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My name is Pete and I'm a Javelin thrower formerly of the University of Georgia now at Western Michigan U. At UGA i suffered from a nasty elbow injury which made it REALLY painful to throw (my throwing elbow). I have almost totally recovered from the injury i still have a little tendonitis. My problem is my confidence level everytime Ithrow i have this nightmare of horrible pain. Every time i feel a little "twing or twang" it really psychs me out. I actually haven't thrown a javelin since the injury last year (i have been rehabbing and throwing balls). I'm at the point in my rehab where its time to pick up the javelin again but I'm really nervous and i think that i sometimes mentally make my elbow sore. My season starts in about a month what can i do to regain confidence and be mentally tough? Any help would be appreciated


Injury Recovery Dear Pete,

What you are experiencing is not uncommon and I can certainly understand your being anxious. I was especially interested in your comment "I think that I sometimes mentally make my elbow sore." If this is true, then I suggest you begin a program of visualization whereby you visualize yourself throwing the javelin over and over again, and part of the visualization exercise is that you experience no soreness afterwards. As I'm sure you're aware, the brain cannot differentiate between what you create in your mind's eye and that which you actually experience. Also, I recommend you using a special piece of music that has an inspirational meaning to you and visualize to that music. Then, when you actually begin to throw the javelin again, take the music track along with you to the outdoor track and listen to it just before you begin practice. Eventually, when you get ready to throw the javelin, you will hear the music automatically in your head and it will help you in recreating the scene showing you being successful, without being sore.

Another approach you might consider is that of meditation, using a mantra. I won't go into the details at this time, but it involves extensive training (20-minutes in the morning before breakfast, and 20-minutes before supper) so that you program your mind similar to Pavlov's dog. Use of the mantra will block out pain.

Let me know if you'd like to know more about this. Good luck.

Marv Fremerman

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