Medicine Ball Side Twist Throw (with partner)


Utility: Plyometric
Mechanics: Isolated
Force: Pull
Function: Trunk Rotation
Intensity: Medium



Stand side by side throwing distance apart facing same direction as partner. Position feet wider than shoulder's width apart. First person holds medicine ball with both hands, slightly away from body with arms slightly bent. Partner turns torso toward first person ready to receive ball.


First person rotates upper body with medicine ball completely away from partner. Then he immediately rotates upper body toward partner and releases ball. Partner catches ball and executes same sequence by rotating completely away, then back toward first person. First person catches ball and repeats volley. Continue to exchange ball. When finished, face opposite direction and repeat.


Start slow, gradually increasing speed throughout set. Perform prescribed repetitions or time. See Spot Reduction Myth.

Force (Articulation)



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