Sports Conditioning Expert Talks

Coach Louie Simmons

Westside Barbell Program

  • Coach Louie Simmons
  • World renown strength coach and creator of the Westside Barbell Program
  • Coaches world record powerlifters, NFL teams, Olympic gold sprinters, rugby teams, and UFC Champion.
  • Multiple Video Seminars, Interview, and Training Session.
Glenn Pendlay

Powerlifting, Weightlifting, Periodization, Coaching

  • Glenn Pendlay
  • Jr. World Powerlifting Champion
  • Olympic-style Weightlifting Coach
  • Audio Interview (35 minutes)
Brent Rushall, PhD, RPsy

The Future of Swimming "Myths & Science"

  • Brent Rushall, PhD, RPsy
  • Professor Emeritus of Exercise and Nutritional Sciences at San Diego State University
  • Four time Olympic Team Psychologist for Canada
  • Slide Presentation (56 Slides) with PDF supplement
Mike Boyle

Aerobic Training Compromises Sports Conditioning

  • Mike Boyle
  • World Renown Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • Video Seminar (6:18 minutes)
Mike Stone

Periodization and Programming for Strength Power Sports

  • Dr. Mike Stone, PhD
  • Exercise and Sports Science Laboratory Director in the Department of KLSS at East Tennessee State University
  • Video Seminar (90 minutes)
David Epstein

Are Athletes Really Getting Faster, Better, Stronger?

  • David Epstein
  • Investigative reporter at ProPublica
  • Former Senior Writer at Sports Illustrated
  • Video Seminar (15 minutes)

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