Suspended Single Leg Split Squat (self-assisted)


Utility: Basic or Auxiliary
Mechanics: Compound
Force: Push



Grasp one or both suspension trainer handle(s) in lower position hanging. Stand facing nearby fixed support and hold with one hand for balance. With other hand, secure foot in loop(s) from behind while balancing on one leg. With both hands, hold lightly on fixed support for balance and minimal assistance if needed.


Squat down by flexing knee and hip of front leg until knee of rear leg is almost in contact with floor. Return to original standing position by extending hip and knee of supporting leg. Repeat and continue with opposite leg.


Keep torso upright during squat; flexible hip flexors are important particularly in lower position. Forward knee should point same direction as foot throughout movement.

Weighted versions of this exercise would normally be considered auxiliary in context of other basic exercises (ie: Barbell Squat, Sled Leg Press). However, in the context of 'body weight' only program, this exercise can be considered basic. This exercise can be performed on TRXⓇ style suspension trainer or adjustable length gymnastics rings.


Assist with upper body by slightly pulling up. It may be easier to balance by placing hands wider on fixed supports off to each side. Other squatting, split squat, or lunging movements may be easier either due to less required effort or greater stability.


For greater challenge, add resistance with barbell or dumbbells or perform Self-assisted Single Leg Squats




Dynamic Stabilizers


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