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Special Populations

Special Populations

  • Concise reviews of nearly 60 conditions and specific populations.
  • Exercise guidelines and dietary recommendations
  • Future updates will focus on nutritional recommendations and identify common medicines.
Weight Management

Obesity Management and Weight Loss

  • Review of literature examining obesity's prevalence, risk factors, and effects on health.
  • Examines the efficacy of various therapeutic modalities including surgical, pharmacological, behavioral, exercise, and dietary approaches.
Injury Management

Common Sports and Fitness Injuries

  • Descriptions of nearly 40 injuries.
  • Most prevalent injuries for 17 sports.
  • Future updates will focus on physical therapy techniques.
Weight Training

Weight Training

  • Provides an understanding of research findings.
  • Reveals most effective techniques for various goals.
  • Future updates will review additional areas of research.


  • Informative outlines of over 30 of the most common medicines.
  • Effects on exercise prescription, fitness testing, and metabolism.
  • Future updates will include additional medications.

Your subscription will include other premium content as it becomes available. Reference articles continue to be updated, expanded, and reviewed by our graduate level exercise science interns and Board of Editors. Maintaining your subscription will insure you are referencing the most recently updated information including new topics which will be added periodically.

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