Marv Fremerman


My thanks to the following individuals. Some allowed me to interview them and consented to meet with me so that I might gather material for this book, and others made it possible for me to conduct my training with their teams and athletes.

  • Kevin Warren, Vice-President Football Operations, NFL St. Louis Rams, 1999 Rookie School, St. Louis, Missouri.
  • Dale Fisher, PGA Professional Golfer, Re-Certification Seminar for PGA Midwest Section.
  • Gerald Glass, Marathon Runner.
  • Jay Novacek, NFL Dallas Cowboys
  • Rick Clunn, Professional Fisherman
  • Brenda Valentine, Professional Bow Hunter and National Television Personality
  • Norm Stewart, Former Head Basketball Coach, University of Missouri-Columbia
    • Team members Derrick Chievous, Devon Rolf, Gary Leonard and Nathan Buntin
  • Tommy Morrison, Former WBO Heavyweight Champion.
  • Tom Jones, Former Head Track Coach, Arizona State University, and Current Head Women's Track Coach, University of Florida, Gainesville.
  • Maicel Malone, World-Class 400-meter sprinter and gold medalist in the 4X1600 relay, 1996 Olympics, Atlanta.
  • Maurice Greene, World's top-ranked 100-meter runner and world record holder, Kansas City, Kansas.
  • Holly Hesse, Head Coach of Southwest Missouri State University Bears Fast-Pitch Softball Team, Springfield, Missouri.
  • Keith Guttin, Head Coach of SMS Bears Baseball Team, Springfield, Missouri.
  • Melissa Stokes, Head Coach of SMS Bears Volleyball Team, Springfield, Missouri.
  • Gene Stallings, Former Head Coach of the Phoenix Cardinals and the University of Alabama Football Teams.
  • Cotton Fitzsimmons, Former Head Coach and Director of Player Personnel, Phoenix Suns NBA Basketball Team.
  • Shane Bates, Head Football Coach, Scottsdale Community College, Scottsdale, Arizona.
  • Bill Cayton, Co-Manager of Mike Tyson, former Heavyweight Champion of the World.
  • Kevin Rooney, Trainer, Mike Tyson.
  • Kellen Winslow, San Diego Charger and member of the NFL Hall of Fame.
  • The late Buck Buchanan, Kansas City Chief and member of the NFL Hall of Fame.
  • Pima Indian Cross Country Runners, Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Donnie Parker, Professional Golfer, Mesa, Arizona.
  • Harvey Dorfman, Psychologist and Consultant to the Oakland Athletics.
  • Peter Cox, Jr., Olympic Fencer.
  • Daryl Rodgers, Head Football Coach of NFL Detroit Lions and Arizona State University.
  • Gary Cook, Head Basketball Coach, St. Thomas Aquinas High School, former major college coach, and US National Junior Team coach.

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