Youth Sports Conditioning

Youth Sports Conditioning

Early Sports Specialization

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends children to delay sports specialization until at least age 15-16 to minimize risks of overuse injury (Brenner 2016).

Early sports specialization may reduce motor skill development and ongoing participation in games and sports as a lifestyle choice and can lead to lost development of lifetime sports skills. If a child chooses to specialize in a single sport, periods of intense training and specialized sport activities should be closely monitored for indicators of burnout, overuse injury, or potential decrements in performance due to overtraining. (Myer 2016)

Stages of Anatomical Age

It's not suitable or acceptable to categorize children and youth strictly based on chronological age as children of the same age difference anatomical actuation by several years. Using a rigid classification system based upon chronological age will frequently result in misjudgments, faulty evaluations, and poor decisions. Consider anatomical age (visible), biological age (physiological), and athletic age (Athletic sanctioning organizations’ age restrictions). (Bompa 2015)

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