• Girths should be made on the right side of the body
  • Tension regulated fiberglass or metal tape
  • Perpendicular to the long axis of the segment
  • Repeat measurements
    • ACSM: 2-3 measurements, record average of measurements within 1 cm
    • record mode (reproducible measurements)

Body Tracker Pro Software

Measurements (ACSM)

  • Abdomen
    • level of umbilicus
  • Waist
    • narrowest part of waist above umbilicus and below xiphoid process
  • Hip
    • maximal girth of hip, or buttocks
    • Above gluteal fold
  • Thigh
    • maximal girth of thigh
    • below gluteal fold
    • legs slightly apart
  • Calf
    • maximum girth between knee and ankle joint
  • Arm
    • arm in anatomical position
    • midway between acromion and olecranon processes
  • Forearm
    • maximum girth of forearm
    • arm hanging downward and slightly away from trunk
    • palms facing forward

Other Measurements

  • Chest
    • Upper Chest
      • around upper lats, below armpits
    • Lower Chest
      • at nipple level
  • Neck
    • Largest girth below Adam's apple
    • Perpendicular to axis of neck
  • Shoulder
    • maximum girth around both deltoid muscles and upper torso
  • Arm (Max Girth)
    • arm held freely to the side of the body
    • maximum girth below deltoid
  • Mid Thigh
    • midway between the proximal border of the patella (upper knee) and the intersection of the inguinal crease and anterior midline of the thigh

Bony Structures

  • Wrist
    • elbow flexed
    • distal to styloid processes of radius and ulna
  • Ankle
    • minimum girth
    • proximal to malleoli
  • Knee
    • midpatellar level

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