Basic Weight Training Template for Sports Conditioning

Basic Weight Training Template


Provides framework for basic weight training workout during general conditioning period. Chose one movement for each major movement pattern.

  • Leg Push
  • Hip Extension or Knee Flexion
  • Arm Pull
  • Arm Push
    • Chest
      • Bench Press, Chest Press, Chest Dip
  • Overhead Push or Shoulder Abduction
    • Shoulders
      • Push (Front Delt): Military Press, Shoulder Press
      • Pull (Side Delt): Upright Row, Lateral Raise, Y-Raise
    • May not be needed if Olympic-style weight training movements are introduced
  • Hip and Spinal Flexion
    • Abdominals
      • First month consider Crunch, particularly if abdominals may not be well conditioned
      • Thereafter, choose basic exercise such as Sit-ups, Leg/Hip Raises, Jack-knife Sit-up, V-up

Supplemental Lifts and Prehab Exercises

Include specific auxiliary exercises recommended for particular sports (including prehab exercises) which have not already addressed directly in basic weight training program

Olympic-style Weightlifts

If beneficial to chosen sport, Olympic-style Weightlifting can be introduced after the general condition phase.

  • Adequate foundation training should be performed before these more advanced lifts are introduced.
    • Consider teens (with >2 years of training) and adults (with >1 year of training)
  • Implement step-wise approach
    • Following months or subsequent seasons, other Olympic-style weightlifts can finally be introduced
      • Each month choose variations of the Olympic-style lift
      • Power Clean, Clean, Hang Clean, Power Snatch, Snatch, Hang Snatch, Power Clean & Jerk, Clean & Jerk
  • Some sports that do not require Olympic-style weightlifting

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