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2200+ images
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Physigraphe Clipart V2 Pro is a tool that offers you more than 2200 bitmap exercise illustrations. The visual impact of these pictures will help your clients better understand the exercises assigned to them. Physigraphe Clipart V2 Pro is tailored to professionals and specialists in weight training and therapeutic programs. Physigraphe Clipart V2 Pro is easy to use and affords you a multitude of exercise program possibilities. There are no limits to the variety of programs you can offer your athletes and clients. The Color version also contains all black and white images.

Features and Benefits

  • Approved by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA)
  • Enhance visual presentations, brochures, and training program handouts
    • Note: Permission is required to post images on the web (internet or intranet)
  • Create and distribute professional looking training/exercise programs
    • Create, save, copy, edit, and organize programs on your computer
    • Print or send exercise programs by e-mail attachment
  • Find the exercise you need easily in Physigraphe Clip Art reference book
  • The Physigraphe drawings are clear and comprehensive

Internet Publishing

Up to 50 to 100 images may be used for printed publication or for internet usage at no extra cost with author's permission and purchase. For approval, please e-mail us your project description, number of images required, along with your contact information to [email protected].

Contents (See Samples )

  • More than 400 Dumbbell exercises
  • More than 180 Barbell exercises
  • More than 650 Weight Free exercises
  • More than 140 Heavy Ball exercises
  • More than 220 Machine exercises
  • And more than 120 other.
    • rubber band, plasticine, plate, roller board)
  • More than 600 ball exercises
  • More than 300 abdominal exercises
  • More than 250 flexibility exercises.
  • More than 350 rehabilitation exercises

See index (PDF file) 499 KB

Physigraphe Templates

The Physigraphe Template is a Excel spreadsheets designed to increase the functionality of the Physigraphe Clip Art. The Physiographe Excel Templates are included on the Physiographe Package. The templates are customizable so you can add exercise instructions, edit the color of tubing, trace a line to show where to stop or pause, add your business name and logo, etc...

Sample templates are illustrated within index PDF file (pgs 6-8) above.

Free resources:

Down load the Excel Viewer for free or share this link with your clients to allow them to see your exercise program within Excel files.

If you don't have Excel from Microsoft, use Google Sheets or download Freeware LibreOffice to create your visual training program with the Physigraphe's templates. They're both FREE!

If you wish to send samples to your clients and you don't have a way to save as PDF,  you may want to consider CutePDF Writer. This program allows you to create pdf files from any printable document.


Please note that Physigraphe Clip Art Package is a collection of images in both BMP and GIF formats. It is not a software program. The images can easily be inserted into most any program:

  • Runs on both Mac or PC
  • Excel, Word, Works, etc
  • Graphics programs
  • Web based applications such as Google Docs and Sheets
  • Physigraph Excel Templates (see above)
  • Most any software program that imports images
Simply identify the images you want to use either using the provided thumbnails on the Physigraphe Clip Art reference book (PDF) or from within the Windows or Mac image preview window. Refer to your specific application documentation for methods to insert clip art into your document (eg: File/Insert Image, drag & drop, etc.).

Words of Praise

"Physigraphe is one of the best exercise graphics packages that I have ever used. I am very pleased with the images and how easily they are imported into almost any software package. Keep up the good work."

Ed McNeely
Acquisition Editor
Human Kinetics

"I am a strength and conditioning coach at the University of California San Diego. I purchased your CD Clipart a few months ago, and it is GREAT. Perhaps the most comprehensive collection of exercises clipart I have ever seen."

Matt Kritz, CSCS

"Just as a hammer is a vital tool for a carpenter, exercise drawings are a valuable tool for a strength coach. Because I train many athletes by mail, these drawings are essential to my business. In fact, since I started training athletes over 20 years ago, I've invested over a thousand dollars to have artists draw exercises for me. Physigraphe Clipart changed all that. With its large selection and variety of exercises, Physigraphe Clipart is the most valuable exercise software on the market. Not only has this software made me more effective as a strength coach, it has saved me a tremendous amount of time because I do not have to scan my drawings into each workout. Physigraphe Clipart is the best!"

Kim Goss
Director of Off-ice Conditioning at Ice Bound International Skating Center of Texas.
Dallas, Texas

"When you work in professional sports you are always looking for creative ideas to give your team an advantage. The Physigraphe program is an extensive collection of practical and innovative ideas that will maximize that success of your training program. I really enjoy working with this program!"

Phil Walker
Strength and Conditioning Coach
Chicago Blackhawks

"The Physigraphe CD is simply the most comprehensive and cost-effective product in the world!"

Ryan Lee

"We have been using the Physigraphe clip art since purchase and it is great. When new members join our facility they each have a program setup with a trainer and we include clip art with the program to ensure the client remembers what the exercise is and secondly to make sure their technique is correct. I have found that even our experienced trainers use the clip art as a reminder of some variations of exercises they may not have prescribed recently. Your package was well worth the money. An excellent investment for any fitness facility ...big or small."

Dorothy Barrett
Operations Manager - The Cardio Loft - Toronto

"Your product is awesome. It has saved me hours of work, thanks so much."

Greg O'Brian
O'Brian Fitness Training

"It is not too often that Value is really received for the money spent. I am so pleased with your clip art program and I am certain that my clients will reap the benefits. Already, I have put together programs that I was unable to design before because of the vast amount of images you have provided. In the past, I had to use word descriptions that proved to be inadequate. Now, I can increase the level of training for my clients confident that they will have excellent references when I am not with them. Thank you for delivering what you promised."

Hal Bass
Life Partners Fitness

"I have received the CD-ROM and I thank you VERY MUCH for it! I have showed it to a client of mine who is VERY impressed by it, as I told him he would be."

Todd Reinhard

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