Pike Press


Utility: Basic
Mechanics: Compound
Force: Push



Kneel on two benches positioned side by side slightly apart at end nearest head. Place hands on ends of benches. With forefeet on opposite ends of bench, raise rear end high up with arms, back, and knees straight. Adjust feet so they are somewhat close to hands while keeping back and legs straight.


Lower head between ends of benches by bending arms. Push body back up to original position by extending arms. Repeat.


Pike Press (for front delts) differs from Pike Push-up (for upper chest) in that, feet are at closer distance to hands so body is more inverted in lowest position. Keep knees and back straight. A slight curve (spinal flexion) is acceptable if hamstrings are tight.


Resistance can be reduced by performing exercise on bench or apparatus with hands positioned higher than feet. Keep in mind, this specialized movement may not be necessary since front delts can be utilized somewhat during pushup and dip movements, particularly with elbows positioned inward:

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