Barbell Close Grip Bent-over Row


Utility: Basic or Auxiliary
Mechanics: Compound
Force: Pull



Bend knees slightly and bend over bar with back straight. Grasp bar with shoulder width overhand grip.


Pull bar to waist. Return until arms are extended and shoulders are stretched forward. Repeat.


Torso may be kept horizontal for strict execution. Knees are bent in effort to keep low back straight (See Hamstring Inflexibility). If low back becomes rounded due to tight hamstrings, either try bending knees more or don't position torso as low. Either fix may compromise involvement of Latissimus Dorsi since it forces more shoulder transverse extension and less shoulder extension range of motion. If low back is rounded due to poor form, deadlift weight to standing position and lower torso into horizontal position with knees bent and back straight. A shoulder width or underhand grip can increase lat involvement by emphasizing shoulder extension over transverse extension.

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