Medicine Ball Pullover Throw (with partner)


Utility: Plyometric
Mechanics: Isolated
Force: Push
Function: Pulldown
Intensity: Low Medium



Two participants face each other and lie supine on stability ball with feet on floor and knees bent. Participants’ feet point toward one another. First participant holds medicine ball with both hands. First participant positions ball above with arms nearly straight.


First partner lowers ball back overhead and throws medicine ball forward to partner by forcefully extending shoulder. Partner catches ball over body with arms extended upward. Partner extends ball back behind head and throws ball back by pulling ball overhead to first partner. First partner catches ball over body with arms extended upward and repeats volley to partner.


Perform prescribed repetitions or for time. Although throw is powered by shoulder extension, dynamic Spinal Flexion my be seen in some individuals.

Force (Articulation)



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