Barbell Hip Thrust


Utility: Auxiliary
Mechanics: Isolated
Force: Push



Sit on floor with long side of bench behind back. Roll barbell back and center over hips. Position upper back on corner of bench. Place feet on floor approximately shoulder width with knees bent. Grasp bar to each side.


Raise bar upward by extending hips until straight. Lower and repeat.


Use bench of lower height 16" to 18" (40 to 46 cm) allowing torso to be angled approximately 45º. Bench may need to be secured so it does not slide on floor.

Bar must be high enough to allow clearance over hips. If 45lb (22kg) plates are too heavy, lighter Olympic-style bumper plates can be used.

Bar should be positioned across upper hip flexors and lower abdomen. Thick bar padding or balance foam pad may need to be used if pelvis and hip flexor muscles do not over enough natural padding.

Find comfortable contact hinge position on bench and avoid sliding. Keep bar from rolling back near top of movement with hands on bar.

Movement should occur through hip with torso rigid. Avoid chest arching upward and anterior pelvic tilt, both producing spinal hyperextension.




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Antagonist Stabilizers

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