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Trainer ClipArt CD-ROM Version 1500
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Trainer ClipArt Version 1500 is the ultimate most comprehensive collection of strength and conditioning illustrations ever created can finally be yours!

  • Create cutting-edge training handouts for athletes or clients
  • Publish your own manuals
  • Illustrate your website*
  • Run training clinics
  • Design teaching aids for classes and clients
  • Learn unique exercises and drills
  • Author informative articles

Do you find yourself spending hours writing pages of exercise definitions that may or may not paint the picture you desire? Stop wasting valuable time. These top quality illustrations will significantly increase the value of your time and dramatically improve your arsenal for training.

Every high quality 3-D image is a powerful descriptive dynamic illustration designed to depict every phase of the exercise or drill. These images were created specifically for you by professional strength and conditioning coaches and custom designed by professional graphics design artists to insure you the highest quality artwork available on the market. Over 1500 cutting-edge exercise illustrations will be at your access!

Sample Illustrations (See Samples )

4-Explosive-Main.png1-Explosive-Main.png 2-Machine-Main.png 3-Upper-Back-Main.png 5-Flexibility-Main.png

  • Band and Chain Training
  • Speed Sled Exercises
  • Plyometrics
  • Olympic Lifts
  • Medicine Ball Training
  • Movement Preparation Drills
  • Abdominal Training
  • Flexibility and Mobility Exercises
  • Unilateral and Bilateral Exercises
  • Speed Ladder Drills
  • Dot, Line, 4 and 8 Square Drills
  • Sport Specific Movement Drills
  • Testing
  • Dumbbell, Barbell, and Tubing Training
  • Airex, Wobble Board, Foam Roller, and Pad Training
Image Count
  • Agility & Coordination
    • 4 Square Drills (40)
    • 8 Square Drills (96)
    • Box Drills (5)
    • Dot Drills (30)
    • Ladder Drills (88)
    • Line Drills (15)
  • Movement Patterns (54)
  • Explosion (60)
  • Cardiovascular (8)
  • Flexibility (20)
  • Core
    • Medicine Ball (36)
    • Physioball (42)
    • Other (60)
  • Lower
    • Band & Cable (26)
    • Body Weight (33)
    • Free Weight (62)
    • Machine (12)
    • Medicine Ball (27)
    • Physioball (28)
  • Upper
    • Band & Cable (49)
    • Body Weight (23)
    • Free Weight (100)
    • Machine (12)
    • Medicine Ball (21)
    • Physioball (51)
  • Specialty
    • Sled (32)
    • Testing (10)

Application Compatibility

Please note Trainer ClipArt is a collection of JPG quality training illustrations. It is not a software program. Simply insert the images into most any program:

  • Runs on both Mac and PC
  • Excel, Word, Works, etc
  • Graphics programs
  • Web based applications such as Google Docs and Sheets
  • Workout Wizard template for Excel (see below)
  • Most any software program that imports images

All orders come complete with a high quality fully illustrated instructions and index. Simply identify the images you want to use either using the provided thumbnails on the Trainer ClipArt reference book (PDF) or from within the Windows or Mac image preview window. Refer to your specific application documentation for methods to insert clip art into your document (eg: File/Insert Image, drag & drop, etc.).

* Although the user agreement permits licence holder to republish Trainer ClipArt on websites, handouts, and other publications; this licence does not permit republishing images within software of any kind (web app, desktop application, mobile app, etc).

Workout Wizard

The Workout Wizard is a powerful Excel spreadsheet designed to dramatically increase the functionality of the Trainer ClipArt. The Workout Wizard comes complete with the Template Wizard and the Coefficient Wizard.

The Template Wizard

The Template Wizard is a robust template package complete with 10 innovative workout templates. Each template has a different design for multiple applications. You can easily modify the pre-designed templates or combine exercise blocks from multiple templates to create you own. Each template is fully customizable with your business name and logo.

The Coefficient Wizard

You can use the coefficient wizard to create dynamically changing workout templates within the Workout Wizard. These dynamic workout templates will automatically recalculate training loads when you change the max values in the master chart. By entering data into one cell, the Coefficient Wizard will automatically calculate percentages in as many templates as you desire. Design customized programs for multiple people in seconds with the Coefficient Wizard.

Excel Viewers

Down load the Excel Viewer for free or share this link with your clients to allow them to see your exercise program within Excel files.

If you don't have Excel from Microsoft, use Google Sheets or download Freeware LibreOffice to create your visual training program with the Workout Wizard templates. They're both FREE!

If you wish to send samples to your clients and you do not already have a way to save as a PDF, you may want to consider CutePDF Writer. This program allows you to create pdf files from any printable document.

With the Workout Wizard you can turn the Trainer Clipart into the most powerful tool you own.


Resource for strength coaches, PE instructors, sports coaches, and personal trainers. Web master and authors may also use these illustrations in their publications.

This could be the most important tool you own! You can create the perfect training program with these in-depth illustrations. Now clients, athletes, students, and teams can have a fully illustrated workout to guide them as they train. Save hours of intensive labor and let your fully illustrated training program do your work for you.

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