Weight Management Expert Talks

Dr Peter Attia, MD

Is the Obesity Crisis Hiding a Bigger Problem?

  • Dr Peter Attia, MD
  • President and co-Founder of the Nutrition Science Initiative (NuSI)
  • Video Seminar (16 minutes)
Dr. Robert Lustig, MD

The Skinny on Obesity

  • Dr. Robert Lustig, MD
  • UCSF Professor of Pediatrics, Division of Endocrinology
  • 7 video series
Ruben Meerman

The Mathematics of Weight Loss

  • Ruben Meerman, Ph.D
  • Resident Scientist on Play School
  • Video Seminar (21 minutes)
Anna Verhulst

Recipe to Losing Weight

  • Anna Verhulst
  • Medicine Student and winner of Pitch contest on Recipe to Losing Weight
  • Video Seminar (9 minutes)
Dr Rohin Francis

Doctor Explains the Latest Vegan vs Keto Head to Head Study

  • Dr Rohin Francis
  • Cardiologist in the UK
  • PhD student at University College London
  • Video Seminar (10:05 minutes)

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