The Compliance Solution

How To Help Even Your Toughest Clients Follow The Rules, John Beradi, PhD

You may be educated, experienced, and give great advice — but giving advice isn’t enough.

To be a life-changing fitness professional, you need to take responsibility for both the advice you offer, and your client’s ability to follow that advice. Yes, even those “difficult clients.” The ones other fitness professionals tell you to fire.

At Precision Nutrition, we don’t fire our clients. We take a completely different approach.

In this 4 part video series – filmed live at the 2011 Perform Better Summit in Long Beach, California – we’ll share that approach with you. And, by the end of the series, you’ll be better equipped to get unbelievable results with every type of client you work with. Even the challenging ones.

For now, simply click the play button below to get started with Part 1 (14 minutes) of The Compliance Solution.

Video: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
  • Real world coaching requires a mix of physiology and psychology. And psychology is perhaps the most important of the two.
  • To improve your knowledge of change psychology, I recommend starting with Motivational Interviewing. It’s the best book on coaching behavior change that I’ve ever read; the insights come fast and furious.
  • For most clients, their biggest stumbling block is compliance, the ability to do what they know they should do. Understanding how to help them overcome their limiting factors is the most important skill you can have as a coach.

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