Drugs in Sports Comments

I've been using your website for 4 years now. You have excellent data and I really appreciate your information. I would like to say that I'm in favor of a strong anti-prohibitionary stance regarding any chemical use (See Problems with Current Information). I would like to see the governing bodies establish two categories: Drug Free, and Not Tested/Using. Drug Free athletes would undergo testing at all meets and periodically during the off season. Not Tested/Using athletes are simply not tested...

Basic rules for athletes

  • DF athletes failing a test would be immediately flagged and status changed to NT/Using
  • DF failures would remain NT for the rest of the current season, and for the entire next season
  • Any records established by NT/Using athletes would go into the books with a footnote or Splat (similar to the Maris 61 home run record) indicating the performance was possibly chemically enhanced

Basic rules for teams

  • Teams playing NT/Using athletes would normally be precluded from competing
    with teams that were all DF
  • DF teams could elect to compete with NT/Using teams
  • DF teams with DF failures would forfeit one game per failed athlete
    up to a max of the previously played games in a season
  • Wins by NT/Using teams would be noted in the same fashion as single athlete
    wins (footnote/Splat)

Hey, if you don't mind a Spat, knock yourself out. Personally, I prefer head to head without pharma.

Steve Briggs

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