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Questionable Exercise

I am looking for some Exercises, maybe you can help me. I am looking for some full body compound exercises. Something like the advanced burpee, jumpin jack or mountain climbers or kettlebell exercises. But i want some more :)

I am riding motocross and so i think, these kind of exercises will be good for my condition. One time I saw an other nice exercise:

Starting position:

You need a high cable pulley in front of you which is slightly on left side that you grasp with your right hand and leaning your upper body forward. Just standing on the left leg performing a slight squat. the right leg, which is above the ground, is stretched backwards.


While pulling the cable to you, raise your body and move the right leg towards you until your knee comes to chest height, then release and go back to starting position.

I hope you can follow my instruction. Do you you know some more exercises of this kind? I rather don't know, how you name these exercises. calisthenics? I want to insert a kind of circuit training with these exercises to the normal weight and cardio training. Would be nice to find some more on your page ;)

Tracey Cheuvront experimenting with combining pullover and leg raise

Thank you for your suggestions. We will likely add more calisthenics and other aerobic shuttle drills some time next year. We're still looking to partner with another kettlebell expert for further collaboration in building and/or rebuilding our kettlebell library.

I’m afraid we don’t include many movements, if any, like the one you described combining multiple weight training exercises into one exercise, partly because there are so many possible combinations. What you have described on the high pulley apparatuses appears to combine at least two if not three exercises:

Some trainers believe performing exercises on one leg can improve balance, although other experts assert there is little transfer from balancing exercises to improve balance in a particular sport (see Specificity of Balance, Proprioception, and Core Stability, first reference). Performing upper body weight training exercise on one leg restricts the base of support which has been shown to decrease muscular force and activation during upper body movements (third reference). Performing two or more weight training exercises simultaneously may also not be as effective as performing them separately because stronger movements are not sufficiently overloaded since the resistance is restricted by the weakest movement. This also happened to some degree when performing the movement for muscular endurance, but in all cases, there is typically little carry over to sports performance with these sorts of movements.

If you believe you receive some other benefit from it, certainly include it. Perhaps I am misunderstanding the exercise you have described or maybe I am missing the point. However, I believe that you will be much better served by beginning with basic general conditioning program, then gradually progressing to a basic sports conditioning program.

Consider adding certain auxiliary movements if they mimic specific movements, metabolic pathways, and/or motor skills found in your sport. See Specific Adaptation.

Often times, the best sports specific conditioning you can perform is the specific sport itself under variable conditions or intensity and duration.

In my professional opinion, the sort of combination weight training exercise you have identified are fine for selling magazines or fooling clients into thinking that they are doing some sort of cutting edge training, but as far as I am aware of, these sorts of strength exercises are rarely included in the most reputable high level strength and conditioning coaches’ repertoire. Granted I have only trained one competitive motor cross competitor in my career, maybe there is something more to it than I am understanding.

Certainly consider asking other visitors on our forum to provide you with additional suggestions and insights.

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