Base Training

  • Follow swimming-based program
    • Ultra-short Race-Pace Training (USRPT)
      • USRPT is highly recommended over traditional approaches to swim training since it is evidence based
      • See Step-by-step USRPT Program link near bottom of page
  • Optional basic weight training program
    • Lower body exercises may help with push-off
    • Olympic-style Weightlifting is not necessary



See Swim Injuries.


Only perform if flexibility is not sufficient through specific target area.


  • 400m swim, moderate pace
  • 100m swim, higher intensity
  • 50m swim, even higher intensity

Movement Patterns for Plyometrics

Exercise References

  • Plyometrics (Chu 2013)
    • Medicine Ball Pullover
    • Medicine Ball Underhand Throw
    • Medicine Ball Power Drop
    • Medicine Ball Side Toss
    • Medicine Ball Overhead Throw
    • Medicine Ball Jump Squat
    • Medicine Ball Depth Jump
    • Jump to Box (12" or 30 cm box)
    • Frog Jump

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