Cable Standing Row


Utility: Basic or Auxiliary
Mechanics: Compound
Force: Pull



Stand to side of medium height, rotating pulley. Place hand shoulder height or slightly lower on support bar with arm straight. Place foot nearest supporting arm forward with knee slightly bent and opposite foot back. Grasp cable stirrup with one hand, allowing shoulder to be pulled forward under weight on cable.


Pull cable attachment to side of torso while pulling shoulder back, arching spine, and pushing chest forward. Return until arm is extended and shoulder is pulled forward. Repeat. Continue with opposite arm.


Stirrup handle should be behind supporting bar. Few pulley units have vertical support bar (for supporting hand) far enough back from pulley to allow full range of motion and adequate pulley rotation to allow it to be aligned with line of pull. If pulley unit does not allow for this configuration, consider placing sturdy prop (for supporting hand) in front of pulley, far back enough to allow full range of motion. Also see Cable Standing Low Row.



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