Medicine Ball Lateral Bound


Utility: Plyometric
Mechanics: Compound
Force: Push
Function: Leg Ext (Lateral)
Intensity: Medium



Stand with feet close together, holding medicine ball with hands on each side of ball. Bend knees and hips slightly with arms bent to sides or to front. Lift right foot up slightly off of floor.


Jump far to right side. Land right foot with left foot off of ground. Position ball forward, away from body. Immediately jump far to left side, landing on right foot. Again, position ball forward away from body. Continue to bound from side to side in same fashion.


Ball can also be kept nearer chest without extending arm forward on each land, in which case, shoulder articulation becomes static. Attempt to progressively increase speed, length, height, or duration of jumps depending on training goal. Hip adductors are activated both dynamically (during bound) and isometrically (during landing on single leg). Also see Lateral bound without medicine ball.

Force (Articulation)



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