Medicine Ball Squat and Overhead Throw


Utility: Plyometric
Mechanics: Compound
Force: Push
Function: Upward Push
Intensity: Medium High



Stand with feet hip width apart. Hold medicine ball with both hands in front of upper chest or face.


Squat down by bending knees and hips. Immediately squat up by extending hips, knees, and feet. Just before legs completely extend, begin to throw ball upward by extending arms upward. Jump up off ground, straighten arms, and release ball overhead. Land on both feet with legs slightly bent to absorb impact. Stand upright and retrieve ball after it falls to ground.


Squat and Overhead Throw is considered full body movement. Dynamic spinal extension may occur in some individuals performing maximal attempts. Slight spine flexion may occur during bent over squat position dependent upon participants depth and flexibility. Also, spinal hyper-extension may occur as body extends and leaves ground. Movement can also be performed with successive throws (see Medicine Ball Squat and Overhead Throw).

Force (Articulation)



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