Past Exercise Science Interns

Exercise Science Intern (Spring/Summer Intersession 2022)

Anna Jeffries

  • BS Exercise Science (Brigham Young University Hawaii)
  • Associate of Science (Brigham Young University Idaho)

Anna completed her internship with during her senior year at Brigham Young University Hawaii. She loves sports and is currently studying exercise science with an emphasis in health and human performance. During her internship, she reviewed and edited pharmaceutical articles, researched how segments lengths affect the squat and deadlift including the preparation of several diagrams, assisted in the analysis of 3D exercise animations, calculated actual resistance in various exercises, and assisted in preparing calculations supporting an explanation of why squat and deadlift require and additional incremental warm-up set.

I am thankful for the opportunity to work as an intern with I have been able to broadened my understanding and knowledge of exercise science. I learned how to become more independent and self-reliant and I have increase my research, problem solving, and writing skills. I have enjoyed my experience here!

Exercise Science Intern (Spring 2022)

Jermaine Ross

  • MS Human Performance, Clinical Cognate (Liberty University)
  • BS Biblical and Theological Studies (Liberty University)
  • Associate in Graphic Art & Webpage Design (Virginia Western Community College)

Jermaine is an athlete and artist pursuing a career in Cardiac Rehabilitation. His passion is to educate and help others that may be suffering from various comorbidities. He plans on furthering his education to receive a Doctorate in Human Performance. During his time with, Jermaine reviewed, edited, and research articles pertaining to exercise prescription and those with certain ailments or on  specific pharmaceuticals. This included summarizing research on antibiotics and NSAIDs. He also cordinated the review of these articles with several Board of Editor members. Jarmaine concluded his internship by assessing curve-fitting software, then consolidated and graphed normative data to be used for the upcoming Fitness Assessement App.

I am very grateful for the opportunity to have interned with I was appreciative of the remote nature of this internship which allowed me the opportunity to work full-time while being able to complete the final course of my graduate degree. I was forced to step out of my comfort zone at times, which was great, as it allowed me the chance to expand my knowledge in multiple areas, in turn, helping me grow as a person.

Exercise Science Intern (Spring 2022)

Anastasia (Anya) Hancock

  • MS Human Performance, Strength & Conditioning Cognate (Liberty University)
  • BS Mechanical Engineering (Virginia Military Institute)

Anya is an athlete, coach, educator, and Air Force Veteran. She especially enjoys using her degree to help those among special populations meet their fitness goals. During her time with, Anya reviewed and edited dozens of special populations articles and coordinated article reviews with several Board of Editor members. She also consolidated normative data for the upcoming Fitness Assessement App.

I am grateful for the opportunity to intern with This was a fast-paced but flexible program where I was able to get a lot of great experience and knowledge without having to be at a brick-and-mortar facility.

Exercise Science Intern (Spring 2022)

Natalie Sarigianis

  • MS Human Performance: Clinical Cognate (Liberty University)
  • BS Health & Physical Education, concentration in Sports Medicine (University of Virginia)
  • Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (NSCA)
  • Health Coach (ACE)
  • Group Fitness Instructor (ACE)
  • Pn1 Nutrition Coach (Precision Nutrition)

Natalie is an experienced health coach and personal trainer who is passionate about helping individuals discover their own unique paths to new, healthier lifestyles. During her time with Natalie reviewed and edited articles pertaining to Fitness & Sport Related Injuries and dietary recommendations for Special Populations, coordinating these edits with our Board of Editors. She also completed edits on the Obesity Management and Weight Loss series. Natalie is looking forward to pursuing a career in cardiac or oncology rehabilitation and is thankful for this opportunity at to enhance her skills and knowledge.

Exercise Science Intern (Fall 2021)

Daniel Benitez 

  • BS Exercise Science (Brooklyn College)
  • Minor in Nutrition

While interning at, Daniel primarily worked on articles within the Common Injuries and Pharmaceuticals and Exercise sections of our website. Daniel also had prior experience as an ELA test tutor and as a freelance writer and editor for academic articles. This experience allowed him to conduct research and write articles on specific muscle group pathologies such as Quadriceps and Hamstrings activation failure. In addition, he worked with multiple doctorate-level reviewers in various specializations to edit articles based on ExRx guidelines. He also helped us complete our Board of Editors page. At the completion of his internship, Daniel received a Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science. Daniel enjoys training mixed martial arts, playing basketball, and being a part-time Brazilian Jiujitsu instructor for children.

I am grateful to for allowing me the opportunity to work with their team. This internship allowed me to meet my school's internship requirements without compromising my work-life balance. The tasks I completed during the training also helped strengthen my research, writing, and communication skills.

Exercise Science Intern (Fall 2021)

Victoria Tarkington

  • MS Human Performance, Clinical Cognate (Liberty University)
  • BS Kinesiology: Minor in Biology
  • Clinical Exercise Specialist
  • ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer

Victoria specializes in clinical geriatric exercise, dietary guidance. During her time with Victoria composed many dietary guideline sections within our special population articles, reviewed and edited our weight management series, and collected data for a performance study involving body weight exercises.

Exercise Science Intern (Fall 2021)

Jordan Hunt 

  • MS Human Performance, Clinical Cognate (Liberty University)
  • BS Exercise & Sport Physiology
  • ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist (EP-C)
  • ACSM Exercise is Medicine Level-II (EIM-II)

Jordan was a former sponsored athlete and exercise physiologist consultant for ATP Nutrition. Jordan specializes in hypertrophy training and believes in providing scientific, evidence based research for practical application. During his time with he worked on various articles special population, common fitness related injuries and pharmaceutical articles. He also collected data for an ongoing performance study on bodyweight exercises and recorded advanced pull-up videos. Following his internship, Jordan is now a member of the Board of Editors and will be pursuing his doctorate degree in Fall 2022.

Exercise Science Intern (Summer 2021)

Daniel DeRuiter

  • MS Exercise Science, Clinical Cognate (Liberty University)
  • BS Exercise Science (Texas State University)

During Daniel's internship, he wrote and edit articles on pharmaceuticals and exercise prescription as well as injuries in sports including compiling injury statistics. He also participated in our on going body weight exercise performance study as both a participant and tester. Finally, Daniel replied to several emails from visitors including questions regarding various fitness tests. In the near future, Daniel hopes to work in the healthcare industry as either a perfusionist or physical therapist.

My internship experience taught me the importance in not just finding relevant scientific research, but also understanding it and utilizing it. This will be a great skill to have as I start my career in the healthcare industry.

Exercise Science Intern (Summer 2021)

Stephen Del Goleto

  • BS in Kinesiology (Pennsylvania State University)

Stephen worked on many projects during his internship including reviewing and editing articles on exercise prescription for special populations including obesity and weight management. He also calculated percentage of bodyweight utilized relative to added resistance, participated in a novel performance study to assess the difficulty of various body weight exercises, and began outlining information on Drugs in Sports. Stephen has been a lifelong sports and health & fitness advocate and is weighing his career options in hopes to combine these two passions. 

I was appreciative of the remote nature of this internship which allowed me the opportunity to work full time while being able to complete the final course of my undergraduate requirements. This internship allowed me the chance to further my education and offered unique experiences outside of the classroom. I believe this internship helped me grow as a person through increased communication self-sufficiency, organization, and dedication. I appreciated how James held all of the interns to such a high standard. It will benefit me greatly in the future. Thank you James for allowing me to participate in this internship. I enjoyed it a lot, and learned a tremendous amount.

Exercise Science Intern (Summer 2021)

Elizabeth Barnette

  • BS Kinesiology (Sam Houston State University)

Elizabeth researched the literature on dietary recommendations for various special populations. She also continued the ongoing analysis of the Coricoidbrachilais muscle and it's involvement in various exercises and assessed the suitability of various online test software.

Exercise Science Intern (Summer 2021)

Ji-Ho No

  • BS Exercise Science (Salisbury University)

Ji-Ho reviewed and outlined how certain Pharmaceuticals effect exercise prescription and researched mortality studies. He listened in on how we assigned exercises in our database various workload values, calculate percent bodyweight relative to added weight, and calculate relative intensities of body weight based exercises.

Exercise Science Intern (Spring 2021)

Autumn Hall

  • MS Human Performance, Clinical Cognate (Liberty University)
  • BS Health, Physical Education, and Exercise Science (Virginia Commonwealth University)

During Autumn’s internship, she worked on several projects. Working alongside other interns, Autumn wrote articles about sports-related injuries, did research on mortality and biological age, and helped to test bodyweight exercises. This internship allowed Autumn to complete her internship while working full-time as a Physical Therapy Aide. Upon completion of her internship, Autumn received her Masters degree in exercise science. She is looking forward to pursuing a career in cardiac rehabilitation and is thankful for this opportunity to enhance her skills and knowledge.

Thank you for the opportunity to complete my internship with I have enjoyed my time working with you and the other interns.

Exercise Science Intern (Spring 2021)

Jade Kubitsky

  • MS Human Performance, Clinical Cognate (Liberty University)
  • BS Exercise Science (Bloomsburg University)

Jade currently works at an assisted living home teaching fitness classes to the older adult population. Jade plans to use her masters degree to become certified as a clinical exercise physiologist and hopes to go on to work in cardiac rehab. During Jade's time with, she worked on writing research articles on exercise prescription concerning specific Special Populations and Pharmaceuticals. Jade also reviewed and edited other articles written by other interns. Jade was also involved in a special project where she videoed and coached her brother through a series of advanced calisthenic exercises. Jade also helped organize body weight exercises used in a performance study to determine relative difficulty of these exercises.

Through my time completing this internship I gained more experience in my writing skills as well as more knowledge that will be useful in my career.

Exercise Science Intern (Spring 2021)

Eunice Braidman

  • MS Human Performance, Clinical Cognate (Liberty University)
  • BS Kinesiology (California Baptist University)

As part of her internship to complete her last course for her Masters Degree, Eunice engaged in different projects and tasks, which included researching for and writing articles regarding various diseases and conditions as well as exercise guidelines for populations with such diseases and conditions. Her largest project was writing a series of articles that addressed various aspects of obesity, including its causes/risk factors and pathophysiology, its effect on exercise performance, exercise interventions, and dietary strategies. She is a health enthusiast who has always been a vegan vegetarian and is hyperaware of the positive effects of exercise. She hopes to obtain the Clinical Exercise Physiologist certification offered by the ACSM so that she can work in cardiac rehabilitation.

By means of this internship, I gained knowledge through my research and writing of articles, which will be beneficial in my future career path.

Exercise Science Intern (Spring 2021)

Ashley Fountain

  • MS Health Exercise Science (Liberty University)
  • BA Exercise Physiology (East Carolina University)

During Ashley’s time at she worked on numerous projects including injuries, special populations and adding to our muscle page. She worked on adding additional Information to some of our articles written by last interns. Ashley researched information on the coroacobrachialis muscle to be able to add this to our directory at ExRx. This internship allowed Ashley to complete her hours required for her Master’s degree in Exercise Science. Ashley Currently works in physical therapy were she plans to use this information to broaden her knowledge in biomechanics as she treats her patients. Ashley has now completed her Master’s degree and plans one day to use this job to secure an administrative position in healthcare.

Exercise Science Intern (Winter 2020/21)

Bella Ross

  • BS Kinesiology, Rehabilitation Science (Lake Superior State University)

Bella's main project during her internship was to research and write an article pertaining to exercise prescription for children. She also reviewed and edited articles, prepared projects for future interns, and began a contact list of Universities offering Master's programs in exercise science. She looks forward to completing her Masters in Education and teaching health and phys ed to high school students, while continuing to teach group fitness and cycling classes.

Exercise Science Intern (Fall 2020)

Yonnathan Varela

  • MS Exercise Science, Clinical Cognate (Liberty University)
  • BS Physical Education (Pensacola Christian College)

During Yonnathan's internship, he researched and wrote reference articles reviewing exercise prescription guidelines for various special populations. He completed reviews covering 38 ailments and coordinated a small team of credentialed reviewers representing multiple disciplines, who provided editing suggestions under his direction. At the completion of his internship, Yonnathan earned his graduate degree in Exercise Science. He looks forward to becoming a clinical exercise physiologist and gaining proficiency in sports medicine.

My internship experience allowed me to not only obtain a more thorough understanding of exercise prescription for special populations, but it also improved my research, writing, and communication skills.

Exercise Science Intern (Spring 2019)

Sarah Mong

  • BS Kinesiology (Penn State University)

Sarah completed her internship with during her final semester at Penn State University. She updated and expanded the supplement reviews under the nutrition section of the site, answered visitors' questions, as well as calculated percentage bodyweight for plyometric movements. Sarah is an Olympic Weightlifter who enjoys sharing her knowledge/passion for health and fitness with others.

Exercise Science Intern (Summer 2017)

Sophia Hayes

  • BS Public Health (Emporia State University)

Sophia completed an internship with during her final semester at Emporia State University. Sophia improved the Weight Training exam for NSCA CEUs. She created new questions and validated the exam by administering/ analyzing test results of volunteers she had recruited. Sophia is currently working at the Onslow County Health Department and attending Grad School.


Exercise Science Intern (Spring 2013)

Breanne Wilhite

  • Pre Med Student
  • BS Health Exercise Science (WFU)
  • Minor in Chemistry

Breanne was completing her pre-med studies at Wake Forest University. Originally from Charlotte, North Carolina, Breanne completed a study abroad program in Auckland, New Zealand. She plans on attending Medical School to obtain her MD. Breanne shares her experience at

This internship truly exceeded my expectations and I will be able to use the skills obtained not only in my future career, but in life as well. I want to thank you for taking me on and providing me with this experience. I appreciate how accommodating you were in training me and helping me to become more confident in planning and maintaining my own tasks. Not only did I gain useful knowledge in becoming self-sufficient, but I also gained computer skills and research/writing skills that are extremely important when applying for medical school.

Exercise Science Intern (Spring 2009)

John Basham

  • NETA Certified
  • BS Exercise Science (USI)

John was completing his Master of Science Degree in Exercise Science at Indiana State University. He has completed an internship with St. Mary's Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation and been an employee of several commercial fitness centers and corporate wellness programs. John enjoys rock climbing, teaching aerobics, instructing martial arts, and competing in triathlons. John assisted developing earlier designs of an exercise prescription application for LLC.

Exercise Science Intern (Fall 2008)

Dylan Jones

  • Certified Personal Trainer (ACE)
  • BS Exercise Physiology and Metabolism (WSU)

Dylan was an employee at Spokane Athletic Club in Spokane, Washington and a junior in the Exercise Physiology and Metabolism major offered through Washington State University. He has been an intern at City Fitness in Vancouver, WA and a part of many health promoting professional organizations. His major is the only in the nation to be accredited by both the American Dietetic Association and The American College of Sports Medicine. In addition to wrestling, Dylan enjoys racquetball, yoga, hiking, and snowboarding. He has published journal work and hosted exercise and Nutrition programming on radio. After graduating, he plans to become a registered dietitian and get his Exercise Specialist license offered through ACSM.

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