Self-assisted Single Leg Calf Raise (with opposite leg)

Self-assisted Single Leg Calf Raise


Utility: Basic or Auxiliary
Mechanics: Isolated
Force: Push



Position toes and ball of foot on calf block with heels and arches extending off. Place hand or hands on support for balance. Raise one ankle by bending knee forward, keeping forefoot on platform.


Raise body upward as high as possible by extending lower ankle while straightening knee of assisting leg. Lower heel by bending ankle while bending knee of assisting leg forward. Repeat. Continue with opposite leg positioning.


Keep knee of exercised leg straight throughout exercise. On assisting leg, keep ankle high and only assist minimal, just enough to raise body in a steady motion. See Calf Exercise Analyses. Also see technique with assistance from upper body.


Exercise can be made easier by exercising both legs simultaneously, even with additional resistance added.


Use no assistance to make exercise more difficult.

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