Lever T-Bar Rear Delt Row (plate loaded)


Utility: Basic or Auxiliary
Mechanics: Compound
Force: Pull



Straddle lever bar facing handles. Bend knees slightly and bend over handles with back straight. Grasp wide grip handles with overhand grip. With arms extended, position torso just high enough to allow weight to make contact with floor.


With elbows out to sides, pull bar up toward upper chest until elbows are same height as shoulders or just beyond, keeping upper arm perpendicular to torso. Return and repeat.


If upper arm travels closer than perpendicular to trunk, latissimus dorsi becomes involved. Elbows should be raised directly lateral to shoulders. Keep torso bent over as far as possible allowing just enough height to fully extend arms. Knees are bent in effort to keep low back straight (See Hamstring Inflexibility).

If low back becomes rounded due to tight hamstrings, either knees should be bent more or torso may not be positioned as low. If low back is rounded due to poor form, slowly lower torso into horizontal position with knees bent and back straight. Much lighter resistance is required as Lever T-Bar Row.




Dynamic Stabilizers


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