Cable Twisting Standing High Row


Utility: Auxiliary
Mechanics: Compound
Force: Pull



Stand facing high pulley positioned slightly above head level. Grasp stirrup with one hand and step back so arm is straight. With leg of opposite side as loaded arm, plant forefoot far back on floor. Slightly bend knee of forward leg, same direction as foot. Allow shoulder with stirrup to be pulled forward with twist through waist.


Pull cable attachment to side of torso and rotate body toward side of pulling arm. Pull shoulder back and push chest forward. Return until arm is extended and shoulder is pulled forward. Repeat. Continue with opposite arm.


In standing position, both spinal rotation and hip rotation contribute to body's rotation. Because rear leg is only supported by forefoot, hip of forward leg is utilized (hip internal rotation / transverse adduction) much greater than hip of rear leg since forward leg offers more secured base of support.

Opposite Stance

With the legs in opposite stance, body will be turned more away from cable resulting in slight difference of muscle involvement throughout movement.

During movement:

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