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Now the exercise library can appear on your web or mobile app. Our content, including the exercise library, has been endorsed by many top organizations (see Testimonies). Let us take care of the exercise library so you can concentrate on developing or marketing your app.

Throughout the past 25 years, the exercise library has continued to expand and will continue to grow. API Licensing will include periodic updates with even more exercises. Upcoming exercises will include more weight training exercises, dynamic stretches, as well as sports conditioning and warm-up drills.


The Exercise JSON Rest API is an affordable exercise database service for use with mobile and web applications. Our API includes documentation and a Bearer Token which will permit your app to access our library of exercise data and media resources. Focus on developing your app by utilizing our database of over 1900 exercises on your website or mobile app, or anywhere you want to display reliable and validated exercise information.

Sample Fields & Media

Here are some available fields and media you'll be able to access from our database: Exercise DatabaseFields:

  • Exercise Name
  • Classification
  • Target Muscle (Weight Training & Stretches)
  • Apparatus
  • Exercise Instructions
    • Preparation
    • Execution
  • Utility
    • Color coded for more rapid workout development
  • Workload Types
    • Intensity Label(s)
    • Duration Label(s)
  • Bilateral or Unilateral Movement
  • Standard or Bilateral Loading
  • Percent bodyweight contributing to load
    • Permits implementation of algorithm to acurately calculate weight adjustments and warm-up resistances based on past performance
  • Vimeo Video
  • Animated GIF (legacy)
  • Thumbnail Still Image
  • Higher Resolution Still Image
If this were not enough, we also have other useful features as your app's needs continue to expand.

API Inquiry / Application

Please fill out Inquiry Form and we will get back to you via mail with preliminary information about API. After you review this information, please apply to try out our Exercise API by providing your contact and app information and agreeing to our Terms and Conditions. If accepted, we'll schedule a meeting with you or your team to provide credentials for a free developer account, documentation, and orientation.
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