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February 2020 Version

ExRx.net Offline Download Latest VersionOur LAST 'ExRx.net Downloadable version' (Feb 2020) is available at the ExRx.net store. Please order your copy if you would like to view the contents of our site without an internet connection.

Animated GIF to Super Compressed Videos 

Over 20 years ago we debuted our site on a subdirectory of PlanetKC.com (planetkc.com/exrx). Two years later we switched to our current domain ExRx.net.

If you're old enough to remember, back in those days of telephone modems, it would take quite some time to load a video from the internet. You could have prepared and eaten a snack by the time your video was finally ready to play. In an effort to have our video clips play instantaneously, we presented the clip as a black and white animated GIF. Back then, the screen resolution was only 640 x 480 pixels so our 160 x 120-pixel animations were of sufficient size taking up a reasonable portion of the screen real estate.

Example of animated GIF depicting random exerciseOver the years we were able to introduce higher frame color animated GIFs. However the process became even more time-intensive since we manually copied and pasted frames froze all the sections that did not move, and saved to a limited color palette in an effort to keep the file size around 150K for most exercises. After multiple reworks, each clip took approximately one to two hours to produce. You can see an example of an exercise page in the February 2020 version of ExRx.net which displays animated GIFs. Keep in mind, without an internet connection, the Vimeo video on the right will not load so you'll simply see a placeholder for the Vimeo video. If you happen to be connected to the internet, the Vimeo video preview will appear and it will be playable. In all cases, the animated GIF will autoplay.

Fast forward to recent history, screen sizes and screen resolutions have significantly increased, turning our animated GIFs into tiny low-resolution thumbnails. Years ago we began displaying Vimeo videos alongside our animated GIFs to provide a higher resolution alternative.

Now we are on to our next phase where we are currently in the process of replacing both our Animated GIF and Vimeo block with a new single video block. This new single video block will load a super compressed video which will auto play and loop similar to our Animated GIFs. However this clips will be fuller sized and higher resolution than the older Animated GIFS. Simply click on the super compressed video to reveal the higher quality Vimeo video in a shadow box. As before, simply click on the lower right button to reveal a full screen view of the exercise video. You can see an example of an exercise page on our current site.

Unfortunately, this new video block does is not compatible with the software we use to prepare ExRx.net offline version, largely for security reasons. This way we are announcing that the February 2020 version of ExRx.net is now the latest version we will be available for offline viewing. So if you have any interest in viewing our site without an internet connection, please order the latest available offline version of our site now from our ExRx.net store.

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