Depth Push-up (on knees)


Utility: Plyometric
Mechanics: Compound
Force: Push
Function: Forward Push
Intensity: Medium High



Kneel on floor between two slightly elevated platforms, slightly wider that shoulder width apart. With knees on floor or mat, position hands on floor beside sides of platforms. Position upper body off of floor with hips straight and arms extended.


Lower body to floor and immediately push body up as fast as possible. As hands leave ground, rapidly place hands on platforms to sides, catching body before it falls. Lower body again. As soon as slight stretch is felt in chest or shoulders, immediately push upper body upward. Before upper body falls, immediately remove hands off of platforms and catch body by returning hands back on floor between platforms and repeat.


Keep body straight throughout movement. As with any plyometric, ensure solid strength foundation is first achieved. Joints, particularly shoulders should be free of biomechanical deficiencies:


If exercise is too difficult, try less intense plyo push-up variations or standard pushup on knees.


Perform exercise on toes with knees straight as ability improves.

Force (Articulation)



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