Single Leg Pike Straight Leg Calf Stretch

Single Leg Pike Straight Leg Calf Stretch



Step forward with one front forward. Bend over and place hands on floor well in front of forward foot with arms straight.


Position rear foot flat on floor while keeping rear knee straight and hold stretch. Repeat with opposite leg position.


Soleus may also be stretched in forward bent leg if it is placed far enough back to be sufficiently stretched.

Although angle of ankle is greater with hands closer to rear foot (requiring less ankle flexibility), angle of hips is less (requiring more hip flexibility). As hamstrings are stretched through hip, they pull on gastrocnemius due to intertwining contact hamstrings have on gastrocnemius behind knee.

If ankle or hip flexibility is not sufficient to place rear foot flat on floor, keep knee straight and bring heel as close as possible to floor while feeling mild stretch in calf.




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