Natural Movement

Erwan Le Corre

The Workout the World Forgot!

Erwan Le Corre, MovNat founder, exhibits the purest and most inspirational expression of the MovNat practice. (3:30 min video)

MovNat Presentation at NASA

Erwan Le Corre explains how our lives have become divorced from natural movement and explain the benefits of reintroducing natural movement into our lives. (9:30 min video)

Interview (Part 1)

The founder of MovNat shares how his childhood experiences shaped his philosophy of natural movement. (7:50 min video)

Interview (Part 2)

Erwan Le Corre explains (a) the differences of MovNat from Parkour, (b) how various populations can benefit from MovNat. (10:30 min video)

Interview (Part 3)

Erwan explains his mission to change people's approach to training. (3:15 min video)

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