should have been entitled Fit OR Thin!! IUW, fitness and fatness, within reason of course, are not mutually exclusive, and seem to synergistically add to the notion of *health*. Heavier people, of course, have lower strength/weight *ratios*, and will therefore not excel at things like running or gymnastics, but these are but one limited barometer of fitness and health--at least in my and Stephen Blair's opinion. It would be interesting, I think, for you to discuss these issues on your site, with your take on it, of course.

Kristofer Hogg, MS, RD

Your web site features cable cross overs or cable standing flyes. But does not show a variation using the pulleys at floor level. This is a upper chest exercise, where the regular cross overs are more for lower chest depending on body position. Thanks for the web site. It is very helpful to show people how to do exercises.

C. Jeff Finlayson

There are countless exercises and exercise variations currently not featured on ExRx. Keep in mind, stick to the basics for more functional strength and muscle restoration. Certainly add auxiliary exercises like the one you mentioned for lagging body parts.

Thanks for responding to my comment. It was meant to be a suggestion. There is no way to include the many variations of exercises as you wrote. Keep up the good work on the ExRx web site.

Jeff out ...

Your site is very interesting, however, much of the information you give is not sited as to where it came from. In order for your information to hold any water you must have proof as to why you are making your argument. For example, you have "Fat loss myths" which seem logical in argument, but where are studies and research done to confirm this. I have been told that low weight and high repetition burns fat, and high weight low repetition builds bulk. This may not be true, and I tend to agree that the arguments you make in your article make sense, but I cannot, with out more proof accept them as true. I like your site very much, and will continue to use it as a resource, but would simply like some clarity on this issue.

Matthew Vardjan (Reading, Pa)

First let me say I am overjoyed to have discovered your website. It is one of the best educational resources I've ever found online. However, as I was browsing your nutrition section I read the article "Proof Pickles are Bad for You". I was expecting something serious and was surprised to discover that is is quite obviously a joke. I was even more surprised (not to mention dismayed) when I noticed that your website seems to be treating it as genuine science. One wonders where you get your information... If you did intend it as a joke this was not indicated in any fashion, which would be a highly irresponsible choice. Please correct the error. Thanks for your time.


Thank you for your kind words on the ExRx site. One of my favorite college professors used this satire to illustrate an important lesson in interpreting statistics in pseudo-science and marketing propaganda. Admittedly, I do leave it to the reader to interpret and to think about its meaning in the context of a larger informational resource. Also see "A Key to Scientific Research Literature". Thanks for expressing your concern.

You have a fine website, but you left out two additional problems with pickles:
    1. Theological: Pickles are clearly a sin against God's creation as a corruption of otherwise innocent cucumbers.
    2. Bioethical: Pickles are a cruel attempt to extend the life of cucumbers (not to mention radishes, ginger, and all other pickled vegetables) beyond all reasonable limits by "heroic" yet disgusting measures.

Ciao, ATS

I've been using your site for a couple years I guess and really love it. I especially like the small video that you show for each exercise. I wondered if you ever thought of doing the the same when you describe various articulations...e.g. transverse flexion of the deltoid looks like... Keep up the great work!

Ed Rybak

The blank column to the right of the articulation description is reserved for the future animations you suggested. Thank you for the input and your kind words on the ExRx site.

Your site disabled my browser's back and forward buttons. That is really annoying.

Michael Boyd

I can only guess you must have clicked on a link to another site which opens a new window. You can either close that window or pulldown to your original window in the window menu to resume use of the back bottom. It common web design to have external links in new windows. Hope this helps. Does this sound like the case? If not, let me know how I can duplicate your experience..

My apologies! Some sites do this on purpose - clearly NOT the case here. I did a web search which gave me a link to It might be that getting into your site that way is what messes up the Back function - it seems to get stuck toggling between that and No big deal - dropping down my browser's history list gets me out. Thanks for your very prompt response.

Michael Boyd

Don't read this comment if you are offended by colorful language. (Partly censored version follows)

Okay, so I go to google to search for "forearm exercise" and it brings up your page at the top of the list. I go into the site, it appears to be completely useless, so I click on the BACK button and IT WON'T F****** LET ME. IMPRISONING VISITORS INTO YOUR SITE ISN'T GOING TO DO WELL FOR YOUR REPUTATION YOU MISERABLE GESTAPO NAZI PIECE OF S***.


I found your e-mail quite amusing. The first sentence on our new home page which you were forwarded states: "ExRx has a new URL ( I just moved ExRx to a new domain name 3 days ago. The old site forwards visitors to new site after a few seconds. It seems when you clicked on the back button it brought you back to the old site which again forwarded to our new site. The short script was intended for our patrons' convenience, it did not have the malicious intent as you suggested. I'm sorry it gave you bitter impressions. I would be glad to post your complaint on our site. I may suggest 2 solution to your problem:

  • click a second time on the back button before the script forwards you to the new site again.
  • turn off javascript in your browser preferences and enjoy our old site while it lasts.

Here is the page (On our new site) you were trying to get to:

Hope it helps, P.S. I was born in Germany only because my father served in the US Army.

I'm glad you like my brand of humor - and I didn't know you were German, so I apologize if there was any misunderstanding as far as that goes...

Thanks for the free ad on:

Interesting site. I received over 15 hits from it so far. I'm glad to see your colleagues suggested a 3rd solution (use the arrow pulldown by the back button).

It is totally obnoxious and infuriating that once I arrived at your web site I found that you had rigged your site so that it was impossible to click back to the Google search results at which your site was referenced. Not only did this inconvenience me and disrupt my search, but it also ensured that I will never do business with your firm or anyone selling through you. Disappear!

Sincerely, A Lost Customer (Mark Hazarabedian)

See response above

The video clips show the exercises being done far too fast, particularly the eccentric portion. At the very least, a disclaimer as such should perhaps be shown below the clip. Otherwise, a truly excellent, informative site.


You possess a great amount of information on your site, well done. However, the speed in which the exercises are shown seems quite fast. Can this be slowed down?

Jeffrey Gnipp

Thank you for your feedback regarding the ExRx Site. The speed issue has been corrected.

As an advanced bodyworker who does alot of work with women who have pelvic floor dysfunction, I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND adding a section that more fully explores and explains ALL pelvic muscles, for both women AND men!! Thank you for this WONDERFUL website and I truly hope you will consider my recommendation.

Chuck Olson, RMT
Registered Massage Therapist

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