Cable Upright Row (dual pulley)

Cable Upright Row (dual pulley)


Utility: Basic
Mechanics: Compound
Force: Pull



Stand between low dual pulleys. Grasp handles with opposite hands - right hand holds left stirrup and left hand holds right stirrup. Stand upright with arms straight and palms facing back (overhand grip), one stirrup in front of other.


Pull handles up to front of shoulders with elbows leading and cables crossed. Allow wrists to flex as stirrups are lifted. Lower and repeat.


To prevent cable parts from catching, stand with body turned very subtly to side of cable behind other. Positioning one cable slightly in front of other cable may result in slight asymmetrical movement. Therefore, alternate opposite arm positions every other workout or set. See Upright Row Safety. Also see Cable Upright Row with two stirrup attachments attached to single pulley cable.

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