Trunk Stability Push-up

Trunk Stability Push-up Start
Trunk Stability Push-up Finish



Lie prone with arms extended slightly overhead and hands shoulder width apart. Position thumbs in line with top of head for men and chin for women. Place forefeet on floor with legs together. Lift knees and elbows off of floor.


While keeping torso and legs ridged, lift body as unit with no lag in spine. Repeat a second time if needed. If movement cannot be completed as described, attempt to complete movement with thumbs in line with chin for men and clavicles for women.


Test administrator assesses quality of push-up(s) to determine if body is raised as unit with no lag in spine. 


  • Core stability
  • Sub-Maximum Stabilization Test
  • Force
    • Push


Score Men Women
3 top of head chin
2 chin clavicles
1 fail fail
0 pain pain

If pain is felt during this movement or Spinal Extension Clearing Test, score 0 and refer out for orthopedic evaluation.


This test is part of the Functional Movement Screening (FMS). Score of 2 or less, discontinue activities until corrected:

  • Conventional core training such as sit-ups or leg raises
  • Training that would cause high threshold core control such as heavy upper and lower body loads
  • Vigorous plyometric activity